The Bachelorette 9 – Finale Part 1 – Live Blog & Discussion (POLL)

UPDATE: Wow, that was The Most Dramatic Episode Evah of The Bachelorette – exactly as Chris H swore it would be at last week’s MTA. Do you admire Brooks’ choice or bemoan it? We’ve known about contestants dumping the lead late in the game behind the scenes and having it spun the other way on camera (Bette Deanna & F4 Graham), and we’ve known about leads dumping the contestants late in the game because they keep overanalyzing and equivocating (Bette Jillian & F3 Reid), but we’ve never seen a contestant overanalyze, equivocate, and dump the lead late in this late in the game (Bette Des & F3? Brooks). Will Brooks have a change of heart, miss Des, and return to propose next week? Or, more realistically but off script, will he return, NOT propose, but just offer his heart and a promise to try things with Des at an IRL pace (essentially a twist on Bach Jason & F2/F1 Molly, who didn’t get engaged but simply started dating IRL and eventually married). What is the point of having a 2-part finale if Brooks doesn’t come back next week? They could have had the MTA in between this week & next, and maybe (or maybe not) had Brooks on the MTA. OTOH if the Brooks Blindside was shown before the MTA, what would be the point of discussing anything other than the Brooks Blindside at the MTA? Questions, questions, questions. At least TPTB had the gonads to try things differently to end this season, not following the usual paint-by-numbers formula. TB has needed a little bit of a shakeup – thank you TPTB for not shying away from portraying a real-world breakup and heartbreak.


Live-blogging The Bachelorette 9, Desiree Hartsock, Finale Part 1, the penultimate episode, off my east-coast live feed (I just found one!)
UPDATE: Now filling in with a live-blog of the West Coast broadcast. Join Us!

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Des starts off by Bach-capping her own season. We get highlights of
– every time she blindsided or disappointed a guy (Jonathan, Michael G, Zak)
– every time a guy blindsided her (Brian, Bryden, Ben, James)
Obvious foreshadowing of the upcoming episode??

Then she bachcaps her time with Chris, Drew, and Brooks.
“My feelings for Brooks are set apart from the other guys cuz when I’m with Brooks I see my future.”, Des sets as she sets us up for what’s to come.

Next we bach-peak at what’s coming up, primarily Brooks family meeting, Chris H meeting, and his proclaiming “I don’t have this crazy love for her.” Uh, oh…


Bach Nation Ramps Up

Dana Weiss ?@Possessionista 3m
Desiree Hartsock Bachelorette fashion in Antigua

elan gale ?@theyearofelan 41s
You will never again doubt us when we say it’s the most dramatic something something of all time

Jason Mesnick ?@jason_mesnick 12m
One word for the #Bachelorette tonight WOW

Andrew Kimmel ?@andrewkimmel_ 7m
Thought I was having a heart attack but my doc said, “You’ve just got broken heart from watching tonight’s episode of #TheBachelorette” #tru

Lindsay Yenter ?@YenterLindsay 22m
Oh a side note… @DesHartsock your body looks AMAZING!! #TheBachelorette

Kalon McMahon ?@KalonMcM 31s
This whole system is flawed… How is he supposed to get down on one knee before she gets down on two? #bachelorette #hopelessromantic

Arie Luyendyk Jr. ?@ariejr 5m
Wish there was an emoticon for a hand being swiftly slapped to a forehead. I’d use that repeatedly while watching these guys.


Drew’s Day Date

“Antigua is Paradise” proclaims Drew.

Des loves everything about Drew – his abs, his eyes, his lips, his face!

As they explore the tow, Des & Drew do the limbo, get a frond-woven heart, and have a picnic overlooking the ocean. They have a segment where they talk about Drew’s HTD.

Drew is being set up as the antithesis to Brooks.
– Everytime I see her, I fall more and more in love with her.
– I’m ready to marry her today. I see my future with her.

