The Amazing Race 33 Recap Week 4 Live Blog

Pictured: Marianela “Lulu” Gonzalez, and Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez. Photo: Courtesy of CBS Entertainment/CBS (C)2022

Due to the new rules for the race, teams will be leaving 15 minutes at a time in groups. Ryan & Dusty and Kim & Penn are the first two teams to begin the leg. They learn they must proceed to the Verzasca Dam and perform a Roadblock. Once there, one team member must perform a 722-feet bungee jump. Dusty and Kim choose to do the Roadblock for their teams. The other teams depart for the Roadblock too. The other teams performing the bungee jump task are Lala, Cayla, Natalia, and Sheridan. Sheridan was instructed to perform this Roadblock since Akbar isn’t physically healthy enough for the bungee jump.

Dusty is the first to jump after a Rock Paper Scissors game. Afterwards, he gets his next clue. He and Ryan can now proceed to the city of Lugano, Switzerland and make their way to Piazza Carlo Battaglini. Kim is the next to perform the task, and Penn is in tears. He knows how hard it is for Kim to bungee jump. He tearfully tells her he is proud of her after she’s done with the task. Meanwhile, Raquel & Cayla and Arun & Natalia are lost. Lala completes the Roadblock next. She and Lulu can proceed to Lugano.

Akbar & Sheridan arrive at Verzasca Dam. Sheridan is very nervous to do the bungee jump. She keeps repeating “Oh, my God!” and says she cannot do it. She eventually jumps and completes the Roadblock task. After they leave, Raquel & Cayla finally arrive at Verzasca Dam. They’re surprised to find out they’re down to fifth place, but they are relieved they are not currently in last place. Cayla completes the Roadblock, and Arun & Natalia finally arrive after Raquel & Cayla are already gone. Natalia completes the Roadblock for her team.

Ryan & Dusty arrive at Piazza Carlo Battaglini. They learn they have a Detour: Bartender Race or Sausage Encase. Bartender Race requires teams to deliver 12 bottles of wine and 12 bags of chestnuts to a bartender in once piece. Teams must go up a large street staircase to perform the task. Sausage Encase requires teams to squeeze out sausage and put them into coils for sale. Ryan & Dusty choose the Bartender Race. They assumed it would be a simple task, but they are surprised to see how high the staircase goes. Kim & Penn get lost, allowing Lulu & Lala to arrive at the clue box in second place. They choose Sausage Encase. Kim & Penn eventually find the clue box, and they choose Bartender Race too. However, they couldn’t figure out where to go and had to ask locals for directions. Akbar & Sheridan arrive at Piazza Carlo Battaglini too. They also choose Bartender Race. Meanwhile, Arun & Natalia got lost again. They realize they were driving in the opposite direction.

Akbar & Sheridan ask Ryan & Dusty where to get the wine for delivery. They show them where the wine is. They also advise them to do the deliveries in two trips. Sheridan ignores the advice and wants to carry all the wines at once. However, she realizes it wasn’t a good idea and wants to go back. Akbar gets irritated with Sheridan for the time they wasted.

Ryan & Dusty complete the Detour. They get their next clue, which is a picture of a building. It’s a hint to tell them to make their way to Parco Ciani. This is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Ryan & Dusty must ask locals where to go to figure out the Pit Stop location. Meanwhile, Lulu & Lala complete the Sausage Encase Detour. They can also make their way to the Pit Stop.

Raquel & Cayla arrive at Piazza Carlo Battaglini and choose Sausage Encase. As they make their way to their Detour location, Akbar & Sheridan and Kim & Penn are still working on their deliveries. Sheridan ends up dropping a bottle. She and Akbar must get a replacement. Meanwhile, Arun & Natalia are still lost trying to find Lugano.

After Kim & Penn complete the Detour, Ryan & Dusty arrive at the Pit Stop. Ryan & Dusty are team #1! They also won a trip to Dominica. Afterwards, Lulu & Lala arrive at the Pit Stop as team #2. While they are still on the mat with Phil, Kim & Penn arrive as team #3.

Akbar & Sheridan and Raquel & Cayla complete their respective Detours. They both make their way to the Pit Stop at the same time. Raquel & Cayla even pass them on the way to Parco Ciani. Akbar & Sheridan follow them to the Pit Stop. Raquel & Cayla arrive there as team #4, and Akbar & Sheridan join them on the mat as team #5.

There was no sign of Arun & Natalia all day, but they finally arrive and complete the Sausage Encase task. It’s already sunset by the time they find Phil at the Pit Stop. It’s already too late in the day that the greeter standing next to Phil had to leave. Arun & Natalia are clearly in last place, but Phil gives them some good news. It is a non-elimination leg. Natalia promises they will not be in last place in the next leg.

Leg Summary

1st place: Ryan & Dusty

2nd place: Lulu & Lala

3rd place: Kim & Penn

4th place: Raquel & Cayla

5th place: Akbar & Sheridan

6th place: Arun & Natalia

Eliminated: No one

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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