SYTYCD 10- Top 14 Perform, 2 Go Home- Live Blog and Discussion Thread

Alright. Dance time!

Malece is flying through the air in the opening number. Are we missing a boy? A girl always seems to be partnerless. I can’t figure out who is missing. Am I crazy? I hope no one is injured…

Sonya and Dmitry choreographed the opening piece. Cat has bad news! I was right. A guy was missing. Curtis can’t perform this week. He injured his shoulder. I wonder if they’ll send him home at the end of the show?

Our judges: Nigel, Mary, and Anna Kendrick. Anna has been on Broadway, so she comes at this from that angle. She’s a Tony, Golden Globe, and Oscar nominated actress. Not bad.

I think it’s funny a little that Curtis has been told that he has problems with his shoulder positioning in his dances, and that’s the part he injured. He’s not dancing correctly, and if he’s in the bottom, I think the judges will cut him. They even included the comment Nigel made last week about Curtis’s shoulders.

The Bottom Six Are:
Jasmine, Alan, Alexis, Curtis, Makenzie, and Nico.

Jasmine? Wow. Jenna managed to pull herself out. I’m guessing Jasmine doesn’t even dance for her life.

No guy solos. They don’t need to see anything. Sorry Curtis. LOL.

WOW. Nigel saves Makenzie over Jasmine? SERIOUSLY? Alexis is a goner. I can’t imagine that Jasmine goes home this week. There would be riots. lol.

I’m betting Alexis and Curtis are gone. This should be a very easy week, unless Nigel is insane.

Alexis taps to Stand By Me. She just hasn’t been as strong as Jasmine throughout the competition, and I think that has to matter. Jasmine and Aaron have turned in some of the best performances of the season. Plus, didn’t they just declare that the quick step isn’t the kiss of death?

Jasmine does her solo. As with most contemporary solos, it’s actually really average. It shouldn’t matter. Alexis’s tap solo wasn’t that amazing either. I dare to say she’s not even on Bianca Revels’s level. It will pain Nigel to cut two tappers in one week, which is the ONLY thing that makes me worry for Jasmine at this point. Jasmine hasn’t even really received negative feedback this competition. It just wouldn’t make any sense.

1) Jenna and Tucker- Hip Hop- Choreographed by Luther- Slight Work by Wale feat Big Sean
There are a ton of speakers on stage, and Tucker an Jenna are all in leather. There is nothing gangsta about Tucker. Sorry. I think this is a setback for him this week, and he’s never been in the bottom before. He might finally hit that next week. He opens up his shirt halfway through. He’s not Dmitry. I don’t think Jenna is even as good as Malece was last week, and that was just average for me. She’s like a C- for me, and Tucker is like a D. The routine was pointless. Nigel calls it unconvincing. Nigel calls Tucker too “upright”, and Jenna was too “sweet and neat”. He calls the routine unmemorable, and says he won’t remember that routine halfway through the show. Mary doesn’t think it was a slam dunk, but appreciates that they attacked what they were given. She agrees that the style doesn’t fit Tucker. She liked Jenna a bit better. Mary thought Jenna was ratchet. lol. Anna loved last week’s routine.

To vote for Jenna: 1-855-GO-HER-01, or text JENNA to 83676, or vote online
To vote for Tucker: 1-855-GO-HIM-01, or text TUCKER to 83676, or vote online

2) Alexis and Nico- Contemporary- Choreographed by Sonya- Ashes by The Bengsons
LOL, the dance is a breakup, where Nico is moving on, and Alexis just can’t accept this. Is this a precursor for thinggs to come. Alexis has a good angry face on. These two had a contemporary routine earlier in the season that I liked more than this one. I think the choreography is unclear. I literally laughed out loud when Alexis started comically running in place. I mean… what the hell Sonya? Are you trying to get this girl cut? The routine was just so-so, but the running? Ummm… Mary loved the choreography. You can see Sonya say Wow. Even she’s surprised that Mary liked it. lol. Mary loved the run. I just… I don’t know anymore. Mary loved that she gave everything in that run. It was silly. Did Jasmine insult Nigel’s mother or something? Anna says they showed range and complexity. She loved the contempt and the sorrow. Nigel says the fact that these two are in danger speaks volumes to the overall talent this season. I think they were in the bottom 3 dances last week, I don’t think the talent matters. Nigel congratulates them.

