The Bachelorette 9 – Week 2 – Recap & Discussion

 [blawg’ ger, blog’ ger]  noun
1. Someone with nothing to say and too much time on their hands to say it.

To this I must plead guilty!!

But not tonight.  My kid’s high-school graduation ceremony competes for my Bachelorette time tonight and wins.  :(  So please use this space to discuss Episode 2 of Desiree’s season amongst yourselves.  I will post a recap on Wednesday, if not before.

Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sin...
Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!


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  1. I have come to the realization not only do I not like any oh the bachelors, I dislike Des very much as well.

  2. First of all, congratulations on the your child’s graduation from high school. As it is so important as it signals completion of something vitally important but also signals the beginning of their adult life. It was so emotional for me as it was then I realized my son was an adult even if he had been 18 for several months prior to his graduation.

    I only watch this show as my sister loves it and likes to talk about it. But it can get so boring, old and the same old. Plus it is obvious how this show edits and makes sure to cast someone as a villain and pushes and coaches the contestants and urges them to be pushy, outspoken , and make scenes. Plus more and more go on the show not to meet someone but to gain fame to improve their career and business opportunities. That is fine with me as one might as well do what they can to improve their career but it seems the longer this show is on, the more we see the fame seekers after the show.

  3. She is not one of the more likeable contestants to be cast, at least for me. I found Ashley to be more genuine and sincere and she did marry the guy she chose on the show and so did Trista. Now the Bachelors have a poor track record of marrying the person they choose in the end. Only Jason married his second choice but not the first I guess Jason counts for half. But the girls have a better track record overall. ..2 of them married whom they chose at the finale. I do not think any of the Bachelors married the one they chose on Finale night, right? If Sean marries Catherine, he would be the first one to marry the girl he proposed to on Finale Night. However I was reading where some of the contestants marry each others from different seasons as apparently there are a lot of alum parties and functions.

  4. “She is not one of the more likeable contestants to be cast”

    So far, she’s not as vulnerable as Ashley, not as dynamic as Ali, not as compelling as Emily, not as tough as Deanna, and not as fun-best-friend as Jillian. We’ll have to see what Desiree’s MO will evolve into as the season progresses.
    I suspect she might not be as gullible than her role requires, so she’ll probably need to do some play-acting in order to mask that.

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