Drew is ready to Get On One Knee Today to ask Des to marry him. But according to Drew, Des doesn’t know that yet.

Umm, Drew, you are having a Blonde Moment. You are on the Penultimate episode of The Bachelorette. Des Knows that Everyone’s supposed to go on one knee next week. ROFL.


Drew’s Night Date

More foreshadowing…
“I don’t want to leave those lips… I don’t want it to end!” says Des.
“It’s not about the dinner or where the dinner is, it’s really about the conversation.”, cuz Brooks, er I mean Drew, is all about conversation.

So they proceed to get out of the rain and into the Fantasy Suite.

Drew: “I’m ecstatic, I’m on board, I don’t want to give you up, I don’t want to ever let you go.” Drew, the anti-Brooks.

Drew brings on the sexxay: “I wanna wish her Good Morning.” Go, Drew!

Drew the Anti-Brooks: “I can get down on a ring right now! I’m serious, I am ready!”
Drew the Lovah: “I wanna show how passionate I am about her… The woman who I’m gonna go on this crazy journey of life together with.”

They kick the cameraman out, “All right guys, time to leave!”, then we here them say “Ohh, It’s Gettin’ Hott In Herrr!” with a nod to Nelly. ;)


Brooks Talks with Mom & Sis in Boise

Brooks questions whether he’s truly in love with Des, and if she’s the love of his life. So he flys from the HTD RC in LA to Boise, ID, to pow-wow with his mom & sis.

“I’m having a difficult time since the HTD… The idea of me proposing to her at the end of this makes me uncomfortable.” He admits that he’s not in love with Des.

Sis: “If you are feeling that battle within, then she’s not the one.”
Mom: “Don’t propose to her if you have any doubt.”
Not surprisingly, Sis & Mom say Des is “darling” and genuinely agree that Des handled their large family well. They are Des fans!

The Sis gives her advice that might not sit well with all viewers. She tells him that he has to tell Des, even though some might say he should sit on it a bit and see what Des has to say about him first.

“You are being honest with yourself, thankfully.” says Mom as Brooks confesses that he’s not prepared to propose and isn’t even comfortable with declaring ILY yet.

This is the more uncomfortable and “real” moments I’ve ever seen on any TB franchise episode. I hope Brooks’ uncertainty is real and not just a product of TPTB pushing his buttons and manhandling his thoughts.


Chris’ Day Date

We have something I can see LAST!” says Des as she greets him with a sexy olive bikini top under a fringed top over very low-cut drawstring pants. Hubba Hubba!

Cue the red helicopter. Yes, looks like Chris has been awarded with the obligatory FD helicopter-to-deserted-island-to-picnic date.

The deserted island selected for this excursion is Barbuda. No, not Bermuda, it’s Barbuda.

“I feel like I’ve been dating Chris for a long time…. It feels like we are already boyfriend and girlfriend… I love that Chris is not afraid to be romantic and to show love…. Chris would make a perfect husband.”

Analysis: Well, this coupling looks promising… But the dead giveaway is that Des still talks about Chris (Chris is this and Chris is that) and not about herself – about who she is around Chris, about how she feels when she’s with Chris (we never hear her say the usual F1 taglines, like Chris makes me feel sexy or confident or like I can do anything). The latter is how one talks about their intended F1. It’s a mutual admiration society, but is it love? Who knows, she might come around…


Chris’ Night Date

“Soooo…. Let’s talk future!” Des challenges Chris.

“Well…. I found a job that I really like, there could be good opportunities for me… we could have a cute little house on the water… How do you feel about moving to Seattle?”

Des doesn’t want to keep being the one who has to move & change in order to make a relationship work. But after some processing, she says she can have her career anywhere, and she’s ready to move to Seattle. Let’s see if she holds that thought at the FRC.

Des has 3 ITMs in 1 minute. In each she’s wearing a different outfit. WTH???