To vote for Alexis (if she stays): 1-855-GO-HER-02, or text ALEXIS to 83676, or vote online
To vote for Nico (if he stays): 1-855-GO-HIM-02, or text NICO to 83676, or vote online

3) Hayley and Leonardo (and kinda Curtis)-Argentinian Tango- Este Es Del Rey
Hayley has a strong partner, finally. I think the dance is a little slow for me, not enough dancing. A lot of poses and pausing. Hayley’s legs seem a bit wild to me in places, but she’s doing a good job with basic choreography. I just don’t think that routine was that difficult for her. Anna says that Hayley is an emotional dancer, and would love to have her body. Anna thinks she could solve world hunger with Hayley’s body. Nigel thinks Hayley nailed everything. I think she kinda did too, it just felt slow to me, and basic. Mary said Hayley was impressive and breathtaking. She loved the fury. She says she’s lucky to dance with Leonardo, and she wants to dance with him.

To vote for Hayley: 1-855-GO-HER-03, or text HAYLEY to 83676, or vote online
No numbers given for Curtis. They’re not even pretending like he might come back next week. lol.

4) Makenzie and Paul- Jazz- Choreographed by Sonya- You’ll Find A Way by Santigold
This is one of those standard bizarre Sonya routines. It’s not my favorite Makenzie/Paul routine. I think they’re dancing it well, but a spark is missing. I think it is the better Sonya routine of the night. Makenzie is sexy as hell in this routine, and Paul is fierce too. I just… am not loving the piece as a whole. I still think it is the best of the night so far. Nigel says they were both brilliant, and doesn’t understand what America is missing with Makenzie (who has been in the bottom 3 THREE times). Nigel thinks Paul is on his way to possibly winning, and says Makenzie is in the top 3 girls, technically. Mary thinks Makenzie has never had a wrong step, and she adores her. Mary believes Sonya brought out another side of Paul tonight. Anna thinks Paul is an MVP, and thinks Makenzie was powerful. She likes that the power in this dance was coming from Makenzie’s ability, and not her looks.

To vote for Makenzie: 1-855-GO-HER-04, or text MAKENZIE to 83676, or vote online
To vote for Paul: 1-855-GO-HIM-04, or text PAUL to 83676, or vote online

5) Jasmine and Aaron- Contemporary- Choreographed by Justin- Sleeps Alone Tonight by Birdy
The dance is based on the giving tree. Aaron is just tremendous. He’s such a versatile dancer, and brings everything to the routine. Jasmine is complimenting him well here, but I think Aaron is stealing the dance, and the night. This is by far my favorite routine of the night. I don’t know who Justin is, but he can come back anytime. Best routine of the night so far. Mary says it was an interesting number by Justin. She loved Jasmine’s transitions, and said that Jasmine made it feel like the apple was a part of her body. Mary loved the tenderness Aaron brought. Anna said it felt real. Anna tells Jasmine that she has such grace, and would love to watch her eat a bowl of cereal. Anna is rooting for Aaron, and wants a piggy back ride from Aaron. Nigel talks about the story of The Giving Tree, and loves them as a couple. Not enough praise for Jasmine. It worries me a bit.

To vote for Jasmine (If She Stays): 1-855-GO-HER-05, or text JASMINE to 83676, or vote online
To vote for Aaron: 1-855-GO-HIM-05, or text AARON to 83676, or vote online

6) Amy and Fik-Shun- Hip Hop- Choreographed by Christopher Scott- Lets Get It On by Marvin Gaye
Will Fik-Shun get the girl? Fik-Shun is in his style now. This routine tells a dance, and props are abound. Amy just destroyed that chair. I wonder if that was planned. It didn’t look that way. Amy looks a little like Anna Kendrick. Fik Shun is killing this dance. Amy is kinda forgettable next to him, but she’s dancing it well. It’s not a “hard” hip hop routine, so she didn’t need to be “ratchet” here. Anna says Amy is her favorite dancer on the show. Anna says the dance seems tailor made for Fik-Shun. Nigel says if the show was based on cumulative points, they’d be far and away from everyone else. She’s worried that they are always characters, and remembers the characters. He says they are equal to the great partnerships of Katee and Joshua and Melanie and Marko. Mary says Fik-Shun gave them a lesson.

