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ABC – The Bachelorette
Highlights: July 8, 2013
(an excellent cliffnotes-style recap)
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ABC – The Bachelorette
Des Brings Back Some Old Friends
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—– listings reveals a surprise.

    July 15 – Hometown Dates

    Desiree visits the Top 4 contenders’ hometowns. One suitor treats her to a snow-cone-truck adventure; another shows his devotion to his family; a third bachelor takes her out for a day of baseball; and another considers his mother’s advice about Desiree. Three suitors remain after the rose ceremony.

    July 22 Men Tell All

    WTH?? Normally the MTA comes after the FD (fantasy-overnight dates). Could there be an early cliffhanger in the works, foretold by the confusing previews??? Or are TPTB playing with our minds?

Bette 9 Desiree’s Blog
The Bachelorette’s Desiree Hartsock Blogs: I’m in Love with Brooks!
…I knew that Brooks was reflective and needed reassurance, but I has no idea that we may not be on the same page. I wish he had felt comfortable enough to tell me what he was feeling. I let the men know from the beginning that it was a two-way street, so I appreciated that Brooks wanted to be confident in his decision to introduce me to his family. I could tell from the emotion he showed that his family means a lot to him so I was glad (and relieved!) that he wanted his family to meet me…
via People TVWatch

Host Chris Harrison’s Blog
Chris Harrison blogs ‘The Bachelorette’ episode 7
…Brooks got the first one-on-one this week. I find these two very interesting. They seem happy together, but they also seem very cautious. It’s almost as if they spend time trying to figure out how to define their relationship or figure out how the other person is feeling. For example, they came up with “adjectives” to describe where they are between like and love. Now the fact that they actually came up with verbs, and not adjectives, is something I know mortified every English teacher in the world, but that’s not the point. The point is while their outward appearance is happy and free, their words still seem cautious. Des later admitted to me that she isn’t “running” toward love, she’s actually at the “finish line.” She’s in love with Brooks and she feels he’s in love with her as well, although he hasn’t expressed that to her verbally…
via Entertainment Weekly PopWatch

Bette 6 Ali’s Blog
Ali Fedotowsky’s Bachelorette Blog: Is Brooks the Most Boring Frontunner Ever?
Loved that they were in Portugal last night!! I went there on my season and fell in love with it! Before I launch into this, I’d like to point out that Desiree was standing next to Chris on the boat ride in. Did you notice that? I pointed it out in a previous blog. That’s a BIG indicator to me that she’s into him! She’s always near him in a group setting…
via EOnline Reality Scoop!

Bette 5 Jillian’s Blog
Jillian Harris’s Bachelorette Blog: Brooks Is My New Front-Runner
First off, I LOVED how Des got to invite her girlfriends to Madeira to help her out. I would have died to have my girlies pop in and help me out. Lucky girl! No one knows what it’s like until they go through this experience, but to have cameras around all the time, to never be alone with your thoughts, and to be away from phones, computers, magazines, and the news, is difficult, so having someone to chat with is PARAMOUNT!…
via Parade Entertainment

The Bachelorette Recap — Which Guy Has the Best Package?!

via POPSUGAR Entertainment

‘The Bachelorette’ Central Blog
‘The Bachelorette’ recap: Island of Misfit Boys
…Hi Catherine, Jackie, and Lesley! (I guess AshLee and Lindsay were busy?) Grab your mangotinis, “ladies,” because Des is about to give you the final five download: Chris is “supportive,” Brooks is a “positive person,” but Des isn’t sure he’s “ready.” Michael is “genuine,” Zak is “adventurous” and “reflective,” and Drew is “the sweetest person you’ll ever meet,” but Des is still trying to find out if he has any “spice.” All rightie, boys, time to be objectified! Please proceed to the pool so that Des’ “friends” can inspect you via binoculars. “Oh, I like Drew, for sure!” coos Jackie, as she watches the shirtless Ken doll play basketball in the pool. “Why is Brooks wearing a tank top?” gripes Catherine, though Lesley thinks all of the guys “look very athletic.” Soon enough, the cocktails start to kick in and “ladies” stop being polite and start getting real by boiling the men down to yearbook superlatives…
via Entertainment Weekly TV Recaps

