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The episode begins with Liz and Michael being homesick. Michael has never gone this long without talking to his daughter, and he’s very emotional. Liz tells him she also misses home, but insists they have to start fresh tomorrow.

The next leg begins, and the teams learn they must proceed to Venice. They’ll take a 4-hour bus ride to the city, where they’ll have to take a water taxi to Piazza San Marco. There can only be a maximum of three teams on each bus, so it will be first come, first serve. Becca and Floyd, Matt and Redmond, and Tara and Joey get spots on the first bus, while Liz and Michael, Brooke and Scott, and London and Logan get on the second bus. Redmond says he is determined for a first-place finish today.

The teams arrive at Venice, and get on separate water taxis to Piazza San Marco. Tara and Joey are the first team to find the man with the broom in the square that has the clues. They read their clue and learn they have a Detour to complete: Sing It (sing on a gondola) or Bring It (deliver luggage). Tara and Joey choose to Bring It, as do Matt and Redmond. Becca and Floyd choose to Sing It.

The next three teams arrive at the square, and London and Logan find the man with the clues before the other two teams. They choose to not help Liz and Michael find him, and they even send Brooke and Scott in the wrong direction. Liz and Michael and Brooke and Scott do eventually find the man with the broom, but they’re bothered by London and Logan’s actions. Michael is especially annoyed since he claims they help London and Logan every chance they get. While Brooke and Scott are on their water taxi, Scott calls London and Logan shady. London and Logan explain in a confessional that it wouldn’t have been wise to help any of the other teams since they’re already at the back of the pack.

We next see teams working on the Detour. While Becca and Floyd rehearse the song they must sing, Tara and Joey, Matt and Redmond, and London and Logan are delivering the luggage. Several suitcases keep falling off their carts as they navigate their way through the city. Becca and Floyd make their first attempt at the Sing It Detour, but they don’t pass. The instructor tells them to be “more together.” As Liz and Michael and Brooke and Scott rehearse their song, Matt and Redmond are the first team to complete the Bring It Detour. They get their next clue and learn they must proceed to Ca’Zenobio.

Becca and Floyd do not pass their next attempt at the Sing It Detour. The instructor on the gondola with them tells them once again to be “more together.” Meanwhile, Tara and Joey complete the Bring It Detour and are currently in second place. Matt and Redmond have already reached Ca’Zenobio, and they learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must make an exact copy of a mask worn by an actor inside the studio. They must choose an actor, and then paint a new mask themselves to make it identical to the one worn by the actor. As Redmond gets to work on the Roadblock, Becca and Floyd finally pass the Detour. They are now in third place. Liz and Michael and Scott and Brooke attempt the Sing It Detour too, but neither team pass it. London and Logan, however, have completed the Bring It Detour and are now in fourth place.

Liz and Michael must redo the Detour again as the instructor tells them to improve their pronunciation. Brooke and Scott, however, pass the Detour next. Nonetheless, Liz and Michael are just close behind as they finally pass and complete the Detour too. They all try to find water taxis on the way to Ca’Zenobio. London and Logan are struggling finding a water taxi too, but luckily they find a family willing to share a taxi with them. Brooke and Scott are having less luck finding a water taxi, and Brooke gets really annoyed and even says she’ll jump into the water herself.

Redmond asks if he has completed his mask, but the inspector tells him it’s not shiny enough. Right when he completes the mask after adding the shine to it, Tara and Joey arrive. As Tara gets started on the Roadblock, Matt and Redmond get their next clue and learn they can proceed to the Pit Stop: Campo San Vio.

Becca and Floyd arrive at the Roadblock next with Floyd doing the task. Tara is unsure of her painting skills, but Floyd is determined to do the task as instructed. He watched closely how the instructor is painting her own mask, and he believes Tara was relying too much on her own method instead of following directions. Later, Liz and Michael arrive at the Roadblock, and Liz goes inside to do the task. Outside, Michael is venting to Becca and Joey about London and Logan being unwilling to help them. He once again insists he helps anyone any chance he can, and he’s extremely frustrated with London and Logan.

London and Logan arrive at the Roadblock with London doing the task. Meanwhile, Matt and Redmond arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #1! They have won a trip to the Caribbean. Back at the Roadblock, Scott and Brooke finally arrive, and Brooke decides to do the task. Tara asks the inspector if she’s done, but she’s told no. She did not blend the colors as instructed, and she now has to start over. Floyd, however, passes the task. He and Becca can now proceed to the Pit Stop, and he even tells Tara what to do before he leaves.

Brooke doesn’t know how to start the task, and she’s freaking out a bit. Liz calls Brooke a chicken with its head cut off. However, Liz isn’t following directions just like Tara earlier, and Liz says she’s just winging the task. London notices Liz was doing the task incorrectly, but she doesn’t say anything since she feels she and Logan will need a buffer just in case. Tara, however, passes the task on her second attempt. She and Joey can now proceed to the Pit Stop.

Becca and Floyd arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #2 as Liz shows her mask to the inspector. However, she’s told she did not blend the colors and must start over. Liz fears she and Michael will now be in last, and she says she feels like crying.

Tara and Joey arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #3 as the other three teams are still at the Roadblock. Brooke, however, is the next person to complete the Roadblock, and Scott is happily surprised she managed to finish it before London and Liz. London manages to complete the Roadblock next, and she and Logan can go to the Pit Stop too, leaving Liz and Michael as the only team still at the Roadblock. Michael is disappointed, especially since he and Liz arrived at the Roadblock before London and Logan and Brooke and Scott. He’s hoping one of those two teams will get lost on the way to the Pit Stop.

Liz finally does complete the Roadblock before we see Brooke and Scott or London and Logan arrive at the Pit Stop. Brooke and Scott and London and Logan are working together to find the Pit Stop, and they did happen to get lost. However, they do manage to get there before Liz and Michael as they land on the mat of the Pit Stop together. Moments later, Liz and Michael come sprinting up behind them. Phil tells Liz and Michael that Brooke and Scott and London and Logan are Team #4 and Team #5, but this is a non-elimination leg. Liz and Michael will get to race again, but they will have a Speed Bump to complete next time.

Episode Summary

1st place: Matt & Redmond

2nd place: Becca & Floyd

3rd place: Tara & Joey

4th place: Brooke & Scott

5th place: London & Logan

6th place: Liz & Michael

Eliminated: No one

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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