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The episode begins with teams learning their new destination: Kampen, Netherlands. Tyler & Korey are departing in first place for the fourth time in a row. They are hopeful they will make it to the Final 3 again. We hear from the other teams too. Nicole & Victor are leaving in second place, and they note how they are the only team that didn’t compete on The Amazing Race before (they were on Big Brother). Becca & Floyd say they are different people, but they work well together. Leo & Jamal note how they’ve struggled in the past few legs, but they are determined to make it to the Final 3. Colin & Christie say everything that could go wrong went wrong in the last leg, but they can overcome any challenges the race throws at them.

The teams arrive in Kampen, Netherlands. At 9:00 a.m., the teams get on tandem bicycles and make their way to Jachthaven. Today is Nicole’s birthday, so she’s hoping some birthday luck will prevent her and Victor from getting eliminated today. Nicole & Victor are the first team to find the clue at Jachthaven. They have a Detour to complete: High or Dry. High requires teams to pick up and deliver a cow sculpture. They then must hoist the cow sculpture up a bell tower in under 40 seconds. Dry requires teams to pick up and deliver cheese and eggs while vaulting over a ditch. Nicole & Victor choose the Dry Detour. The rest of the teams find the clue too, but they choose the High Detour. Nicole & Victor begin working on the Dry Detour, but Nicole is struggling vaulting over the ditch. She keeps landing in the water. She asks Victor if they should switch, but Victor says no since they just got there. As the other teams at the High Detour are picking up their cows, Nicole & Victor manage to get their eggs and cheese over the ditch thanks to Victor. He transports them both, but Nicole still manages to vault over the ditch herself. They get back on their tandem bicycles to deliver their eggs and cheese at a market.

Back at the High Detour, Colin & Christie and Tyler & Korey manage to hoist their cows on their first attempts. Both teams get their clues, and they learn they have a Double U-Turn ahead of them. There will be no more non-elimination legs, so this Double U-Turn could be a game changer. As Colin & Christie and Tyler & Korey make their way to the Double U-Turn, Leo & Jamal get to work on the High Detour. They overheard Colin & Christie mention the U-Turn, and Leo & Jamal plan to U-Turn Nicole & Victor after Victor voted for Leo & Jamal at the U-Turn vote a couple of legs ago. Leo & Jamal complete the Detour and make their way to the U-Turn board.

Colin & Christie and Tyler & Korey arrive at the U-Turn board. They both agree not to use it and let the other teams figure it out. They get their clues and learn their next destination: Smit Giethoorn. Meanwhile, Nicole & Victor complete the Dry Detour. After they deliver their eggs and cheese, they get their next clue. They make their way to the U-Turn board, with Nicole saying no one better U-Turn them on her birthday.

Leo & Jamal get to the U-Turn board first. They follow through with their plan and U-Turn Nicole & Victor. “Happy birthday!” Jamal exclaims. Nicole & Victor arrive at the U-Turn board and see they have been U-Turned. They are frustrated, but Victor notes how he did vote against Leo & Jamal at the U-Turn vote. Nicole & Victor choose to U-Turn Becca & Floyd. Meanwhile, Tyler & Korey are struggling finding their next destination.

Becca & Floyd complete the High Detour, but they are nervous about the upcoming U-Turn. Colin & Christie arrive at Smit Giethoorn. They learn they must get into boats and make their way through canals to find marked boats. They must attach the marked boats before continuing to the Pit Stop: Bovenwijde Lake. Leo & Jamal arrive there too, and both teams get into their boats.

Becca & Floyd see they got U-Turned. They are frustrated as they make their way to the other Detour, already knowing they are far behind the other teams. Meanwhile, Nicole & Victor are struggling finding the location of the High Detour. While Nicole & Victor are still lost, Becca & Floyd get started on the Dry Detour. Nicole & Victor, however, finally find the cow sculptures to deliver one to the bell tower.

Becca & Floyd deliver their cheese and eggs to the man at the market. However, one of the eggs has a crack in it. He says he cannot accept it. Becca tells him she feels like throwing that egg at his face before she and Floyd turn around to repeat the task. “That’s literally the stupidest thing we could’ve done!” Becca tells Floyd.

Tyler & Korey finally find Smit Giethoorn. They get into their boats as Leo & Jamal and Colin & Christie find the marked boats. Meanwhile, Nicole & Victor do not manage to hoist their cow up the bell tower in 40 seconds or less on their first attempt. Back at Smit Giethoorn, Leo & Jamal do not manage to spot their second set of boats, but Colin & Christie do. Colin & Christie are now in first place as they make their way to the Pit Stop. Tyler & Korey are behind them, noting how there are a lot of locals in boats today as they keep bumping into them.

Nicole & Victor complete the High Detour as Becca & Floyd deliver their second set of eggs to the man at the market. Both teams can proceed to Smit Giethoorn. Meanwhile, Tyler & Korey manage to find their marked boats, but Leo & Jamal are still struggling.

Colin & Christie arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #1! Phil tells them they won $7,500 each. Colin notes how they won six legs in their first season, but thought it would be better to peak towards the end of the race this time around. Back at the canals, Leo & Jamal are still lost and Tyler & Korey keep bumping their boats into other boats. A local calls Tyler & Korey idiots. As Nicole & Victor arrive at Smit Giethoorn and get into their boat, the motor on Leo & Jamal’s boat stops working. A local helps Leo & Jamal restart their boat’s motor.

Becca & Floyd finally arrive at Smit Giethoorn and get into their boat. Nicole & Victor and Leo & Jamal are still there, and Nicole & Victor are surprised to have caught up to Leo & Jamal. Meanwhile, Tyler & Korey found all their marked boats and greet Phil at Bovenwijde Lake as Team #2.

Leo & Jamal finally found all of their marked boats too. Three hours later of starting the task, they greet Phil as Team #3. It’s now down between Nicole & Victor and Becca & Floyd. They also found all their marked boats as they make their way to Bovenwijde Lake. It’s quite a close race as Becca & Floyd spot Nicole & Victor in the distance from their boat.

Nicole & Victor greet Phil as Team #4. Nicole says staying in the race was all she wanted for her birthday. Phil points out how they are the only team to not have raced on The Amazing Race before. Victor says they don’t need to get first place. They just have to beat another team each leg to make it to the final leg.

Becca & Floyd greet Phil at the Pit Stop. Becca hopes they are still racing, but Phil tells her there are no more non-eliminating legs remaining in the race. Becca & Floyd are eliminated from the race. They are disappointed, but they are glad to have met each other the first time they ran the race. They are grateful to have lived their dream of competing on The Amazing Race twice.

Episode Summary

1st place: Colin & Christie (Won $7,500 each)

2nd place: Tyler & Korey

3rd place: Leo & Jamal

4th place: Nicole & Victor

5th place: Becca & Floyd (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for the live recap of the season finale of The Amazing Race.

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