The Fantasy Suite invitation card. “Let’s keep it simple & relaxed. No expectations, just have fun.” He wants to protect Des’ reputation for the viewing public. How sweet in an antiquated way.

Yet another Chris poem. Half the audience is loving this, the other half is groaning and eye-rolling. BTW this sounds like Prose not Poetry.

Chris & Des get a brand new theme song, a WGWG doing his WGWG thang.

“Let’s have a nice relaxing romantic night under the stars”… and in skimpy bathing suits in a hottub!


Bach Nation Humor

DeAnna Stagliano ?@DeAnnaPappas 37m
I like Chris. Am I on point?

Rachel Truehart ?@RachTrue_ 3m
The best part of this date was the song they just played & yes I shazamed it #loveandaffection by Matt White #yourwelcome

“Love & Affection” is charting on iTunes…
matt white ?@mattwhitemusic 7m
#loveandaffection cracks the #itunes top100 all thanks to the #bachelorette

Dana Weiss ?@Possessionista 2m
Thank GOD Chris has a poem for this situation. #Bachelorette

Ashley S. ?@AshleySpivey 2m
What if we are all really wrong about Des and she’s a complete freak-in-the-sheets once the cameras stop rolling? #bachelorette

Jen Marcus ?@jenmarcus 3m
NO! NOT ANOTHER POEM. #TheBachelorette

Jennifer Weiner ?@jenniferweiner 4m
Chris deems the fantasy suite beautiful and very romantic. I feel a poem coming on. God help us all. #TheBachelorete

Ali Fedotowsky ?@AliFedotowsky 5m
I’ve ALWAYS said that I noticed that Chris was “by Desiree’s side” on group dates! She noticed too ;) #TheBachelorette @eonline

Rachel Truehart ?@RachTrue_ 7m
There is just no chemistry on this date #awkwardsauce #notbuyingit #chrisgobyebye

@WilliamFHolman: Chris probably cries after sex. we should ask Drew if thats true. #TheBachelorette


Brooks Talks with Chris H in Antigua

“I still have deeper feelings for Brooks.” warns Des.
“He’s the kind of guy I would want as a partner.” Yes, we know, you want a partner who waffles & is uncertain about you.

Brooks arrives at his Antigua hotel. Chris Harrison drops in on him per Brooks’ invitation. His head says “this is it”, but his heart says “not so sure”.

Des is to Brooks what Chris is to Des. The one who’s so emotionally available that the other can’t fall for, simply because they are so available.

This season should be called “The Bachelorette 9: The Chase”.

Chris H asks, “Are you not sure? Or are you telling me I’m not in love with this girl?” Brooks – “Hmmm, I dunno!”

Brooks proclaims, “Des is not the love of my life.”, adding that he won’t feel it by the time of the proposal.

Brooks says he doesn’t feel pain with Des, and therefore doesn’t think it’s love. So LOVE == PAIN?? Boy, Brooks has deeper problems than I thought.

He knows he it feels because he was ready to get married to his last gf, but it didn’t work out. Sounds like the gf broke it off and Brooks was in Des’s shoes with her.

The Bachelorette 9: The Chase
Brooks is to Brooks’ exgf
what Des is to Brooks
what Chris is to Des.

At least Brooks’ is feeling awful about prospect of putting Des through heartbreak.

Chris H decides the action for Brooks, “You know, as a man, you know what you need to do.” Thanks, Chris H – maybe you could have counseled him to go through the day date and see if he finds some clarity.

Brooks: “I love Desiree, but I’m not IN love with her… Entirely.” The “Entirely” thrown in there is, well, interesting. Kind of like Bentley’s “dot dot dot”.


And now a word from Bachelor Nation…

RealitySteve ?@RealitySteve 51s
Please, keep the tweets coming. Maybe I’ll start trending soon with the amount of lunacy going on right now

Jaclyn Swartz ?@JaclynSwartz 38s
Didn’t listen to one word Brooks said because I was too enamored watching his hair movement. #bachelorette

Brad Smith ?@bradcsmith 2m
That was torture hearing @DesHartsock say those things!!