To vote for Amy: 1-855-GO-HIM-06, or text AMY to 83676, or vote online
To vote for Fik-Shun: 1-855-GO-HIM-06, or text FIK-SHUN to 83676, or vote online

45 minutes left and all we have is one dance, and results? I think we’re going to have to see some guy solos (at least from Alan and Nico), or this show is going to end early. Or the last 30 minutes are going to be incredibly boring. Literally, everyone could dance a solo. We’d have time for it.

7) Malece and Alan- Salsa- Choreographed by Jonathan -Pa Los Rumberos by Tito Puente
Malece peed her pants in her first performance as a little girl. At least Alan is in his style this week. Alan is killing it. This is the best he’s danced, but of course (like Fik-Shun) he’s in his style. Malece, for me, is a little slow, kinda like on the level with the Dancing With The Stars celebs. She’s definitely out of her little girl phase. Most of the impressive things that Malece does, exist solely because Alan is a strong partner. He throws her around like a rag doll. Nigel comments on the energy needed for that is extremely high. He loved the choreography, and though Alan was there the whole time for Malece. Mary says it was one of the fastest salsas ever on the show. She says the choreography was really tough. Mary calls Malece a surprise. Anna says she doesn’t always get ballroom on the show, but this routine wanted to make her take lessons. She thinks Malece and Alan should make a baby. lol.

To vote for Malece: 1-855-GO-HIM-07, or text MALECE to 83676, or vote online
To vote for Alan (if he stays): 1-855-GO-HIM-07, or text ALAN to 83676, or vote online

Now for some filler. A Spencer Liff group number. That’s how we fill time. lol.

I’ll rank/grade the dances, to fill time.

Amy and Fik-Shun- A-
Jasmine and Aaron- B+
Malece and Alan- B
Makenzie and Paul- B
Hayley and Leonardo- B-
Alexis and Nico- C+
Jenna and Tucker- D+

Group Number #2- Broadway- Choreographed by Spencer Liff
Not all the dancers are onstage, so I’m betting we’ll have another group routine. Nico, Jenna, Alan, Hayley, Makenzie, and Malece are on stage. Curtis would have been in this too. Spencer Liff is standing in for Curtis. Nigel thinks that Spencer showed that Nico and Alan weren’t on his level, and outdanced them. He thought Malece was uncomfortable in places, and still tired from the previous number. Mary agrees with Nigel. She thought Nico was weak. She loved all the girls.

Group Number #3- Contemporary- Choreographed by Bonnie Story- Tears of an Angel by Ryandan
Is it wrong that I’m hoping that Alexis forgets all the choreography and just stands there on stage the whole time? This number features Alexis, Aaron, Jasmine, Amy, Fik-Shun, Paul, and Tucker. It’s interesting that Aaron/Jasmine and Fik-Shun/Amy (and techincally, Hayley/Curtis) were kept together, but Paul/Makenzie, Alexis/Nico and Jenna/Tucker were broken up. All six are “original couples”. This dance is about bullying. Her friend was involved in a very bad beating, and she had him tell his story to the dancers. This dance… I can’t. Best routine of the season. Tucker collapsing at the end? That felt so real. Standing ovation from the judges. Tucker’s collapse at the end is my favorite moment of the night, because it really signified everything that just happened on stage. Mary thought it was tremendous (but knocks Fik-Shun a bit on technique). Anna thanks them for dedicating themselves to this. Nigel loved the purpose of the routine. He also knocks Fik-Shun a bit on technique, but says that if he can get the technique, he’ll be unstoppable.

Results after the break.

We’re back. Nigel, please make the right choice.

Nigel says they are unanimous in their decision. Alexis and Curtis step forward. They are being sent home. Nigel says it kills him to lose two tappers. Jasmine, Alan, and Nico are safe.

GOING HOME: Alexis and Curtis

My bottom six predictions for next week:
Tucker, Jenna, Nico, Hayley, Makenzie, and Alan (not that he deserves it, but he’s been in the bottom 3 times now, it’s a safe bet). If those were the bottom six, I’d have no early prediction of the girl. They seem to love all three of them. I don’t think they love Malece enough to keep her, if she’s in the bottom next week (even though it would be her first time).

Sound off in the comments. Who is in danger next week?

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