SYTYCD Season 12 Premiere

Guillermo Morales- 19- Miami, FL- Stage Team – He’s putting himself through college. He’s a valet. This kid has too big of an intro to not get through to Vegas. I can’t imagine they’d go to this trouble for a cut dancer (or that he’d participate). He’s likeable. Super-pimped. He’s doing comtemporary, with a little bit of contemporary. He reminds me a bit of Rudy when he dances. There’s strength in his dance, yet he moves really well. I wonder if his inexperience will hurt in him choreo. Definitely a Yes, even if I hadn’t seen the massive intro he got. No comments from the judges, they just stand up and hold tickets. Nigel mumbles later “He’s a star.”

A montage of dancers making it through to the next round. All solid dancers, I didn’t really feel a standout. Coming up, a nerd auditions for Team Street. SCANDALOUS!

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