Desiree Hartsock ?@BachelorTV 3m
They say Brooks is in sales and marketing, but he better change that to waste management, cuz he needs a big DUMP TRUCK! #TheBachelorette

Ashley S. ?@AshleySpivey 3m
Someone give these dudes some sunglasses. Their squinting is killing me with the tough subject matter. #thinkinghard #bachelorette

Jaclyn Swartz ?@JaclynSwartz 3m
So you’re telling me the formula doesn’t always work?!?! Santa’s not real? You’re the mother effin tooth fairy? Oh man. #Bachelorette

Bianka Kamber ?@Biankakamber11 3m
Is this really about to happen to poor @DesHartsock

Robert Mills ?@Millsy11374 36s
Prepare for the most emotionally raw moments in #Bachelorette history

Brad Smith ?@bradcsmith 43s
Fricken pull the trigger Brooks!
Ps……@DesHartsock is wayyyyy to good for ya!

William Holman ?@WilliamFHolman 52s
Brooks has a sister that looks like Des…. did you not see this coming. #TheBachelorette

Final Rose ?@TheFinalRose 14s
Bets on whether Brooks will pull a Mesnick in this next segment? #Bachelorette


Brooks Talks with Des on the Pier

“She deserves to know right away.”, Brooks feels certain.
“Brooks has always been a frontrunner.”, Des says as we all cringe.

“I haven’t been in love in quite a while. It feels good!” – we all cringe again, mortified at what will come up next.

Funny how TPTB cue the change of tone with
1. foreboding music
2. unsteady handheld camera motion

“Here’s the struggle…. You are a much better person than I am… I love that about you, I really do.” Des’s face changes and she starts tearing up – she knows what’s up.

Brooks is Reid 2.0!! of Bette Jillian’s season. This conversation is almost verbatim the Reid-Jillian conversation.
Will he come back last-minute to the podium the way Reid did?

Des: “Do you feel like you lose it? I mean, I miss you every day.”
Brooks: “I know that. But yeah, when I’m not with you I lose it.”

“I don’t feel the moments apart are hard enough. I want to have this..” what, Brooks… PAIN?? UGGH!!

Des deserves so much better than this neurotic mess. :(

Yeah, well, she’s the Bachelorette – she’s not SUPPOSED to tell you that till the FRC. Haven’t you read the TB handbook they sent you back in February??


Bach Nation Cringes

Marissa May ?@MarissajustMay 1m
GTFO Brooks #Bachelorette

Desiree Hartsock ?@BachelorTV 1m
Last season featured the #WorldsLongestKiss. This season: #WorldsLongestBreakup #TheBachelorette

Gia Allemand ?@GiaAllemand 3m
Brooks should have left a long time ago! Not a fan of him. #TheBachelorette

Lindsay Yenter ?@YenterLindsay 5m
I hate seeing my friends cry… @DesHartsock love you! #TheBachelorette ????

Ali Fedotowsky ?@AliFedotowsky 6m
.@HaylieDuff @JimmyRuggiero @KurtFinney @DesHartsock @KaleyCuoco I’m home Friday. Girlie time!

Michelle Money ?@MoneyMichelle 2m
Holy #TheBachelorette

Sean Lowe ?@SeanLowe09 3m
Much respect for Brooks. Not everyone can see beyond the show.

Juan Pablo Galavis™ ?@JuanPaGalavis 3m
I really HATE when a woman CRIES because of ME / DETESTO cuando una mujer LLORA por mi CULPA…

Team Bentley ?@team_bentley 9m
Brooks is really wishing he would have had Chris put his feelings into a poem for him right now. #desaster #bachelorette

elan gale ?@theyearofelan 6m
Sometimes I read people’s opinions and I just cry for our future

Bachelor Canada feels indignant!
Brad Smith
?@bradcsmith 4m
Please Dez…..Walk the F Away!!!

