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It’s the third leg of the race and the teams find out they’ll be traveling to Thailand next. The teams depart for the airport, but all the counters are closed. They’ll have to wait until the next morning to book tickets.

Most of the teams get on the first flight to Thailand, but Laura and Tyler and Jelani and Jenny board the second flight. Bergen and Kurt get on a different flight too, but Harley and Jonathan board a much later flight and the other teams are already in Thailand before they even arrive there. They are way behind the other teams.

Before they get to their tasks, the teams find out they have the night to party and enjoy themselves. They’re all excited and have fun in the town. By the next morning before they have to get started on the day, Harley and Jonathan are still nowhere to be seen.

The teams get their next clue and find out they have to go to Baan Teelanka, the upside down house. All the teams make their way there. Aly and Steve are the first team to arrive there and they find the next clue.

Detour time: Ski (survive one lap around Phuket water park on skis) or Tree (deliver a full meal without dropping anything while traveling through zip line.) Aly and Steve choose to do Ski as the other teams arrive and choose their Detours too. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Harley finally arrive and get their clue that tells them to go to Baan Teelanka.

Aly and Steve get started on  the Ski Detour as Hayley and Blair, Matt and Ashley, Jelani and Jenny, and Mike and Rochelle get started on the Tree Detour. They must have all the dishes and drinks on their trays, but Jelani and Jenny and Hayley and Blair only grab a dish and a drink. Hayley knows they made a mistake, which is proven when they complete the task, but they do not pass due to not having all the items. Hayley gets really frustrated with Blair following Jelani and Jenny’s lead instead of listening to her. She complains about the mistake nonstop.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Jackie join Aly and Steve at the Ski Detour while the other teams are working on the Tree Detour. Mike and Rochelle are the first team to complete the Tree Detour and get their next clue. They must go to the My Way Cabaret.

Hayley Blair are the second team to complete the Tree Detour, but Hayley is still angry. Laura and Tyler complete it third. Meanwhile, Aly and Steve and Jeff and Jackie decide to switch Detours after struggling with the Ski Detour for far too long. As they go to the new Detour, Harley and Jonathan finally arrive at the upside down house.

Mike and Rochelle arrive at the My Way Cabaret and learn the next task requires teams to dress in drag and perform a dance routine. Meanwhile, Bergen and Kurt and Jelani and Jenny complete the Tree Detour in fourth and fifth place respectively. Matt and Ashley had to do the Detour several times before they got it right, even allowing Aly and Steve to finish before them. However, Matt and Ashley complete it before Jeff and Jackie.

All the teams are working on the dance routine before Jonathan and Harley finally finish the Tree Detour. As well, Mike and Rochelle are the first team to pass and Hayley and Blair complete the task second. Hayley is no longer angry and says this was a learning experience. Jelani and Jenny are the third team to complete the task.

Mike and Rochelle arrive at the Pit Stop (an infinity pool) and greet Phil as Team #1. They have won a trip to Prague.

Matt and Ashley are now in fourth place after completing the My Way Cabaret task. Aly and Steve and Laura and Tyler are now in 5th place and 6th place respectively after completing the task. Bergen and Kurt complete it too and are now in 7th place. As these teams make their way to the Pit Stop, Matt realizes he forgot his fanny pack and now has to go back for it before they can go to the Pit Stop.

Matt and Ashley retrieve their fanny pack and make their way back to the Pit Stop as Jeff and Jackie complete the task and make their way to the Pit Stop. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Harley are just now finally arriving at My Way Cabaret.

Teams are now checking in at the Pit Stop. They all arrive at the same time, with Hayley and Blair checking in as Team #2. They are followed by Jelani and Jenny, Laura and Tyler, Aly and Steve, Matt and Ashley, Bergen and Kurt, and Jeff and Jackie. While all the teams are at the Pit Stop, Matt proposes to Ashley and she says yes. The teams congratulates them. Bergen and Kurt won the Date Night prize this leg of the race, but they give it to Matt and Ashley.

Later on, Harley and Jonathan finally arrive at the Pit Stop in last place. However, it’s a non-elimination leg and they will still remain in the race.

Episode Summary

1st place: Mike and Rochelle (Won a trip to Prague)

2nd place: Hayley and Blair

3rd place: Jelani and Jenny

4th place: Laura and Tyler

5th place: Aly and Steve

6th place: Matt and Ashley

7th place: Bergen and Kurt

8th place: Jeff and Jackie

9th place: Harley and Jonathan

Eliminated: No one

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