The Bachelorette Homophobic Trolling for Viewers (VIDEO)


I called out ABC last week on twitter regarding a promo promoting this week’s The Bachelorette that suggested two of the suitors, Clint Arliss and JJ Lane would come out as gay.  One look at the 30 second clip, and it became quite clear that it was a bunch of soundbites cobbled together, to make it appear the men were “in love” with each other. Homophobic gay baiting to attract an audience. That’s not a good look, ABC.

Reality Blurred has posted a detailed breakdown of the editing that highlights the clip’s fakery. Adding insult to injury, the network was tagging the promo “Brokeback Bachelors.” Making a mockery of LGBT issues is not funny. There are people who struggle every day with coming out gay, some risking the love and support of friends and family. Excuse me ABC, if I find the way you troll for eyeballs problematic.

Predictably, entertainment rags like EOnline and USMagazine lined up to take the promo at face value, actually entertaining the idea that suitors would come out on the show. The guys in question played along in the grossest bro-dude fashion imaginable. Check out these tweets from Arliss. The Heath ledger quip has to do with the notion that it’s better to give anal sex than receive it. Ugh.

Hours after the promo was released to E News, TMZ claimed it was fake (well DUH), the suitors “straight as arrows” (Oy) willingly playing along for the attention and laughs.  Said entertainment rags pointedly ignored TMZ’s report, of course.

The non-reveal is set for tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette. I’m sure recapper, Shnugs, will have a few super-snarky opinions on the matter. She’ll be recapping when the series airs tonight on ABC at 8/7c pm.

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