SYTYCD 2018 – Finale Polls!

SYTYCD 2018 Top 4

With only six days remaining until the winner of season fifteen of So You Think You Can Dance is announced, I thought it would be a good time to do some polls to see where MJ readers stand on this season. Feel free to vote and comment if you so choose.

Last night, the final four took to the stage trying to earn America’s votes for the final time. Everyone danced a solo, as well as being partnered with one another in every conceivable duo. The final four all brought some really great work to that stage and all they can do now is hope that America loved them enough to vote for them as their favorite dancer.

Before I present the polls, remember that the two-hour season finale will air this coming Monday @8 Eastern. You can expect all of this season’s top ten to return as we see some of the season’s best routines once again before Cat counts down the placements of our finalists. I hope you all join me to celebrate and bring this season to a close. :D


  1. The show has definitely had better seasons these last two. I don’t always love the format and the choices don’t always add up, but strong nonetheless.

  2. I’ve said this before – the show has cut in half the thing that makes it great – the live shows with ace choreographers putting their work in front of the public. At the same time the keep the endless auditions and Hollywood week. That is not what I want to see – I hardly pay attention to any of that. I want to see great dancing – which is what SYTYCD usually delivers… when it gets around to it.

  3. I have harped upon their increasing manipulative ways. I hate that they have resorted to that. Trust me, it was entirely intentional that they saved Jensons style to be with Slavik for the final dance. They want the viewers to see the one they want to win at her best and the one that is likely her main contender at his worst. They could have easily saved hip hop for last with the same 2. That was NEVER going to happen. They trashed Logan last year when it seemed he might be a threat to their chosen one Lex. Perhaps they have nothing to gain but no one could convince me that they have not wanted Jenson to win and done everything in their power to convince the audience. Still, I love the show. The talent both on and off the stage is off the charts. They find great music, great choreographers, brilliant staging etc etc etc. I hope they eliminate academy weeks and give us more lives. Unlike most, I love the auditions.

  4. I’m totally confused as to why Slavic is still around unless they wanted to extend the romance angle as long as possible. They dumped two better dancers to keep him.

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