SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 4 – New York City Auditions

Alexa Meyer- 19- Orem, Ut- Team Stage – She’s a stage dancer, and she says stage dancers have the advantage because of their training. She plans on showing her edgy side, as well as her sassy side. She’s slaying this contemporary solo. I’ll remember her. There’s a way that she looks out into the audience, like she knows she’s a great dancer. It’s a very “did you like that” kind of look. I could do with a little less sexuality in the dance, but otherwise it was well choreographed. Paula thought she had great showmanship, and saw moments of great connection, but said she also fell out of it. She gets booed. Paula throws some sass at the audience and Nigel boos her too. She continues and says she thinks nerves got to her. I think it was those looks she kept giving to the audience that caused her to break the connection to her dance. Jason says he was “there for it the whole time”. Nigel says she’s a definite yes. Nigel skips over Paula’s vote, but Paula was a Yes anyway. VEGAS!

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