HuffPost TV’s Bachelorette Blog
‘The Bachelorette’ Season 9, Episode 7 Recap: Is Des Already In Love?
…Technically, Brooks was IN Cloud Nine. He and Desiree essentially drove/climbed to the top of a mountain to sit in the clouds and discuss other “code” words that could be used to express their love without actually saying the word love. Des decided on the adjectives walking, skipping, running and finish line. Even though her list consisted of three verbs and one noun, Brooks seemed okay with the code. I blame the grammatical error on Des’ earlier head injury because there’s no way she could have scaled that mountain in those high wedge sandals without tumbling at least twice. At dinner, Des admitted that she’s in a full-on sprint. I found that odd since “sprinting” was not one of her “code words” but I’m willing to let the lack of continuity pass. Clearly she was suffering from a concussion. It’s the only thing that can explain her plastic skirt. Brooks confessed to the camera that he’s nowhere near the emotional journey that Des is on. Later Des admitted to Chris Harrison that she’s in love, breaking all protocol previously set forth by Fleiss and his minions. I’m intrigued. Brooks received a rose…
via Huffington Post TV

TIME Entertainment’s Bachelorette Blog
‘The Bachelorette’ Watch: Mad in Madeira
Best Use Of Bachelor Leftovers: Because there are still approximately 72 men left in her harem, Des needs help. So she calls in a lifeline to help her decide who among them are winners (and who are wieners). The good people of The Bachelor can’t be bothered to have Des’ real friends sign releases, so instead they invite past losers Jackie and Lesley and winner Catherine (from Sean’s season) to help rate the man meat. Apparently, Chris is the most athletic, Brooks has the best eyes, Zak is the most adventurous and Drew has the best body, a fact Lesley confirms by creeping on him in the pool via binoculars…
via TIME Entertainment

TV Guide Interviews Chris Harrison
The Bachelorette’s Chris Harrison: “The Biggest Hurdle for Des Has Yet to Come”
It wasn’t a shock that Michael was sent home. Were you surprised at all?
Harrison: Michael would’ve had to come a really long way to upset someone and take their spot. He’s a smart guy and a good conversationalist, but I think he peaked and maybe went a week further than we thought he would. I think Des wanted to give him a one-on-one date because he was a question mark and not necessarily a foregone conclusion, but as soon as they were on the date, she knew their relationship wasn’t anywhere near what hers are with the other guys. But at least he got the opportunity…
via TV Guide

TV Grapevine’s Bachelorette Blog
…Des has a pep talk with Chris about her week and her feelings about the men. She says Brooks never said he loved her, but knows he has strong feelings for her….it seems like she already made her decision…but maybe not because she is falling in love with multiple men. I still don’t get what the OMG confession was because this is the same thing we hear every season…
via TV Grapevine

WSJ Speakeasy’s Bachelorette Blog
‘The Bachelorette’: Desiree Confesses
…Des, who must be desperate for a good old-fashioned gossip sesh, invites her three best girlfriends (oh, and former competition from last season) – Lesley, Jackie and even “winner” Catherine to help her find her tru luv. As most would expect, and in perfect Bachelorette fashion, their conversation quickly turns into an interrogation-styled Q&A focusing on the boys skin-deep features. My favorite question – who has the best bod? Drew wins this round, as if any of these boys have an ounce of body fat…
via Wall Street Journal Speakeasy

AfterBuzz TV Aftershow
The Bachelorette S:9 | Episode 7 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow
…In this show, host JC Rubio breaks down the episode in which the five remaining bachelors sail to Madeira Island, Portugal, with Desiree, who enjoys one-on-one dates that include a picnic, dinner on a deserted island and a toboggan ride. Also: A two-on-one date involves go-kart racing. The Final Four contenders are revealed after the rose ceremony. There to help JC are co-hosts Cathy Kelley and Krisily Kennedy. It’s The Bachelorette’s “Episode 7” podcast!

via AfterBuzz TV

HollywoodLife’s Bachelorette Blog
Watch: The Bachelorette Recap: Desiree Reveals Her Love For Brooks
Read: ‘Bachelorette’ Recap: Desiree Gets Surprise Visitors; Drew Takes Lead
via HollywoodLife

Reality Steve’s Blog
The Bachelorette Desiree Recap Including “Men Tell All” News & Brooks Forester Likes Em’ Old. Like Twice His Age.

