The Bachelor 2021 Week 6 Recap: A Shocking Elimination

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The episode begins where it left off last week. MJ and Jessenia are on a two-on-one “date” with Matt before the cocktail party. Jessenia threw MJ under bus, telling Matt that she bullied the newbies. MJ denied it. After the two plead their case to Matt, one will go home.

Matt settles a beef, a girl goes home

First, Matt pulls Jessenia aside, who insists, “MJ lied to your face the other night! She and Victoria were on the forefront of the bullying.” MJ seems to believe she didn’t do anything wrong. Once she’s with Matt, MJ really lays it on thick. She plays the victim. She brings on the tears, insisting she never lied. What an actress. Matt seems more attracted to MJ than Jessenia. Which could drive his decision.

The two start arguing while Matt thinks it over. The B word flies. And in the end, Matt gives the rose to Jessenia! Whoa. MJ leaves the house. MJ believes Jessenia sabotaged her.

Another cocktail party cancelled, Serena C blames Katie

Poor Matt is so exhausted from the drama, he is once again cancelling the cocktail party. Now, the girls are mad at Jessenia. And Katie too, because she brought all the drama to Matt.

Time for the rose ceremony: Jessenia, Rachael, Abigail and Kit already have roses. Serena P., Michelle, Pieper, Bri, Chelsea, Katie and Serena C receive the remaining roses. Magi, and two newbies, Brittany and Ryan head home. Ryan is especially devastated. And after all that drama over Anna accusing Brittany of being an escort, Matt sent her home anyway. Eleven women remain.

Pieper gets her one-on-one, Serena C still blames Katie

Only five of the remaining girls have had one-on-ones with Matt. Next date card: Pieper is chosen for a one-on-one. Serena C is pissed. In a confessional, she slags off Katie. Serena calls her “calculating and annoying.” She confronts Katie, accusing her of not being here for Matt. Katie believes Serena owes her an apology. Serena calls her an arsonist who sets little fires everywhere. They scream so loud the other girls can hear it.

They start arguing again in front of the other girls. Pieper and Kit side with Katie. The girls are sick of the arguing!

A former Bachelorette crashes the party

But to ratchet up the drama even further, Heather Martin from season 22 just randomly (sure…) shows up at the gate. Chris acts shocked. The story is that former Bachelorette Hannah Brown sent Heather to Nemoncola because “Matt would be perfect for you.” Chris acts surprised. Says he has to “bring it up the hill” and “it won’t even be close to today.” OK then.

On their date, Pieper and Matt head out into the woods to a carnival in the middle of nowhere. They play a bunch of games and ride the rides. Matt explains that he’s been attracted to her from the beginning.

Another date card: Bri, Kit, Rachael, Michelle, Jessenia, Serena P, Abigail, Chelsea and Serena C are chosen for the group date. “This lane leads to love.” Katie gets the remaining one on one. Serena P is pretty mad. She hopes their date goes so wrong, that Matt ends up sending her home.

Heather’s sped up quarantine

Back to Heather. Apparently, her crashing the party got approval from the higher ups. As if the entire thing wasn’t planned and Chris wasn’t in on it. She’s currently quarantining. Apparently, it’s a couple of days and a couple of tests, and she’ll be good to go. Shouldn’t she be holed up for two weeks before she can enter the competition? Narrator: She’s been holed up for weeks. Because this backstory is completely made up.

Matt and Pieper sit down for dinner. TIME TO GET VULNERABLE. Pieper confesses that her family doesn’t communicate love. She wishes her parents would say that they loved her. She doesn’t want to be afraid of expressing her feelings. So she confesses that she’s falling in love with Matt. He doesn’t return the sentiment however. Just that he’d be there for her. Pieper still gets a rose, though. The night ends with a concert from Temecula Road.

Matt and the gals go bowling

TIME FOR THE GROUP DATE. Matt and the girls go bowling. Most of them suck at bowling. The group will be split into teams. The losing team will walk home in the rain. Wha wha. Serena P on the Pink team actually doesn’t suck. Abigail gutters and loses the game for the blue team. Chelsea, Serena P, Jessenia and Michelle will head to the afterparty. Bri, Kit, Rachael, Serena C and Abigail will take the walk of shame, and they are none too pleased about it. But then, Chris delivers another date card. Matt feels so guilty for sending them home, that he invites them to the party too.

As the girls celebrate that it’s four girls and one rose, in walks the rest of the group. Matt pulls Jessenia aside next. Chelsea is really disappointed. Serna P admits that she’s “falling for” Matt. When Chelsea finally gets her moment, she asks Matt to be patient with her. Finally, they make out. And the date rose goes to Michelle.

Katie helps Matt punk Tyler Cameron. How romantic

Next, Matt and his buddy Tyler Cameron get together to shoot some pool. Tyler has already been through the process on The Bachelorette as Hannah Brown’s runner up. So, Matt is looking for advice. Tyler says that the right relationship could start late. Matt feels sure he’ll propose to somebody at the end of the show.

So Katie’s big date with Matt is at a Spa…playing a practical joke on Tyler as he gets a massage. Wow. So romantic. I’m telling you, she’s already friend zoned. The room where Tyler gets his massage is full of cameras. Katie and Matt giggle as they give the masseuse instructions. “Twist his nipples occasionally,” says Katie, basically instructing the masseuse to sexually harass him. To finish, they sneak into the room, and Matt finishes the massage, which Tyler notices right away.

A shocking elimination

Matt says that he hopes to see a romantic side of Katie. During dinner, she explains that her last long relationship was almost 3 years, until she realized she couldn’t be herself. Since then, she’s been particular. Matt picks up the rose and HE DOESN’T GIVE IT TO KATIE. He’s not attracted to her at all. It’s so obvious. HE’S JUST NOT INTO YOU KATIE. She’s gobsmacked. “I didn’t see that coming at all,” she says as the car pulls away. Erm. The rest of us did. 

The girls Matt seems attracted to are: Bri, Pieper, Michelle, Rachael and maybe Kit


After only a couple of days in quarantine, Heather heads into the competition. Once again, the ladies predict a drama free cocktail party. Of course, it won’t be. While Matt meets with the ladies, Heather pulls up, and surprises the group, breezing right past them to interrupt his discussion with Pieper.

Next week, Heather has it out with 10 RAGEFUL GIRLS.

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