Even the VPOTUS’ PhD Wife watches & tweets TB!!
Dr. Jill Biden ?@JillBidenVeep 5m
I am so irrationally angry at Brooks right now for having normal feelings and not forcing it. #Bachelorette


Des & Brooks mumble on a bench at the end of the pier

“How do you know, and when did you know?” – Des ffwds to the ATFR to ask the ultimate ATFR question.


BINGO – Des really does only go for that which she cannot have!

Des: “I do love you, regardless. I don’t care that you just broke my heart – I love you.”

Brooks starts psychoanalyzing it all, mumbling on and on.
Des gently puts an end to it: “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

Brooks’ ITM, eyes swollen with tears: “I was really surprised. I don’t wanna let her go.”

To be continued…


Bach Nation Chimes In

William Holman ?@WilliamFHolman 13m
I hope a Sharknado hits Brooks. #TheBachelorette

Dr. Jill Biden ?@JillBidenVeep 1m
You can’t leave now, Brooks! I want to know what kind of scrapbook you were going to give Des next week! #Bachelorette

Dana Weiss ?@Possessionista 1m
And now Brooks is all, “sike maybe I do love you.” #Bachelorette

Lindsay Yenter ?@YenterLindsay 44s
I could throw a shoe at him right. now. ???? #TheBachelorette

Trista Sutter ?@tristasutter 1m
From the get go, i didn’t see romantic chemistry between Des & Brooks but hoped i was wrong the more the show went on. :( #sadforDes

DeAnna Stagliano ?@DeAnnaPappas 1m
Brooks wears tight pants.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. ?@ariejr 2m
Longest break up EVER

Brad Smith ?@bradcsmith 1m
Best limo exit ever!

Rachel Truehart ?@RachTrue_ 1m
“@GiaAllemand: Brooks just wants to be the bachelor #TheBachelorette” No way, he seemed sincerely upset! Next week we battle ???? #gettherose

Bianka Kamber ?@Biankakamber11 3m
“@WilliamFHolman: Brooks can’t find the words cause he can’t stop thinking about what its going to be like being the Bachelor.” LOL

Desiree’s Bro Nate Chimes In with Words of Wisdom
Nathanael Hartsock ?@nate_hartsock83 1m
It does seem like it was the wrong place at the wrong time to tell her that, but at least he didn’t do that later..#Bachelorette

Kathryn Sherlock ?@KathrynSherlock Protected account 1m
I need a translator. #Bachelorette #mumbles #crying #hugging @DesHartsock push him in the water!

Beet Saladbar ?@peterjscalettar 5m
Speechless #TheBachelorette this is like #Beaches dipped in #theNotebook


Brooks & Des walk back

Des turns Wry…
Brooks: Sorry I’ll shut up. It’s not helping.
Des, wryly: No, not at all…. OK you have to go.
Brooks: I don’t know what to say.
Des, wryly: You’ve said everything.

DES: “I’ve always done everything by myself. That’s why I was hoping to find someone to share my life with.”

BINGO #2: Des only falls in love with guys who don’t love her back because subconsciously she’s not done doing things by herself. She’s not ready to fall in love with her true mate yet.

Brooks: I don’t want to leave you.
Des, wryly: Goodbye.

Des leaves Brooks on the path & runs back out to the edge of the pier.

Brooks paces back & forth along the path, crying his crocodile tears. Two lovers, crying & pining for each other, yet leaving each other. What gives??

Brooks: “Worse day of my life! Nothing I can say to make it better. Way worse than I thought it was gonna be. I never want to say goodbye!”

Brooks, Just run back to Des! Doesn’t matter if the viewing audience “doesn’t buy it”. If you are realizing your love, then don’t let go!

Brooks, grieving: “All of those moments that we had together – I miss them already, you know, I miss them a lot! I guess, this is a real goodbye.”

