The Bachelorette 2020 Week 7 Recap and Live Blog

The show opens with all the guys VERY ANGRY at Noah for jumping the fence on the last group date.  Bennett, Ivan, Blake, Riley Demar, Kenny, Zach, are on the next group date. The men will compete for an UNBELIEVABLE ROMANTIC one on one date with Tayshia. Each man has to write an original love song, and perform it for Tashia. After a bunch of off-key and corny singing (Bennett raps (!)) But after Ivan pours his heart out through song, even bringing Tayshia on stage, he wins the one on one with her. 

The other men are of course, disappointed. They convince themselves that Ivan’s shyness will send him home. On the one on one date, which takes place at Tayshia’s place. Tayshia sets a rule–no walking on the floor, so it takes pillows to make it to her bedroom. (???) After, they have a pillow fight and play Twister and bacci. Ivan shares that his dad is in his 70s. Her dad is not even 50. Then, Ivan opens up about his drug addicted younger brother who spent four years behind bars. That discussion prompts a frank talk about being bi-racial, living amongst most white people. Ivan says in college he was constantly called the N word. Tayshia cries trying to express the emotions the George Floyd incident and BLM movement stir inside of her. Sorry guys, after some making out, Ivan most definitely receives that rose. 

Zach, Kenny, Lamar, Bennet, Riley, Blake go on the next group date. Noah, who already has a rose, wants another group date. The rest of the men can barely suppress their irritation, calling him greedy. On the date Bachelorettes Becca Kufrin and Sidney Lotuaco join Tayshia and the guys for a game of Truth or Dare. The dares involve the guys chugging smoothies containing gross stuff like cow intestines, Chris Harrison signing butts (and then going right back to eating breakfast. Ew), and pretending to have an orgams on loud speaker (!!!). The guys eat incredibly hot peppers before proposing to Tayisha with flowery poems.  At night, comes the truth part. No, the suitors couldn’t chose one or the other–which is how Truth OR Dare is actually played! They had to do both. Bennett opens up about a broken engagement, earning him a make out session. Blake brags that he has a great relationship with all his exes. They all open up one by one. What would this show be without the constant “opening up?” Zach and Tayshia chill in the hot tub, hold hands and make out. “I’m crushing on Tayshia!” Zach cries. His crushing gets him the rose. Bennet and Blake are not happy.

Next, Ben obsesses over last week interaction, when Tayshia chastised him for not making enough of an effort to speak with her. In the middle of the night, he takes off for her room “secret mission style.” But Ed has the same idea. They literally head over to her place at the same time. As if the producers didn’t put them up to it. Heh. Ed gets there first. Or not. He knocked on Chris’s door by mistake, and is invited inside. Ben makes it to the right room, however. Tayshia notes that other guys go the distance to spend time with her. He admits that his guard is up. In the end, Tayshia forgives him. Meanwhile, Ed remains lost, and never makes it to Tayshia’s room. FAIL.

The next morning, Noah admits guys hate him because he hopped the fence last week, crashed the party and got “their” rose. The guys continue to grouse as they make their way to the cocktail party. Noah, Zach and Ian already have roses. At the top of the party, Ben makes sure to grab Tayshia again for more making out. She’s now won over. But that doesn’t stop her from canoodling with a bunch of other guys. When Noah pulls Tayshia aside, he squeals that some of the mena have been accusing Tayshia of awarding roses to stir the pot.  Immediately, Tayshia wants to KNOW WHO. Now, she’s set off. And everyone was having such a great time! 

She marches into the house, super mad. She gathers all the guys together. “You guys may think my decision making isn’t intentional,” She adds, “If you think I’m starting drama in the house for no reason, you all need to grow up.” She adds, “If you’re going to be questioning me, I’ll gladly walk you outside.” Then, she leaves in a huff.

The cocktail party ends abruptly. It doesn’t take long for the guys to figure out that Noah lit a fire. The room erupts. The guys are mad that Noah ruined the night. “There is zero percent chance that you end up with Tayshia,” says Bennett. “I’m here for love, not for breastfeeding Noah!”

The rose ceremony finally begins. Ben, Eazy, Riley, Brendan, Bennett, Blake, Demar, Spencer and Ed receive roses. Chasen, Joe,  Jordan C. and Kenny head home.

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