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The Top 20- Broadway- New York New York from On The Town
I didn’t have any big problems with the dancers. Everyone held their own. Teddy might have even been better off claiming he was a Broadway style dancer instead of a hip hop dancer.

I mentioned earlier in my Top 20 Power List about ballet dancers being upset with Jacque and Jourdan’s performance. I actually got the opportunity to watch the routine with a ballet dancer today, and learned a lot about technique. For example, Jourdan fell off of her “box”. Didn’t know that. I feel more prepared for another ballet routine, if we ever get one.

The judges this week are Nigel, Mary, and Misty Copeland is back. Ballet expert. She would have been great to have last week. It’s Nigel’s birthday. Cat throws an opening pitch. Filler.

Results at the top of the show? I hope they don’t eliminate the people before they dance. I really hope the eliminations are at the end.

The Bottom 3 Guys and Girls. (Elimination at the End).
Brooklyn, Casey, Jourdan, Nick, Marlene (I was afraid of that), and Serge. Teddy and Jacque my two picks for elimination weren’t even in the bottom. Teddy even won the poll for elimination.

Based on this, I would say Brooklyn or Jourdan and Casey or Nick. I don’t think Marlene or Serge will go home.

1) Tanisha and Rudy- Jazz by Sonya- You Need by Bengsons
Grindy and aggressive. Cat and Mouse. Sonya’s hair is fierce this season. Their costumes are insane. Tanisha’s hair? Good for her. Sonya had a better routine last week. This one is oddly slow, and just seems to consist of Rudy lifting Tanisha… a lot. Tanisha isn’t getting the opportunity she needs to really dance because Rudy is carrying her a lot. It feels really low energy though. These two needed a better dance. Luckily, neither is in the bottom 6 tonight. I’m not sure this is a star pairing. Mary says it was a strong performance and she loved it. She loved the style. Mary warns Rudy about his shoulders. Misty says Tanisha is fierce. She calls it fluid. Misty wants Rudy to be more grounded with his feet in partnering. Nigel says Sonya has a way of bringing out the best in her dancers. He says that Tanisha is tremendously strong, and that Rudy was stronger than he thought.

2) Valerie and Ricky- Contemporary by Travis Wall- Oh Darling by Gossling.
She hit the jackpot. She’ll get votes just because she’s with Ricky. She is very likeable. Ricky is dancing in his style, again. Ricky is off to a brilliant start in the competition. This week is about boosting Valerie. This routine is way better than the one that came before it. Valerie is connecting emotionally. Ricky is incredible again. I think this will be in my Top 3 at the end off the night. Travis Wall is pretty consistent with his routines. That final lift and drop was so good. So much strength on their parts. Misty says as a tapper “wow” towards Valerie. She can’t get enough of Ricky. Nigel wanted a bit more from Valerie. Nigel name drops Desmond Richardson.Apparently he’s got a scholarship waiting for him. Mary says Travis created a fantasy world of artistry and athleticism.

3) Bridget and Emilio- Hip Hop by Luther-
Emilio is dancing in his style. Bridget looks hot! she could hit harder, but she looks pretty comfortable in this routine. Emilio looks great. Bridget’s flips were cool. It felt a little like an easy hip hop routine. Benji Schwimmer was in the audience next to Luther I think. Nigel calls Emilio a dancing Hobbit. Nigel thought Bridget was going to be terrible, but he was wrong. He wants her to get more down and dirty, but overall terrific. Mary says Bridget went in and out for her, but says she was smoking. Mary says Emilio ate the whole thing for dinner. Misty reminds us that of course Emilio was good… he was in his element. Misty tells Bridget to own it and be a strong, fierce, sexy woman.

4) Jessica and Nick- West Coast Swing by Benji- Respect by Aretha Franklin
Jessica dislocated her shoulder in rehearsal. Nick is almost in his style. I think Nick needed this tonight to help stay alive. It’s not my favorite, I think the two routines before were better, but I would give this a generally favorable opinion. I think Nick benefited more from this dance than Jessica. He kind of outperformed her. Plus… BENJI! Mary says Benji didn’t take it easy on them. Mary thought Jessica needed to be more grounded. Misty says she found it very entertaining. She tells Jessica that she has to be more aware of her neck. Nigel thinks Benji would have been brilliant, but he was asking too much of Nick and Jessica. Nigel says Nick looked uncomfortable. Nigel says Jessica was brilliant last week, and that she must keep the truth in her work, and she lost the truth here.

5) Carly and Serge- Contemporary by Sonya- Latch by Sam Smith.
Celebrity Crush: Minnie Mouse. LOL. I have a feeling Serge really needed this routine. I haven’t seen it yet, but with a bottom 3 appearance… and I’m right. Carly, of course, is in her style. Serge is just so strong. He lifts her effortlessly and flings her like a rag doll. This routine is terrific, my favorite of night. It could really turn Carly into a contender. Especially in a week that didn’t really help Jessica. Misty says WOW. “That’s Dancing.” Misty says it was out of his comfort zone, and she felt it. I can’t see them wanting to break this partnership up. Mary cried. Nigel says it again. Sonya brings the best out in her dancers. He says it was the first time he felt an emotional connection between the partners tonight, and it was the best Serge has danced outside of his style. Mary is so proud of Serge.

