Taylor Hicks Gulf Coast Tourism Commercial Debuts

Taylor Hick’s commercial aimed at bringing tourism back to the Gulf Coast will debut today at the Governor’s Tourism Conference  in Montgomery, AL.

After the disastrous oil spill in the gulf earlier this summer, Taylor–who hails from Birmingham AL and has family on the coast–became immediately proactive.

“I called the tourism department, and I asked if there was anything that I could do to help, ” Taylor told me in a recent interview, ” Some other people called, and we all got involved and some commercials are being filmed ”

He added, “It’s one of those things [the spill] that you really just don’t know its affect, because it’s so massive in size.”

Taylor is in the midst of a nationwide tour.  Check out his schedule HERE.

Watch one of the 30 second spots, after the jump.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. I hope these ads help bring gangs of tourists to the beaches before the Labor Day weekend and even after. I’m proud Taylor Hicks and other well known residents of the area have stepped up to help turn the spotlight on the damage and now the improvement to the beaches. I’m looking forward to the other ads cut by Taylor and others.

    Thanks for the link to the ad.

  2. I appreciate Taylor’s efforts as well as other well known celebrities in trying to help with the recovery efforts of this region. First it was the weather, now it is mankind. So sad…

  3. It is sad times for the Gulf Coast area. Here’s hoping these ads do some good. Thanks to Taylor and others for trying to help.

  4. WTG, Taylor! Proud of you, good work!

    Love the Gulf coast…and love Taylor’s music. They’re a good combo. :)

  5. what a great commercial for Alabama. Way to go Taylor Hicks. Thanks for the link mj. Makes me want to go to Alabama.
    Thanks to Taylor Hicks and all the others that are helping the beaches get back on track.

  6. Good for Taylor helping in this way. I hope the ads are effective. So many people’s livelihood depends on tourism in that area.

  7. That is so great for Taylor to do this for the Alabama beaches!

  8. Way to go, Taylor!

    He & Bo will also be part of a concert in Biloxi, MS this Tuesday to support the Gulf area, to be broadcast on CW 8/25.

  9. Very well done AD. It made me want to dig my toes in that gorgeous floury sand. To be honest…I never knew that Alabama was home to great beaches…see what we can learn in our old age. I also think Taylor may have a nice second career as a pitchman!

  10. Hear, hear. There was an article last week, from a Northwest Florida publication, that mentioned the possibility of Taylor doing a concert with Casey James. In fact, Rhonda Cloutier, the author of the article, was interviewing Casey, when he noticed a bracelet she was wearing in support of the Gulf. I understand that Casey and Taylor had spoken with each other, and Ms. Cloutier said that Taylor told her to book that concert, :-). Cool to see another Gulf-state artist take up the cause. They say that Texas was also affected, so it is cool that Casey would help out as well. And in a recent release from the governor of Mississippi, Ace Young and Bo Bice will both be taping segments for another CW Gulf Coast show.

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