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A new episode of The Amazing Race 33 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The episode begins with teams boarding trains to their next destination: Glasgow, Scotland. They will find their next clue at the NCP Car Park. The teams arrive in Glasgow and they rush to the cars. They get their next clue and learn they must proceed to Òran Mór. As teams make their way there, Ray is having difficulty driving stick shift.

Kim & Penn are the first team to arrive at Òran Mór. They learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must assemble a bagpipe and then play a note for the length of time a Scottish band plays the anthem. Kim does the Roadblock. Anthony & Spencer and Dusty & Ryan are right behind them. As Kim gets started on the Roadblock, Dusty and Spencer choose to do it too. All three of them complete the Roadblock without any issues. Kim is the first to finish, and she and Penn can proceed to Alexandra Park. Dusty & Ryan and Anthony & Spencer are right behind them. Meanwhile, the other teams are having issues with directions and driving stick shift. Caro panics when the car stalled in traffic. Ray gets annoyed and tells her to relax and stop stressing him out.

Lulu & Lala are the fourth team to arrive at Òran Mór. Lulu chooses to do the Roadblock. Meanwhile, Kim & Penn find the fountain where the clue box awaits. They learn they have a Detour to complete: Kilt or Rebuilt. Kilt requires teams to perform a Scottish song while wearing a kilt. Rebuilt requires teams to work with tools to refurbish whiskey barrels. Kim & Penn choose to do the Kilt Detour. Ryan & Dusty and Anthony & Spencer choose to do the Rebuilt Detour.

While Lulu is working on the Roadblock, more teams arrive. Natalia, Raquel, and Sam choose to do the Roadblock for their teams. Meanwhile, Kim & Penn begin rehearsing their song for the Kilt Detour, and Anthony & Spencer and Dusty & Ryan start collecting their barrels for the Rebuilt Detour. After Natalia completes the Roadblock, she advises Sam how to finish assembling his bagpipe. Lulu and Sam complete the Roadblock afterwards. Arun is slightly annoyed Natalie spent time helping another team after seeing Raquel & Cayla and Connie & Sam get ahead of them on the way to Alexandra Park.

Caro & Ray, Taylor & Isaiah, and Akbar & Sheridan arrive at the Roadblock. Caro is the first of the three to complete the task while Isaiah and Akbar struggle assembling their bagpipes. Eventually Akbar completes the task too, but so does Isaiah moments afterwards. They are still in last place, but Arun & Natalia are having trouble with directions.

Kim & Penn perform their song and dance, but their first attempt is not good enough. They must try again. Meanwhile, Anthony & Spencer and Ryan & Dusty are still working on the Rebuilt Detour. Kim & Penn complete the task on their second attempt. They must drive to the Pit Stop: University of Glasgow. Ryan & Dusty and Anthony & Spencer are in second and third place respectively after they complete the Rebuilt Detour. They are already gone by the time Raquel & Cayla, Connie & Sam, Caro & Ray, and Arun & Natalia arrive at the Rebuilt Detour. Lulu & Lala, Taylor & Isaiah, and Akbar & Sheridan chose the Kilt Detour. Arun & Natalia are having difficulties with the refurbishing task. Natalia wants to switch Detours, but Arun has reservations about memorizing a song. However, they end up switching to the Kilt Detour. Not long after they leave, the other teams at the Rebuilt Detour complete the task. On the way to the Kilt Detour, Arun remarks how this decision could be “do or die” for him and Natalia.

Kim & Penn arrive at University of Glasgow and greet Phil. Phil gives them the good news. Kim & Penn are team #1! They also win a trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Lulu & Lala complete the Kilt Detour as Arun & Natalia arrive. They can make their way to the Pit Stop as Arun & Natalia begin rehearsing. As they rehearse, Taylor & Isaiah arrive. They are relieved to see another team there. Meanwhile, Ryan & Dusty and Anthony & Spencer greet Phil at the Pit Stop as team #2 and team #3 respectively. As Arun & Natalia and Taylor & Isaiah attempt their performances, Akbar & Sheridan are lost in traffic. Meanwhile, more teams greet Phil at the Pit Stop. Sam & Connie are team #4, Caro & Ray are team #5, and Raquel & Cayla are team #6.

After Taylor & Isaiah complete the task, Akbar & Sheridan finally arrive at the Kilt Detour. Akbar & Sheridan and Arun & Natalia are the last two teams. As they continue practicing, Lulu & Lala greet Phil as Team #7. Akbar & Sheridan manage to get ahead of Arun & Natalia after they complete the Detour. They can now make their way to the Pit Stop. Arun is frustrated, but Natalia believes they can still complete the task. They finally complete it after their next attempt, but is it too late?

Taylor & Isaiah greet Phil as Team #8. It’s a showdown between Akbar & Sheridan and Arun & Natalia to avoid elimination. We see both teams asking for directions, and Arun breaks down in tears as he believes they’re going to be eliminated. Natalia tries to lift his spirits and she tells him she’s very proud of him. Akbar & Sheridan seem more lost than Arun & Natalia, but is it creative editing? Which team greets Phil first?

Akbar & Sheridan greet Phil as team #9. They are still in the race. Akbar calls the race the hardest thing he’s ever done. Sheridan wants to show her kids that they should never give up. Afterwards, we see Arun & Natalia greet Phil as the last team. Arun & Natalia have been eliminated from the race. Arun & Natalia are grateful for the experience for being on The Amazing Race together.

Leg Summary

1st place: Kim & Penn

2nd place: Ryan & Dusty

3rd place: Anthony & Spencer

4th place: Sam & Connie

5th place: Caro & Ray

6th place: Raquel & Cayla

7th place: Lulu & Lala

8th place: Taylor & Isaiah

9th place: Akbar & Sheridan

Eliminated: Arun & Natalia

On February 28, 2020, Phil gives the racers unfortunate news. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the race will be suspended. He says everyone’s safety is the #1 priority. He knows it will be challenging to bring everybody back on the race, but he is hopeful they can all return.

19 months later, the teams greet Phil at St. Gallen, Switzerland. He welcomes them back as they get ready to resume the race. However, some teams were unable to return. Anthony & Spencer, Ray & Caro, Connie & Sam, and Taylor & Isaiah are missing. Phil says some familiar faces will take their spots, but we will have to wait until next week to see who they are (probably the eliminated teams).

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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