The Amazing Race 33 Recap Week 7 Live Blog

Pictured: Marianela “Lulu” Gonzalez and Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez. Photo: Courtesy of CBS Entertainment/CBS 

For this leg of the race, the teams must travel to Thessaloniki, Greece. They leave in groups based on their placement in the prior leg. Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla are in the first group, Ryan & Dusty and Lulu & Lala are in the second group, and Arun & Natalia are in the third group.

The first group reaches their destination first. They learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must prepare dolmades by wrapping the ingredients in fermented leaves. Kim and Raquel are the first team members to get started on the Roadblock. The rest of the teams arrive, and Dusty, Lala, and Arun also do the Roadblock. Dusty realizes how to prepare the dolmades correctly by having the veins of the leaves sticking outward. Kim has some presentation mistakes, but she manages to complete the Roadblock first. She and Penn can now proceed to Mamo’s Kantina Stand. Dusty is the second to complete the Roadblock, and he cheers enthusiastically when he finishes. The other team members remark how unnecessary it was for Dusty to do that after he and Ryan leave. Arun and Lala complete the Roadblock next. Raquel’s struggle with the task puts her and Cayla in last place, but she eventually completes the Roadblock.

Kim & Penn reach Mamo’s Kantina Stand. They must tell the vendor how to spell souvlaki to get their next clue. Their next clue tells them to proceed to the Church of St. George. Ryan & Dusty are the second team to arrive at Mamo’s Kantina Stand. They can proceed to the church too. Kim & Penn get there first, and they learn they have another Roadblock to complete. One team member must listen to a priest’s sermon. Afterwards, they will be quizzed on what they heard. They must identify five saints in the correct order to receive their next clue. Penn gets started on the Roadblock.

Lulu & Lala are lost trying to find Mamo’s Kantina Stand. They get out of their car and ask locals, but they are too far away. Arun & Natalie are having trouble finding it too. Their troubles help Raquel & Cayla as they are the third team to find the Kantina Stand. While Raquel & Cayla finish eating the souvlaki, Arun & Natalia arrive. Raquel & Cayla don’t realize the wrapper they ate the souvlaki has their next location written on it. Arun & Natalia have trouble spelling souvlaki.

Penn completes the Roadblock before Ryan & Dusty arrive. He and Kim can now proceed to the Pit Stop: Nea Kallikrateia. Meanwhile, Lulu & Lala get so lost that they accidentally end up at the Pit Stop. “At least you know where the Pit Stop is,” Phil tells them. Lulu & Lala have to go find the food stand and complete the second Roadblock.

Ryan & Dusty arrive at the Church of St. George. Ryan gets started on the Roadblock. Dusty is very confident Ryan will breeze through this Roadblock, but Ryan gets mixed up on the directions. He thought he needed to remember the images of the first five saints, so he walked away from the sermon before the priest stopped talking. He’s incorrect on his first guess, so he must go back and listen to the priest again. Meanwhile, Arun & Natalia finally learn how to spell souvlaki after asking a local. However, they get confused about the wrapper being their next clue just like Raquel & Cayla.

Raquel & Cayla arrive at the next Roadblock. They catch up to Ryan & Dusty, and Ryan and Cayla listen to the next sermon together. Ryan almost walked away after hearing about five saints, but he finally realizes he needs to hear about all ten saints. Back at the food stand, Natalia threw the wrapper in the garbage. Arun realizes the wrapper is their next clue. They get the wrapper from the garbage and can now proceed to the church. Eventually, Lulu & Lala finally find Mamo’s Kantina Stand. They can’t figure out how to spell souvlaki, so they go ask a local for the answer. Lulu & Lala also throw away the wrapper into the garbage. They don’t realize that was their next clue.

Kim & Penn reach the Pit Stop. Kim & Penn are Team #1! They each win $7,500. Arun & Natalia arrive at the Roadblock, and Natalia goes listen to the sermon. Neither Ryan nor Cayla have completed the Roadblock yet. Back at Mamo’s Kantina Stand, Lulu & Lala are still confused. They even ask for another souvlaki. They get started on eating another one with a new wrapper, not realizing their answer is in the garbage. After they finish eating it, they throw the second wrapper into the garbage too.

Ryan completes the Roadblock. He and Dusty can now proceed to the Pit Stop. Cayla completes it next, and she and Raquel are right behind Ryan & Dusty. Meanwhile, Lulu & Lala finally realize their mistake. They read the wrappers from the garbage, and they can make their way to the the Church of St. George. They are way behind the other teams, and they still don’t arrive at the church by the time Natalia completes the Roadblock.

Ryan & Dusty stop to ask directions, allowing Raquel & Cayla to arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #2. Ryan & Dusty arrive shortly afterwards as Team #3. When Lulu & Lala finally arrive at the church, Arun & Natalia have navigational issues finding the Pit Stop. Do Lulu & Lala have a chance to catch up, or is this creative editing to make this seem closer than it actually is? We see Lulu & Lala leave the Roadblock before Arun & Natalia have found the Pit Stop. Lulu & Lala already know where the Pit Stop is, but are they too late? The next team to arrive at the Pit Stop is Arun & Natalia. Arun & Natalia are Team #4. Later, Lulu & Lala return to the Pit Stop as Team #5. Phil gives them the bad news. Lulu & Lala have been eliminated from the race. They’re sad, but they’re appreciative for getting to experience The Amazing Race.

Leg Summary

1st place: Kim & Penn

2nd place: Raquel & Cayla

3rd place: Ryan & Dusty

4th place: Arun & Natalia

Eliminated: Lulu & Lala

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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