SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 4 – New York City Auditions

Justin Ballasy- 18- Allentown, PA- Team Street – He’s a tapper/hoofer. Interesting that he’s competing for Team Street. He’s an incredible taper. It’s super fast. He loses his musicality though, which Nigel notes. I think he pulls it back together though. He just wanted a chance to show how fast he could tap, and just threw musicality out the window. Paula calls him the Whiplash of tap. Nigel asks him what time signature his music was in, and Justin says 4/4. It was 3/4. Nigel is against machine gun tap. Paula is a Yes, Nigel is a Yes, and Jason’s a Yes. He’s got the talent, and just needs to find the musicality. Justin thought he was about to get cut, but he gets to stay around.

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