The Bachelorette 2021 Recap: Who Isn’t Here for the Right Reasons?

DAfter an eventful first night on The Bachelorette last week, it’s time for the remaining 23 men looking for love with Katie Thurston to step it up. This jam-packed week will give the suitors a literal wake-up call, take Katie and one lucky man on a charmingly special camping date, and even beg the question “who is the greatest lover of all time?”

But with all that fun, there’s bound to be drama as nerves unravel and Katie is forced to question who is truly here for the right reasons, as the drama continues at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort & Spa in New Mexico.

This week, Katie will embark on two group dates, and a one-on-one.

Going on the first group date: Christian, Garrett, Tre, Quartney, Mike P., James, Justin, Thomas, Connor B. and Karl. “I’m looking for  a great love!” Katie signed the date card.

“I’m here for love, and I hope you are all as well,” says Katie as she greets the guys. “Today is about being vulnerable, and open, and most of all, comfortable.” 

Group date sexy times

The group goes inside a dark room with a bunch of sex stuff. Mike P., the religious virgin, is already uncomfortable. Heather McDonald, a “sex comedian” is the special guest. She announces that Katie is looking for “the greatest lover of all time.” 

The date starts off with Heather asking technical sex questions. “What article of clothing increases the women’s chance of having an org**m?” SOCKS is the correct answer. As the queries become more personal, Mike begins holding up question marks as his answers. This bit is all about watching Mr. Virgin freak out. Mike becomes upset, and cries. He insists that he WON’T compromise his values i.e. NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE. 

Next, each of the guys deliver a performance on stage that shows why they’re the greatest. Connor B. sings a clever song. “I play piano…I’m amazing with my fingers.” Christian strips his clothes off. Tre plays with sexy puppets. One guy does the d*ck in a box bit. Karl gets pretty vulgar. The guys already hate him. 

Can a Virgin be declared “greatest lover?”

And finally, Mike the Virgin takes the stage. He brings Katie with him. He reads a speech, where he declares that he’s “saving himself for you….I would wait another 31 years to have sex” if that proved that he loved her. Katie is so totally into it, he wins “greatest lover of all time.” 

 Katie tells Connor B., the cat guy from last week, that she loved his song. She assures him that she feels a connection before it’s TIME TO MAKE OUT. 

Katie confesses to Karl that her last relationship was two years ago. He’s convinced they have chemistry. AND he’s pissed he barely got a minute with her. Thomas and Katie make out hot and heavy. She sits on his lap. He’s convinced he could get the rose, and he is CORRECT. Thomas gets the group date rose. And Karl is very very mad.

Greg and Katie share mutual grief

Another date card: Greg gets the one on one! He got the first impression rose last week. Katie rolls up in a bright red truck to pick him up. THE GUYS ARE SO JELLY. Katie drives up to a river. They go fishing, like she did with her dad before he passed away in 2012. So it turns out, Greg has no idea how to set up a tent. Oops. Katie shows him how to make a toilet out of a bucket. YIKES. He’s hopeless, but she still seems to like him. She shares about losing her dad, and how she still deals with grief. 

On their date later, Katie admits that she had a hard time opening up about her dad earlier. Greg wants to be “that rock” for her. He confesses that he lost his dad two years ago after he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He’s crying. She’s crying. It’s a match made in heaven. And of course, he gets the date rose. 

The last date card: John, Andrew S., Kyle, Josh, Aaron, Brendan, Hunter and Cody are on the second group date. “Let’s get down and dirty!” writes Katie.

Michael is disappointed not to be on the date. He wonders if it is worth leaving his son at home to pursue Katie.  Andrew M., Conor C., and David are also dateless.

Kaitlyn and Tayshia round up the boys

Bachelorette alums Kaitlyn and Tayshia, who are serving as co-hosts this season, arrive to wake up the guys, with clanging pots and pans. They didn’t have time to get dressed. They’re all still in their underwear as they leave for the date. It’s a cowboy theme. The guys will be wrestling in the mud. New threads are waiting for them. The winner will get their “own special time with Katie.” Brendan and Hunter wrestle first…SHIRTLESS! Andrew S and Kyle are next. The latter is sure Andrew will kick his butt. And he did. Josh and John are next, and it’s a draw!

Aaron and Cody are last. Immediately there is tension. They didn’t hit it off last week. Oh. It turns out they knew each other back home. Aaron is the winner, and he also wins the entire competition. And probably, he won, because Katie sees the tension and wants to get to the bottom of it. Aaron explains that they knew each other back in San Diego. He claims that Cody is on the show for the fame. Aaron calls his energy “malicious.” 

Katie is not messing around

Katie is worried that Cody is here for the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, Cody believes that he’ll get the group date rose! She pulls him aside to talk. Katie shares what Aaron told her, and Cody, of course, denies it and says they were never really friends. Katie is upset that somebody is lying to her. And she kinda thinks it’s Cody, because of how he reacted to her. “Someone is wasting my time!” she says.

She grabs Cody again AND SHE SENDS CODY HOME. And off he goes in the limo. The guys are pretty mad that the drama cuts into their time with Katie. 

Andrew S finally grabs Katie, and the two share about growing up poor. Katie and her family shared a one bedroom apartment, and she got free lunches. Andrew appreciates that. Raised by strong women, he never noticed he was poor. Next, the poors make out.

Katie made sure to speak with all the remaining guys. And in the end, she gives her date rose to her fellow poor, Andrew S.

Cocktail party time…or maybe not

Cocktail party time! Except in the end, not really. Katie tells the guys to snitch basically. It’s her party, and if something is going on in the house, she deserves to know. 

Next, she grabs Michael, who didn’t need to worry about not getting a date this week. She explains that their connection is good. No reason for extra time! The two kiss.

Karl stirs up trouble

The night goes swimmingly, until Karl steps in to stir up sh*t. He hints to Katie that more of the remaining guys are here for the wrong reason. He won’t name any names, and seems to be purposely putting doubt in Katie’s mind. And in the back of her mind, Katie knows it, but she’s still freaked out. She lectures the guys, insisting that whoever isn’t serious can “get the f*ck out.” She pulls Aaron aside again to see if he’s heard anything else. He hasn’t!

Meanwhile, Karl admits to the guys that he’s the instigator, and continues to refuse to name names. They all deservedly pile up on Karl, accusing him of manipulating Katie and causing trouble for no good reason. Meanwhile, Katie is in the next room shaking and crying. 

Oh boy. No cocktail party tonight. Meanwhile, Karl can barely keep the sh*t eating grin off of his face. 

Next week, the drama continues…


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