SYTYCD 2018 Recap – Top 6 Results Live Blog, Performance VIDEOS

Tonight, the top six return to the stage to compete once again for America’s votes. At the conclusion of the show, we will find out which four dancers will compete in next week’s performance finale!. The All-Stars return tonight, as well as legendary choreographer Mia Michaels.

Don’t forget to vote at the conclusion of the show for your favorites via the FOX website, the FOXNOW app, and via text messaging.

Are we preforming as flowers in this? Jumping through the garden? Having fun on a Summer’s day? Leave it to Mia Michaels to create something that asks many questions. It wasn’t my favorite group number of the season but it was definitely memorable.

Cat is out to announce that the contestants will be dancing three more times tonight- including with the all-stars. The all-stars on tonight are all alumni who have made it to the top four in their respective seasons.

Jensen & Kiki – dancing a cha-cha-cha, choreographed by Jenna Johnson
Fabulous! No story to be told here. Just two people who are exceptional latin ballroom dancers doing their thing. So nice to see Kiki back as well- he was a surprising standout last season. Jensen in her element here was just on fire.

Mary compliments Jenna for her choreography and Kiki. She tells Jensen that she is fast and furious and amazing And she gets up and screams because of course. Nigel says Jenna softened Jensen in some areas, which is great. Vanessa really loved it and felt Jensen was kind of telling Kiki what to do. Twitch calls it awesome and has nothing else new to add.
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Genessy & Lex – dancing jazz, choreographed by Mandy & Elizabeth
Genessy really needed this routine after her bottom scare last week. Something memorable with a story she could sink her teeth into. I loved the idea of the dance, with the perfect masks and all and she and Lex trying to burst those perfect masks and conform. It was a great idea from the choreographers and executed very well by two awesome dancers.

Nigel compliments Mandy and Elizabeth. He tells Genessy his expectations of her has been exceeded. Vanessa feels the expressions through the body was beautiful. Twitch says having the mask on forced her to feel. Mary feels Genessy has always shown her true self on the stage.
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Oh Nigel. I saw the shade you gave to Slavik there. Telling Genessy it was good to see her dance with Lex and not have to “worry.” Hmm. I see you Lythgoe.

Slavik & JaJa – dancing hip/hop, choreographed by Comfort
I have to admit that I am unfamiliar with JaJa as a dancer. I kind of wanted to see Comfort doing this with Slavik. The dance was good and hard hitting. It wasn’t the down and dirty and gritty hip-hop we usually see. It was a bit more lyrical in parts and Comfort was wise to give Slavik more to do in his style than he is used to. The story was clear and understandable. It was a solid routine.

Vanessa thanks Comfort for the routine. She loves Slavik’s swagger. She felt that she could see Slavik thinking for a moment. Twitch agrees and says Slavik was caught thinking because of the intricate choreography. He felt Slavik was a bit checked out. He feels JaJa carried the piece. Mary also agrees. Nigel wants his shoulders back. He agrees with his fellow judges.
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Hmm. Are we throwing Slavik under the bus this evening?

Hannahlei & Marco – dancing contemporary, choreographed by Robert Roldan
The one thing I am noticing tonight when it comes to the all-stars doing choreography is that they are pulling from the same bag of tricks that they know the audience eats up. Whether it was in the Latin ballroom earlier or this contemporary piece, they know lifts and heavy emotion is what this show’s usual audience craves. In other words, there was nothing really new about this piece but it was danced well and gave Hannah the chance to show her vulnerable and emotional side.

Twitch feels Hannahlei is one of the hardest working dancers this season. He give kudos to Robert. Mary loved all the transitions. She loves every single moment Hannah is on the stage. Nigel keeps forgetting how small Hannahlei is because she dances so tall with her extensions. Vanessa calls it flawless.
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Jay Jay & Lauren – dancing jazz, choreographed by Mandy Moore
That was a lot of fun- and was a strong piece of jazz dancing. It had one or two clunky moments but it didn’t take away for me from the overall routine. I thought Jay Jay brought his personality to it which is something I don’t see from him often enough. And it is great having Lauren back. A solid number to make you smile.

Mary gives props to Mandy and tells Jay Jay he was the star of it. Nigel calls it brilliantly choreographed. He makes Jay Jay do a split jump over Cat. And Cat falls. LOL. That was the highlight of the evening so far. Vanessa says it was so much fun. Twitch says to be as brave as Cat for the rest of the night.
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Darius & Taylor, dancing contemporary, choreographed by Travis Wall
Darius’ costume and makeup are outstanding. This was my favorite routine of the night so far. It told the most complete story and went beyond dancing. Darius owned that piece and while Taylor is an adequate dancer, I could not take my eyes off of Darius. Just exceptionally danced.