Re MTA & Antigua
…It also means they will basically have a two-part finale with the overnight dates episode airing July 29th, and the finale airing August 5th. So it’s safe to say at the end of the July 29th episode, there will be some sort of cliffhanger leading into the finale the following week, something that the promos last week alluded to. Yes, there is something screwy that goes down in Antigua which could be a bit out of the ordinary for this show, and I’m not sure what it is. However, it does not change the bottom line, which is that Desiree ended up engaged to Brooks in Antigua and they are still engaged today…

Re “Brooks,Brooks,Brooks”
…It was when I received these pictures was when I tweeted the infamous “Oh Brooks, Brooks, Brooks…” line. Why? Ummmm, wouldn’t you after looking at that? Holy crap. That’s f***ing hilarious. How easy did Brooks make the rest of this season for me? I can never look at the guy the same after seeing those. Geez, show a little discretion Brooks. By the way, this woman whose face Brooks is sucking off was 51 years old at the time. Now as mentioned above to clear up any confusion, and for media outlets to run with the pictures without reading what I wrote, this did NOT happen since he’s been engaged to Des. This happened on New Year’s Eve of 2011 (heading in to 2012), so 18 months ago. But still, ummmm, is there a reason he’s tonguing down someone who could technically be his mother? I mean, I’ve never made out with a 51 year old, nor do I plan to. Well, I’m sure I will later in life. Like, when I’m 70. My friends haven’t made out with women almost twice their age either, as I’m guessing most self-respecting men haven’t. Oh yeah, and to make this story worse, at the time these pictures were taken, Brooks was dating this girl from Utah…

Lost Angeles‘ (Bach Ben’s friend) Blog
BachCap Week 7
…That has nothing to do with this week’s version of “for the right reasons” where the Bargain Bach got to tour the most geographically convenient island to Barcelona to save production costs. I mean, we could have gone to Ibiza, but not only would it be too cool and expensive, a 5am Tiesto set and a few tabs of E might be enough to send Team Smedium into the grinding, make-out session usually reserved for the off camera people left behind during one on one dates…

i hate green beansLincee Ray’s Blog
Bachelorette Des Recap: Loke is in the Air
After last week’s show, ABC led us to believe that Episode 7 would be full of grown men sobbing over railings in exotic locations, holding back tears at the rose ceremony and breaking down in rejection limos. Shame on me for buying into the producers’ tricky editing. There was only one emotional moment in the entire two hours and that was the Federal Prosecutor crying to his Mom. Instead of discovering Ponyboy’s huge revelation, we had to suffer through boring date after boring date, wrapped in an array of cliches and large amounts of alcohol. Pull up a chair and join me as I try to conjure up any memorable moments from Madeira, which may be associated with Portugal or North Africa– depending on your Wikipedia research – but is definitely an island in the Atlantic Ocean that has easy access to pirate ships…

Jen Frase‘ Blog
…So here is my big prediction. Reminder – I don’t read spoilers and I hate it when people spoil shit for me so don’t confirm or deny this if you know anything. But here’s my guess: Brooks leaves her in two episodes. Remember last week when we saw her crying and Drew says, “It just wouldn’t work” or something like that? I bet it’s Brooks who leaves and Drew is consoling her. There was a clip where she says something like, “I stayed with this whole process for you.” And it looks like she’s talking to Drew? I remember thinking there was some weird voice dubbing going on. She says that to Brooks…and that is why we saw previews of Smitty asking her if she wants to stop the show – because she’s so distraught that Brooks leaves. Pretty good, eh? Also, I hate myself juuuust a little bit for putting so much thought into this…

BachSlap Inimitable Bachelorette Recaps
The Bachelorette Season 9, Episode 7: Zak Messes Up Drew’s Hair, Then Dez Wiles Out And Basically Confesses Her Love For Someone
…One of Those Chris Talks That’s All Serious
Um…she basically confesses her love for Brooks. What the eff? She thinks they’re at the adjective called the finish line! Chris is incredibly happy for her! Does she even need to keep going, he asks? Is this like, over right now? She says no, she’s contractually obligated to do three more episodes, so it’s not over. But she’s clearly fallen for this dude somehow, or at least made him the serious front-runner even if love isn’t involved. How did this happen? This is bad, Dez. One, the Bachelor/ette NEVER says any of this love shit until at least after their parents meet the last two guys/girls, and generally not even until Neil Lane’s fancy rings are handed over. Two, Brooks is waffling hard, which is a bad sign at this stage. And she’s all-in. This may be the tears and the horror we’ve seen in all these previews but are CLEARLY NOT HAPPENING IN THIS EPISODE. So it would be bad for Dez, but good for these previews not being dirty liars…