Brooks, accepting: “I was hoping she’d be in love with Drew or Chris… I really hope that she finds love, finds exactly what it is that she’s looking for.”

Des: “It throws everything off, having Brooks gone. It breaks my heart, that I have 2 amazing guys that love me. I can’t give them 100% of what I have to give, and they don’t deserve that. Honestly, for me, it’s over.”


Sneak Peek: “Next week… with a Live Studio Audience… It’s the live Television event of the summer that you don’t want to miss… next Monday night!”


End Credits: Des walks back along the pier, along the path, back to her abode, and does a quarter-Mesnick on her patio balcony, her back to us the whole way. Why is her back to us? Crocodile tears?

Or are TPTB actually giving Des… PRIVACY?? Nah, can’t be that! ;)


Sean Lowe ?@SeanLowe09 27m
“What should I do?” Probably get in the car and leave bro.

Lesley Murphy ?@LesleyMurph 32m
Brooks just broke the Guinness World Record for Biggest Douchelord.

Desiree Hartsock ?@BachelorTV 7m
Did they bleep out “Worst HAIR day of my life”?? #TheBachelorette Looks pretty good to me…

Brad Smith ?@bradcsmith 7m
I’ll be one of the first of millions to say @DesHartsock is a beauty! Anyone who lands her is one lucky dude, from one bachelor to another!

Jaclyn Swartz ?@JaclynSwartz 8m
Poor Des. That seriously sucks. #Bachelorette

Dana Weiss ?@Possessionista 8m
You gotta lean when you cry or it doesn’t count, Brooks. #Bachelorette

J.P. Rosenbaum ?@JP_Rosenbaum 10m
Brooks: Any chance for quick makeup sex before I leave? #TheBachelorette

The Bette 9 Guys Have a Realization…

    Jonathan Vollinger ?@TheJonathanV 12m
    Soooo, basically none of us stood a chance anyways? That actually makes me feel better.

    Bryden Vukasin ?@BrydenVukasin 7m
    I said when I left to follow your heart and you will make the right decisions. I think Brooks is doing exactly that. #Bachelorette

    Diogo Custodio ?@DiogoCustodio 26m
    What a tough & crazy journey for us all of this season of the #Bachelorette Wishing @DesHartsock the best, many blessings & a Happy Ending!

Jen Marcus ?@jenmarcus 13m
If I was Drew or Chris right now, I’d be PISSED. #TheBachelorette

William Holman ?@WilliamFHolman 13m
.@DesHartsock kick him in the balls and walk away

BatchSlap ?@GetBatchSlapped 13m
“At least 70 percent of the times I made out with other dudes, I wanted to make out with YOU!” #TheBachelorette

Trista Sutter ?@tristasutter 13m
I hope Brooks doesn’t stay just to stay. He needs to follow his heart & share his truth. #youcantforcelove #respect #Bachelorette

Marissa May ?@MarissajustMay 26m
You know what’s unfortunate? The other one on ones are done #bestwaytogetoveristogetunder #Bachelorette

Arie Luyendyk Jr. ?@ariejr 20m
Nothing sarcastic to say.. Break ups hurt and my heart goes out to @DesHartsock

Sean Lowe ?@SeanLowe09 7m
We both needed a stiff drink after watching bachelorette. @clmgiudici

From Des herself!
Desiree Hartsock ?@DesHartsock
Hearts may break but spirits stay high.. Stay tuned next Monday for the finale! #happytears #thebachelorette

Reality Steve is sure taking a beating tonight!!
RealitySteve ?@RealitySteve
Feels kinda cool being responsible for blowing up the internet tonight. Day-um.

Congrats to Jenni Croft, Brad 1.0’s F1/F2…
Jenni Croft Badolato
Welcome to the world! Taio (Ty-oh) Croft Badolato – Born at 10:58am on Friday, July 26th – 6lbs 14oz and 20 inches long! He’s perfect!!
Click here for: Jenni’s Facebook Photos of baby Taio



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