Nigel is proud of Travis for the choreography and of Darius for how much the routine relates to him. Nigel says Darius is his favorite dancer this season. Vanessa says that she is shook. Twitch says the piece was a work of art. He is so proud of him. Mary says the routine was powerful and memorable.
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Jay Jay & Jensen – dancing tahitian, choreographed by Tiana Nonosina Liufau
A bit of a catch-22 here. When you introduce a new style into the show with only two episodes left, you run the risk of the audience being a little confused and not sure what to make of it. They aren’t seeing what they are accustomed to. But if you hit it out of the park, then you get praised for doing something different. I guess I fall in the middle with this one. It was danced well (I am not so learned when it comes to tahitian dancing) but I felt maybe the energy needed a bit of an increase? I don’t know what to make of it completely.

Vanessa thanks Tiana for bringing tahitian dance to the show. She loved it and called it amazing. Twitch is all praises. Mary says the stage was sent on fire. Nigel says their hips don’t lie.

Slavik & Genessy, dancing salsa, choreographed by Jonathan & Oksana
Eek. Some of that was a struggle. A definite increase in energy was needed- come on, its a salsa. And some of those transitions were very rough. I feel for Slavik here. Between the harsh comments the first go around and now being given a dance that is not only outside his comfort zone but being done for the first time this season must be a lot weighing on him. Genessy did an adequate job here though and to pull a positive for Slavik, I enjoyed some of those hip movements. Not a stellar night for our resident hip-hop boy, for a variety of reasons.

Twitch gives props to the choreographers. He feels Slavik was too into his head again. He gives him a whole speech about not blocking himself. Mary still thinks its great that Slavik can latch onto choreography, but the technicality wasn’t there. She does comment Genessy though. Nigel feels Genessy was made to do most of the work and he also feels Slavik is too in his head. Vanessa agrees with everyone.

Darius & Hannahlei, dancing an argentine tango, choreographed by Leonardo & Miriam
I wasn’t thrilled with this. Some of that intense staccato partnering work you wanna see in an argetine tango wasn’t evident here. They got some of it but I thought Darius actually was the weaker of the two. I saw him thinking too much about being in character, about what the next lift was, about the next passionate moment. Hannahlei, on the other hand, felt more organic to me. It was a very good try but I think Darius is saved by his epic earlier routine.

Mary feels Darius was a great partner and thought Hannahlei was amazing. Nigel loved their new partnerships. He felt it was sexy and sultry. Vanessa is on their team- she calls it absolute fire. Twitch says this is what happens when two powerhouses come together.

Time for some results- The first dancer in the top four is…Jensen.

Top 3 Guys – choreographed by Christoher Scott
That was really strong. All three guys preformed well there but I thought Slavik took the number in terms of standing out. Don’t shoot me, judges. LOL.

Nigel compliments Christopher Scott. He feels there were times the routine wasn’t strong but he is proud of them for how much they had to learn this week. Vanessa loved seeing the individual moments. Twitch is proud and calls it awesome. Mary says the routine worked for all of them.

More results… the next dancer heading to the top four is…Slavik.

Top 3 Girls – choreographed by Luther Brown
Fun. It was cool to see these non-hip-hop girls get down with a Luther Brown number. Did they pull it off completely? Eh, not so much. But it was decent. Cool costumes though.

Vanessa loves Luther’s choreography. She wants to be in the number. Twitch calls it incredible. Mary loves the girl power. Nigel loved it. He feels they all brought it.

More results… the 3rd dancer in the finale is… Hannahlei

Nigel says all three left have been incredible. He notes it is based on last week’s dancer. He says the vote is for America’s favorite dancer- not necessarily the best dancer. Okay Nigel. LOL. We get it. More shade tonight…

Final result of the night… the last dancer who had made it into the finale is… Genessy

WOW. Excuse my language but holy shit! Slavik is now the only male left in the competition and Genessy, who was in the bottom last week, has survived. I am shocked. Damn I WISH I could see those vote totals. I’d love to now how close (or far) the vote is between the top four and who came in first, second, third and fourth.

Okay. So, if you have a favorite, vote. Remember- you can vote three different ways and if you use multiple emails, you can power vote as well. No elimination next week as the top four will compete and then this week’s votes and next week’s will be added together to see who will be crowned America’s favorite dancer. The season finale is only two week away and we only have one more performance episode left. Thank you all for watching with me tonight and commenting of course. It wouldn’t be nearly as fun without you guys. See you next week. :D

Jensen, Slavik, Hannaleih, Genessy advance to the Final Four!

Jay Jay and Darius are Eliminated – Goodbye Video