SYTYCD10 – FINALE – Recap Results and VIDEOS



America’s Favorite Male Dancer is Fik-shun
America’s Favorite Female Dancer is Amy Yakima

The show opens. Host, Cat Deeley, introduces the Top 20. WE MISSED YOU! Amy Yakima, Aaron Turner, Jasmin Harper and Fik-shun are YOUR Top 4 finalists! Who will be America’s favorite boy and girl dancer? We find out tonight.

Sitting at the judges table tonight is Paula Abdul, Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman and tWitch.

And it wouldn’t be a competitive reality show finale without a filerific recap of the season! Let’s watch all the wild, wacky and wonderful moments. Or get a snack. It’s up to you.

Next, the Top 20 perform a group number choreographed by Season 2’s Ivan. It’s a snazzy jazz number to Paula Anka’s finger snapping cover of Oasis’ “Wonderwall.” Alrighty then. The dancing is good!

I have question. What the hell is up with Paula Abdul’s  hair? She’s ready for a space age remake of The Jetsons. She picks the first favorite routine and it’s  Edge of Glory danced by Makenzie and Paul and choreographed by Mandy Moore. Paula calls the routine “healing,” I miss loopy Pauler!

It’s the contestants along the way who make the season memorable, says Cat. So, the producers have come up with a Top 5 memorable moments from the road. Let’s remember a few audition highlights, shall we?

Memorable moment on the road #5 is the Mongolian Bowl Dancer from Memphis. Isn’t that pretty? She’s supposed to dance with horse milk. But the judges keep mishearing her as “whores milk.” CLASSY!

Each of the Top 4 will pick THEIR favorite routines. Jasmine chose the funky and fun “Blurred Lines” choreographed by Ray Lepert and danced with all-star Marco. Cat asks about the giant foam finger and is grateful that Jasmine and Marco’s version will be the lasting impression she has of THAT song. I hear ya.

It’s time for Adam to pick his favorite Season 10 routine. He wants to bring joy to the audience in a stressful time. But first, he sings the praises of the all-star who will dance in the number. It’s tWitch, who happens to be right next to him.! His awesome talent and palpable charisma has made him a star. And that Fik-shun? He’s a tWitch mini-me! So Adam picks The hip-hop routine, choreographed by Luther Brown. they danced together. tWitch immediately pulls off his tuxedo super-hero style, and he’s ready to go. (Posting original routine)

It’s synergy! As Dominic hosts the Top 4 to a private screening of his new movie, Battle of the Year. After the video, the Cat announces that the crew is there in the studio to perform! Choreographed by Dave Scott. Awesome moves.

Before Nigel reveals his pick of the evening he’s got some news. AND IT’S AWESOME NEWS. Nigel Lythgoe announces some wonderful news! Five minutes into the program (DUN DUN DUN) Nigel got the news that So You Think You Can Dance has been renewed for an 11th season! More dancing next summer! Everyone’s doing the happy dance.

Nigel chooses his favorite routine and it’s a tap routine danced by Alexis, Aaron and Curtis.

Twitch chooses Kiss of the Spiderwoman, choreographed by Sean Cheesman as his favorite routine, featuring Haley and Nico. Nico’s tumbling is spectacular.

Memorable moment #4 centers on Shane, a stutterer who expresses himself through dance.

Aaron chooses “Kissing You,” with the beautiful Katharine and choreographed by Stacey Tookey, as his favorite dance. (Posting the original Version)

Now it’s time to pimp the 42 city live tour! Whee! You don’t want to miss it. Unless it’s not coming to your town. WHY NO BOSTON?

The Top 10 guys hit the stage for a routine – “Sand” – It’s very little each dancer stands in a circle of sand, allowing it to run through their fingers. Tossing it up and out. Choreography by Christopher Scott. “Bit of a dude” says Cat.

Best moment from the road #3. Oh. It’s the tiny hip hop dancer from Atlanta. He sure was cute. Get that child a television show stat. He’s got the precocious kid shtick down pat.

Cat picks her favorite routine, the awesome and FIERCE hip hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon to Beyonce’s “Run the World,” danced by Jasmine and Comfort. Jasmine can do anything, ya’ll. (posting original routine)

OK IT’S TIME FOR THE PREZ! We’ll be back in 15 minutes. President Obama will address the nation for approximately 15 minutes. SYTYCD is still going on in Los Angeles. The rest of the show will air via tape delay.

OK WE’RE BACK. Just in time for Jasmine to give Comfort a big hug.

The #2 memorable moment from the road: And we revisit Mary getting a lap dance from Cisco. She couldn’t stop screaming. Not an image I needed!

Time for more filler. Let’s explore the wonderful world of wacky choreographers.

Next Mary picks her favorite routine. It’s from choreographer, Travis Wall. Oh. It was a special one. Tucker and All-Star Robert dance “Medicine.” This routine had twitter going crazy. Not only was it gorgeously danced and packed with emotion, but the two dancers had a special bond. Both had recovered from near-death accidents. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It’s every big as beautiful the second time around.

The Top 20 recreate the opening number of the live shows. Tabitha and Napoleon’s inventive “Putting on the Ritz”. Let’s dance around the studio kids! So much fun.

Now, it’s time to spotlight the awesome all stars. Let’s hear it for Comfort, Twitch, Robert, Travis, Courtney, Allison, Chelsie and more!

Next, Jenna and All-Star Mark take a trip around the solar system! How’s the weather on Saturn guys? Only from the mind of Lady Gaga principal dancer, and the king of quirk, Mark! One of my favs, for sure. He finishes with Jenna’s braid in his mouth.

Fik-shun and Amy choose their favorite routines and it happens to be the same one! And finally we get to see Amy dance. We’ve seen very little of her so far. “After Party” by Napoleon and Tabitha is the routine they choose. We’re talking hard hitting bell hops, people!

Time to spotlight THE JUDGES. The old clips of Mary and Nigel are pretty funny. They’re frenemies! OH MY GOSH THEY’RE DANCING!!! It’s a Nappy Tabs thing to “Let’s Get it On!” Why has this taken so long to happen? Mary is girl with a giant pink bouffant, at a restaurant being served by Nigel. He still has some moves. Adam Shankman crashes the party at the last second. Ha.

The #1 memorable moment from the road was from Boston. Movement Box have travelled to Los Angeles to perform their fusion of beat box and dance live.

Amy and Travis perform the routine YOU voted for on twitter. The gorgeous “Wicked Game.” The judges give it a standing ovation!

Next video package features the Top 4 enjoying a day at the beach…ah. Actually, it’s an intro to a group number featuring the Top 10 and the all-stars! They dance in colorful beach wear to “Rock Lobster” by the B-52s. Lots of silly fun.  The guys strip off their shirts. THANK YOU. Ben Vereen is in the studio.

The contestant who got the MOST VOTES IN TOTAL IS A GIRL. Hm…

RESULTS ARE COMING. Mary wants to thank the Top 4 for a thrilling season. She loves all of them. Four stars are standing on stage, she says.  Nigel says it’s the first season where it doesn’t matter who wins. “Season 10 has been a magnificent season.”

Guys results! But first we recap the journey of Fik-shun and Aaron. Based on votes, America’s favorite male dancer is..FIK-SHUN! He’s crying “This means everything to me,” he says, “I’m so happy!”  A friend from Las Vegas is in the audience. He wins $125k. Sweet

Girls results! America’s favorite female dancer is…Amy! She’s giggling and laughing. “I never thought I’d be here!”

Amy and Fik-shun were paired together initially and made it all the way to the end together. Congratulations to them!

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