Possessionista’s Fashion Blog
Des Hartsock Bachelorette Outfits Madeira Episode 7
…Her bachelorette besties stopped by for a quick game of “who has the biggest wang?” before Des and her fellas subjected us all to endless sequin print skirts and second grade poetry…

Whitney Fields’ Jewelry Blog
Desiree Hartsock – Stella & Dot Jewelry on The Bachelorette – July 8
As her group of men narrows down to five, it’s clear that Des is falling in love with more than one man – and at the end, only one will win her heart. It is a good thing that she doesn’t have to worry about her love affair with Stella & Dot – it will stay with her forever, no matter how this journey ends! I have to say, my two favorite guys are Chris (I’m a sucker – poems are so girly and romantic) and Zak (probably because he’s from Texas – and hey, you gotta root for the home team!) this week…

NEXT TIME on The Bachelorette…

ABC preview of the Hometown Dates.
The Bachelorette – The HTD Clip 1 (an excellent preview)
Courtesy: ABC on

ABC press release.

    Desiree’s emotionally charged, whirlwind world tour to find love comes back to the U.S. as she travels across country to visit Brooks, Chris, Drew and Zak in their hometowns and to meet their families. Her spirit and resilience has surprised the men, but she is about to be severely tested by their loved ones as she tries to figure out if she can love more than one man at a time. Are all of these bachelors ready to be married? Desiree will try and find out from the people who know them best, as she moves closer to making her fairytale come true, on “The Bachelorette,” MONDAY, JULY 15 (8:00-10:01p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

    Desiree starts her visits in Dallas, the hometown of fun-loving, free-spirited Zak, whose zest for life is contagious. The spontaneous bachelor surprises her with an unexpected adventure: They drive a family-owned snow cone truck to an elementary school, where a group of children, hungry for a frosty treat, crowd them. Desiree admires Zak’s easy charm as he entertains the kids dressed in a furry Penguin suit. That evening the Bachelorette is delighted to find that her suitor’s family is just as fun and outgoing as he is. Zak’s brother and sister happily sing their version of a song that Zak wrote for Desiree, bringing her to tears. Then to top it off, the smitten bachelor tells her how he really feels and presents her with a romantic surprise gift that leaves her speechless.

    Next the Bachelorette heads to Scottsdale, Arizona, to meet Drew, whose sweet and earnest attitude has captured her heart. He prepares her for an emotional and very moving experience as he introduces Des to his severely mentally challenged sister. His selfless devotion to his older sister deepens Desiree’s feelings for Drew. The bachelor’s infatuation with Desiree is quite clear to his very happy mother, but what does his father think of welcoming the Bachelorette into the family? Drew make a bold and passionate decision to confess his feelings for Desiree and hopes this will further his chances in taking the next big step.

    For her date with Chris, the confident and handsome former professional baseball player, Desiree journeys to McMinnville, Oregon. Their easy chemistry makes for a fun afternoon playing baseball on the field where Chris learned the national pastime. The real test will be getting the approval of his overly protective mother. Will she give Desiree the thumbs up?

    The final hometown visit is to Salt Lake City, Utah, where the ruggedly handsome Brooks awaits Desiree. Although the Bachelorette is already in love with this man, he is not quite certain of his feelings for her. Brooks’ incredibly large family – 10 siblings and their spouses – give him a serious grilling in private, but his mother’s opinion is the one he values most. What will she say?

    All four men and their families have touched Desiree’s heart. Headed back to Los Angeles for the rose ceremony, she is faced with the difficult task of letting one of her amazing men go. As she prepares for her gut-wrenching decision, Desiree gets a visit from her judgmental brother, Nate.

    He’d like to know when he’s going to get to meet her final men. Of course Desiree remembers Sean’s hometown visit to her family last season and the effect it had on Sean and his decision. Now, after talking to Nate, she wonders if she’ll let Nate meet her final suitors.

    At the rose ceremony, Desiree loses her composure as she says a tearful goodbye to one stunned and devastated bachelor. The Bachelorette and her final three men prepare to leave to their last exotic destination, the tropical paradise of Antigua.

Source: ABC

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