The Bachelorette 9 – Week 9 – Where is this season headed?? (VIDEOS, POLL)

Hello Bach Fans!
What did think of the MTA? And where is this season headed??


Did you watch last night’s Men Tell All episode? What did you think?

I certainly don’t think the villains merited all the screen time they got. There haven’t been any villians with a capital V this season, so it felt like the issues were being forced upon us.

Jonathan’s unabashed apology was just right. Though frankly I thought his fantasy-date-card prank was a clever twist on Bach conventions, and Desiree should have handled his invitation with more humor. In fact, her continuing shock (“I’m not that kind of girl”, “You are a disgrace to all men”) shows me she lacks a sharp sense of humor. Maybe it proves she never attended college, because this was just college humor with a capital C.

Why no focus on Bryden, whose ambivalence re Des & ultimate departure are meant to foreshadow Brooks’ own uncertainty? Bryden was in attendance, so why not put him on the hot seat? In fact, I don’t think we even heard a squeak from Bryden.

Meanwhile, Brian was NOT there, yet we had a mini-segment addressing his situation. I’m guessing half the early cast-offs have “ex-gfs” back home, so why was this even an issue? I’d be much more interested if someone F6 or higher had a bf/gf on the side.

Ben seems like nothing more than the “I’m not here to make friends” conventional character that we have every season. This segment was short, thank goodness, but having Dan (who?) come out of the woodwork to accuse Ben of some nasty behavior that even Ben’s kid’s mom denies (via, was a bit ridiculous. OTOH perhaps the baby-mama Stevie denied what she told Dan in order to not rock the boat with Ben, vis-a-vis custody rights to baby Brody?

The James segment took waaaayyyy too long. Talk about a non-villain. I like that they explained the context: that James & Mikey felt defeated by Brooks getting the group date rose, and it dawned on them that their days might be numbered (since they think they are nothing like Brooks), so they started talking about post-season prospects. Seems rather logical to me. OTOH I thought Casey came off as extremely articulate-under-pressure in proving his point, especially in noting that Mikey wasn’t as bad as James, because James told Des he was falling for her, whereas Mikey had formed little connection with Des.

How about the Bachelor lead auditions being held at the MTA? Most seasons we can tell who TPTB has chosen for the next lead because a “random” audience member (or two) will pose 2 questions to the potential lead: (1) how are you coping with losing love? (2) how would you like to be the next lead? This happened to Sean, Ashley, Ali, and Jake. But at this MTA no audience members asked anyone any questions.

Why so much showcasing of Juan Pablo? Is he hot or is he hott?? Why did Chris H ask JP his opinion on practically every topic? Given that Jason the Single Dad is the only one to have married his “F1”, perhaps this is the route that The Bach lead casting should take hereafter if they want to produce more marriages.

What did you think of Zak? A renaissance man & an iconoclast, a huge heart that he wears on his sleeve, a deep thinker-intellectual who takes life seriously. But was a poem PLUS a song a bit too intense for the typical Bach viewer?

Were the bloopers less funny than usual? Or do we have the same complaint every season? ;)


The Bachelorette S:9 | Episode 9 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow
Men Tell All Recap & Bach Nation News

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Several recent media items have exposed interesting tidbits about what we can expect in the Two-Part Finale


…She will spend special intimate time with each of final guys, and there are possible invitations to spend the night in a “fantasy suite.” But an unexpected jolt will change Desiree’s whole journey — will her Cinderella fairytale have a happy ending, or is she headed for heartbreak? — on “The Bachelorette,” MONDAY, JULY 29 (8:00-10:01p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Desiree’s first date is with Drew, and the couple set off to explore the island by jeep. Their sightseeing tour takes them along the coastline where they stop at several cliff-side spots, pose for photos and steal kisses. Then they join the locals at a festival, taking part in the celebration. But Desiree steals Drew away to a quiet secret garden where the two can share a private picnic. Drew, totally love struck, tells her that he is ready to propose. There is no doubt they have a special connection. A sudden tropical rain spoils plans for a beachside dinner, but they take shelter. It’s clear that this handsome and sweet guy has captured Desiree’s heart, and she invites him to share some alone time in the fantasy suite. But will this reserved man accept?

Chris and Desiree meet on a picturesque beach, where a helicopter is waiting to take them to a deserted beach on the island of Barbuda. They reflect on her hometown visit and frolic in the blue ocean water, where the passion is turned up a notch. Later, over a romantic dinner, the couple discuss the possibility of a future together. However Chris has a major obstacle in his path that he feels he needs to bring up to Desiree before things go any further. His career path is not in Los Angeles, and he will need Desiree to relocate. Will this ultimatum not only put a halt to the evening but also their relationship?

Meanwhile, Brooks is back with his family in the U.S., torn between his strong feelings for Desiree when he is with her and the insecurities he feels when he is not. His mom and sister offer heartfelt advice about the tough decision he is facing. Desiree is everything he would want in a wife, and there is no denying their emotional and physical attraction to one another. Brooks wants to make sure that, if he is the last man standing, that he has the confidence to put an engagement ring on her finger. After his mother and sister express their fondness for Desiree and their thoughts about her being a perfect fit for their large, boisterous family, the bachelor, now with the reassurance he needs, boards the plane for Antigua.

