The Amazing Race 27 Recap – Week 2 Live Blog

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Last week the eleven teams began the race in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After the first leg, Tanner and Josh won the Express Pass, and Kelly and Shevonne were eliminated. Where will the teams travel to tonight? And which team will be eliminated? Let’s find out!

Tanner and Josh won the last leg of the race, so they’re the first to depart. They learn their new destination is Buenos Aires, Argentina. They must go to the church where Pope Francis was baptized. Tanner and Josh are pumped to have the Express Pass since it gives them power. Right behind them are Jazmine and Danielle, Cindy and Rick, and Denise and James Earl. They all go to travel agencies to book their flights. They get on the same flight at night, as do all the other teams behind them.

At the airport, Alex and Adam borrow someone’s phone to learn the name of the church where Pope Francis was baptized: the Church of San Carlos and Maria Auxiliadora (translated as the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians and San Carlos). Denise and James Earl find out too and share the info with Justin and Diana. Justin wants the information to stay between them, but Denise and James Earl also share the info with Logan and Chris and Tanner and Josh. Justin interrupts their conversation and is noticeably annoyed. He calls out Denise and Jame Earl for not keeping the info between them. The other teams are bothered by Justin’s demeanor.

All the teams arrive at the church, but it won’t open until the next morning. So even though Justin and Diana, Logan and Chris, and Tanner and Josh were the first three teams there, all the teams will be on equal footing in the morning. However, they each pick a number to determine the order they enter the church and receive their clue.

They enter the church in the morning and receive their next clue. They learn they have a Detour to complete: Cartoneros or Fletero. Cartoneros requires teams to pick up 100 kg worth of cardboard boxes and deliver them to be recycled. Fletero requires teams to deliver a statue after calling for a delivery truck and looking up directions to tell the driver where to go. Tanner and Justin, Justin and Diana, Logan and Chris, and Cindy and Rick choose Cartoneros. Kelsey and Joey choose Fletero. They all get to work on the tasks.

Denise and James Earl, Tiffany and Krista, and Ernest and Jin choose Cartoneros too. Alex and Adam get the last cart available to do Cartoneros. Jazmine and Danille wanted to do Cartoneros too, but there aren’t any more carts to deliver the cardboard boxes.

Justin and Diana and Tanner and Josh are the first two teams to finish the Detour. Tanner and Josh tell Jazmine and Danielle where their cart is so they can do the Cartoneros Detour too. Kelsey and Joey are still working on the statue delivery task as Logan and Chris finish Cartoneros.

Justin and Diana arrive at the Roadblock. One team member must learn a tango routine and perform the routine while harnessed on a wall. The routine starts on the floor, but the second half is done on the wall. Diana does the roadblock. Tanner and Josh arrive minutes later, with Tanner doing the Roadblock. However, he already is struggling learning the routine. Meanwhile, all the other teams are finishing up their Detours, with Denise and James Earl in fourth place at the moment. Right behind them are Cindy and Rick, Kelsey and Joey, Tiffany and Krista, Ernest and Jin, and Alex and Adam. Jazmine and Danielle are currently in last place.

Diana attempts the routine, but fails on her first attempt. Tanner and Logan also fail on their first attempts too. Joey and Kelsey and Cindy and Rick arrive at the Roadblock too, with Kelsey and Cindy performing the dance routine. Diana is the first to successfully complete the Roadblock, and she and Justin are now in first place. They can now go to the Pit Stop: Campo Argentino del Polo, also known as Cathedral of Polo.

Tiffany and Krista arrive at the Roadblock next, and Tanner is still struggling with the dance routine. This allows Logan and Chris to pass them after Logan successfully performs the dance routine. Cindy is now performing the dance routine and has a chance to surpass Tanner and Josh too. However, she fails on her first attempt and Tanner begins his fourth attempt at the dance. He finally completes it, putting him and Josh in third place at the moment. As they leave the Roadblock, they discuss how annoying Justin was being at the Roadblock. He was acting very obnoxious, and they hope he and Diana will be eliminated from the race soon.

All the other teams are now at the Roadblock. Cindy is the next to complete the task, and she and Rick are now in fourth place. James Earl finishes the dance next, putting him and Denise in fifth place. The rest of the teams are still practicing.

Justin and Diana arrive at the Pit Stop and are Team #1. Back at the Roadblock, Krista and Kelsey are the next two to complete the dance routine. Tiffany and Krista and Joey and Kelsey are now in sixth place and seventh place respectively.

At the Pit Stop, it’s a footrace as Denise and James Earl, Logan and Chris, and Tanner and Josh arrive there simultaneously. Denise and James Earl are about to be Team #2, but Tanner and Josh quickly dash past them and land on the mat seconds before them. Tanner and Josh are declared Team #2, with Denise and James Earl and Logan and Chris as Team #3 and Team #4 respectively. During the run, Tanner’s pulled a hamstring. He regrets running too fast after realizing it was just for second place. He hopes his injury will heal quickly and won’t be an issue going into the next leg.

Back at the Roadblock, Alex is struggling with the routine while Jin passes it. He and Ernest can now make their way to the Pit Stop. Cindy and Rick are already there as they greet Phil as Team #5.

Alex and Adam and Jazmine and Danielle are the last two teams at the Roadblock. Alex finally passes, putting him and Adam in ninth place. However, Jazmine passes minutes later, so it’s anyone’s game. Jazmine wants to put on her shoes first, but Danielle asserts that they must leave immediately. “It’s a million dollars, I’ll buy you new feet!” Danielle says as they run down the street looking for a taxi.  As the last three teams struggle looking for a taxi, Tiffany and Krista greet Phil as Team #6 as Kelsey and Joey greet Phil as Team #7.

The bottom three teams finally manage to find taxis and they make their way to the Pit Stop. And arriving there before the other two are Jazmine and Danielle. They cry as they learn they are Team #8 and still in the race. Afterwards, Ernest and Jin greet Phil and are crying before they learn their fate. They tell Phil they are working five jobs each and living out of their cars. However, they are not eliminated as they feared. Ernest and Jin are Team #9.

Alex and Adam are the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop; they are eliminated from the race. They are visibly upset that they only got to race two legs, but are still grateful for the experience.

Episode Summary

1st place: Justin and Diana

2nd place: Tanner and Josh

3rd place: Denise and James Earl

4th place: Logan and Chris

5th place: Cindy and Rick

6th place: Tiffany and Krista

7th place: Kelsey and Joey

8th place: Jazmine and Danielle

9th place: Ernest and Jin

10th place: Alex and Adam (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race! So what are your thoughts on the episode? Post in the comment section below and come back next week for another live recap!

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