6) Emily and Teddy- Hip Hop by Dave Scott- Don’t by Ed Sheeran
Teddy is in his style. I continue to have a hard time believing that hip hop is Teddy’s style. He looks like he’s auditioning for a boyband. It’s not terrible, I’m just not impressed. He seems to handle the moves very well, just with a little extra cheese. Emily is struggling more here than Bridget did. Her outfit doesn’t help. I don’t think this was a good week for her. She’s barely dancing in parts. Nigel tells Emily there’s a fine line between performing for the audience and her partner. Her back went into spasms in rehearsal, which could be why she seemed low energy this time through. Mary thought it was cute. Misty thinks that Emily will get more comfortable, but felt that she was committed, but could be more grounded. Misty thought Teddy was awesome. I think the routine helped Teddy, but hurt Emily (even just a little).

National Dance Day Pimpage.

Dizzy Feet Gala Pimpage.

7) Malene and Stanley- Broadway by Spencer Liff- I’ve Got Your Number by Nancy Wilson
“Definitely Chocolate”. LOL. They have prop red phones wwith gigantic cords. Stanley’s kicks are crazy. Malene definitely knows how to be sexy, and just owns it. Stanley is out performing her. She just doesn’t have the moves choreographed for her that he has. He’s jumping and flipping all over the place. She’s basically posing and twirling. It’s a good routine, but I don’t think it did much for Malene. Mary loved the concept. Mary loved the first 20 seconds, and wanted them to throw the phones. She said it went downhill as the dance progressed. Misty tells Malene she’s sexy, and Stanley has to think about the whole picture. She said it felt like there were two different pieces, no connection. I agree. I blame Spencer for poor choreography. Nigel says they got the wrong number. Nigel says Malene is not a flexible dancer, and right for the period of time. Nigel says Stanley has to work form the core more. Style wise, it didn’t really help either of them. I didn’t like the choreography, but I loved Stanley’s kicks and flipping. Malene might be in danger, but we haven’t seen Brooklyn or Jourdan yet.

8) Jourdan and Marcquet- Hip Hop/Jazz by Shaun Cheeseman- Work Wok by Britney Spears
Marcquet loves Space Jam. Jourdan remembers a lot of Pi. I wouldn’t call this routine either Jazz, and Hip Hop, but it has elements of both. As a hip hop routine, Jourdan just outperformed Emily. Marcquet was great. Misty says it was fun, and that maybe they took it too seriously. Misty says Jourdan used her technique in the best way possible. She thought Jourdan was fierce. Nigel enjoyed it more than the ballet last week. Nigel thought it was tremendous from Jourdan, and that Marcquet is tremendous across the board. Mary says Jourdan was having fun.

9) Brooklyn and Casey- Argentine Tango- Miriam and Leonardo- Gallo Ciego from Luis Bravo’s Forever Tango
Uh oh. A partnering with two bottom 3 people. They might opt to send them both home, and not break up any of the other couples. Brooklyn is close to her style. The difference is that this is pretty good. It’s not perfect, by any means, but it’s not awful. Nigel says he doesn’t think the audience realizes how hard that control is. He thought they were magnificent, and they maintained their intensity. Mary says Brooklyn has been a cutesy baby before, and matured tonight. I kind of agree. I thought she was better this week than last week, and Casey met the challenge. Mary was wowed by Casey. Misty says Casey looked like a handsome latino Ken doll. Misty says Brooklyn was sexy. Malene might be in trouble.

10) Jacque and Zack- African Jazz by Shaun Cheeseman (again?)- Dibiza
Holy Costumes, Batman! Way to make sure your performance is remembered. I would say this is a really cool routine, and Jacque really needed it. Good for her. She’s strong in it. Zack is killing it. I love this routine as well. Mary says Zack was a beast. HOT TAMALE TRAIN! Misty says Jacque made the right choices with her body. I love Misty as a judge. She says Zack was the right amount of everything, and she loved the articulation of his legs and feet. Nigel agrees, and says it was one of his favorites of the night.

First of the dance crews. The Syncopated Ladies- Flawless by Beyonce. They’re like a hip hop/tap crew. They’re pretty good, but really just filler.

[HD] Chloe Arnold's Syncopated Ladies – SYTYCD… by IdolxMuzic

My Top 3 Routines:
Valerie and Ricky
Carly and Serge
Jacque and Zack

My Bottom 3 Routines:
Malene and Stanley
Tanisha and Rudy
Jessica and Nick

Based on this, I think obviously that Nick and Malene should go home, even though I love Malene. Nick was outperformed by Serge and Casey. Malene was definitely outperformed, but due to crappy choreography. She might get a pass instead of Jourdan. If Jourdan left, it would be Marcquet and Jessica. If they want to get Jessica back on track, she needs a stronger partner than Nick. Nick is just going to hold her back.

Elimination Time!

Nigel tells Brooklyn to step forward, and was shocked at her maturity this evening. Nigel tells Jourdan that they overlooked her mistakes. Nigel says that tonight Jourdan showed she was more than a ballerina. Nigel tells Malene that she’s one of the most stunning dancers they’ve ever had on the show, and her beauty has carried her through rounds. She’s leaving the competition.

Time for the boys. I still think Nick is gone. Nigel tells Casey he’s a strong and committed partner, and is surprised Casey was in the bottom 3. Nigel has Nick step forward, but looked uncomfortable. He says he’s a great personality and a great performer. Nigel tells Serge is a tremendous dancer who worked really hard, and dances from the heart. He was a wonderful partner. Nick steps forward again. He’s cut. Casey and Serge hug Nick. Nick doesn’t look happy. Rudy is sobbing.


Stanley now pairs with Jessica.

My bottom three predictions for next week:
Rudy, Stanley, Teddy and for the boys. Tanisha, Emily, and Jourdan.

Join me next week!

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