Desiree is excited to see Brooks and to spend time with him. But first Brooks has a heart-to-heart with Chris Harrison. When some shocking news is shared, Chris insists that the bachelor meet with Desiree. What unfolds is one of the most explosive, dramatic and emotional moments in “Bachelorette” history…

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So now we know that

    The order of meetings next week is Drew, then Chris, then Brooks.
    Drew & Chris get conventional day dates.
    Drew gets a Fantasy Suite (FS) invitation.
    We don’t know if Chris gets an FS card.
    Brooks “stayed behind” in the US to discuss matters with his family.
    Before meeting Des, Brooks meets with CH to discuss matters.
    Brooks & Des meet, but they may or may not have a day date or an FS date.


The Rose Forecast: The Finale, Part 1
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We get more details past the initial Des emotional breakdown. In fact, we see Des, all 3 of the F3, and perhaps even CH, in tears. The scenes hint that she could let each of her F3 go. FWIW That final extreme closeup (looks like either Brooks or Chris crying) reminds me of “The Blair Witch Project” ending closeup LOL!


The Bachelorette Desiree Recap Including What is Nate Hartsock Saying and Who is “Mr. Griffin?”

In case you missed my tweet on Sunday, I stated that come today it would be “Me vs Nate Hartsock.” There’s no beating around the bush with this one, so lets get right to it. Early on in the season, Nate tweeted to somebody to not pay any attention to the spoilers. Whatever. Executive producer Robert Mills tweeted directly to somebody last season who had said that they knew Sean picked Catherine because they read it on my site, “Don’t believe everything you read.” Well, that turned out to be wrong, so I didn’t put much stock into what Nate tweeted a couple months ago. However, now he’s getting a little more direct. I was forwarded on an email conversation that someone had with Nate just recently on Twitter direct messaging. Yes, it is a real conversation. Yes, Nate is the one who is answering this person’s questions, and yes, it is authentic. No need to show you the email exchange and out this person to the masses, just know it was real. Here is exactly what Nate Hartsock told someone privately in an email conversation just recently:

“I cannot tell you who wins, but Reality Steve is wrong.”

Hmmmmm, so Desiree’s brother, a guy who appeared on the show not only to talk to her in LA, but we’ll be seeing in Antigua as well, is saying that the spoiler is wrong? Interesting. I’ll say this in return: Despite what Nate Hartsock is telling people privately on Twitter, I stand behind my sources. From everything I have seen and gathered over the last 3 months regarding the outcome of this show, I am confident enough to say that Desiree ends up engaged to Brooks, and that’s what we’ll see come Aug. 5th. How she gets to that point is the mystery that I’m unaware of as of now, but I’m confident enough in saying that is the end result. Nate Hartsock is saying I’m wrong. I guess we’ll see once the finale airs.

Now, why would Nate say this? Does he know something I don’t know, or, is he trying to throw people off the beaten path? I have no idea. I mean, lets look at it two ways.

1) If I am wrong, and Desiree isn’t with Brooks, if you’re Nate why would you even say anything at all? As smug as he comes across, wouldn’t you think if he knows I’m wrong, he’d just keep his mouth shut and let people keep pretending I’m right only to spring on them that I’m not? Then he can do his boasting after the fact and call me out for being wrong.

2) If I’m right, and he’s just doing this to try and get people not to believe the spoilers even though he knows they’re right, then that’s just idiocy. Cuz the second I am right of course I’m going to call him for telling people the spoilers are wrong.

Nate doesn’t strike me as the sharpest knife in the drawer, so I can’t say I’m too surprised he’s doing this. I thought maybe the show was putting him up to this, but it’s not like Nate is announcing this to everyone who will listen and tweeting it out every day. He just recently told this to someone in a private email conversation that he probably thought would never get back to me, but it did. The conversation also mentioned how he’s a missionary now, his edit on the show, and a few other things. But he specifically wanted to tell this person I was wrong. Hey, maybe I’m the dumbest person in America, Nate knows something I don’t know, and come Aug. 5th I’ll have egg on my face. If I do, I’ll even be the first to say, “Wow. I’m an idiot. Desiree’s brother was even saying I was wrong and I still didn’t believe him.” I just don’t think that’ll be the case. I have seen and heard too many things over the last 3 months that has led me to the spoiler that Desiree is engaged to Brooks. I obviously cannot share with you the who/how/what/where/why because I don’t reveal my sources, but lets just say they’re pretty solid. Nothing Nate Hartsock says is going to get me to change my stance. I’m sticking to my spoiler. Should be an interesting last couple of weeks to say the least.

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So Nate Hartsock claims that RS spoilers are wrong! How wrong are they? Does Nate think RS is wrong about who’s F1? If there’s an F1 at all (Des ends up alone)? Or merely about how the F1 gets to be F1? Des isn’t even close to Nate – has she even told Nate her ending?

On a side note, it’s interesting how RS’s rhetoric has softened over the years. Here, he’s actually allowing for the possibility (if not the probability) that he could possibly be wrong. We haven’t really heard that realistic admission before from him. Is the world coming to an end?? ;)


Sound off, let us know your thoughts on all this, and take our poll!


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