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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: TOP 4 PERFORM: Top 4 contestants Taylor Sieve, Kiki Nyemchek, Koine Iwasaki and Lex Ishimoto on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE airing Monday, September 18 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. ©2017 FOX Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose

Join me here tonight for some DANCE. Only two episodes left. Will your favorite win?
Final chance to vote is tonight!

Top 4 and All-Stars- Mi Gente- Choreo by NappyTabs
It’s a cool hip hop piece, and this time, the set design people are winning. These cool moving backdrops are stealing the show. It very much feels like a music video or a live concert. A very fun number indeed.

Your top 4: Koine, Kiki, Taylor, and Lex.

They’re doing a solo, dancing with each other, and with their All-Star. No one leaves tonight. Our judges are still Nigel, Mary, and Vanessa.

1) The Top 4- Choreographed by Travis and Chris Scott- Elements
Koine is Earth, Taylor is Wind, Kiki is Fire, and Lex is Water. The elements. It’s possible Captain Planet might show up if Mah-Ti can make it. Koine is dancing in sand. Lex is dancing in the rain. Kiki has fire on stage. This routine must have required a major stage reset. Taylor is lowered from the ceiling. She’s got wind blowing against her. Very pretty. Then they all four come together. The stage is dry and clear, so this is obviously pre-taped and edited together. It’s still very cool. The pre-taping realy allowed them to go all out. Definitely one of the best “group” routines of the season.

2) Kiki and Taylor- Cha Cha by Anya- Don’t Cha
Another Alumni doing some choreo. Anya is worried about it being too cute and not sexy enough. Oh lord. Another “Taylor tapping into her sexuality” dance. She’s there guys. She needs another story arc. Honestly… I really like this. I think Taylor is holding up pretty well, and obviously Kiki is amazing in his style. If he just danced ballroom styles tonight, he’d probably win the competition. He really needs to be a DWTS pro. He made Taylor look good, and sexy, every chance he got. Mary says Anya is the originator of the hot tamale train. Mary says Taylor has grown so much, and says most of her technique was really good. Mary says Kiki killed it, and puts Taylor on the hot tamale train. So not Kiki? Nigel tells Kiki that in his own element, he commands the stage and is a generous partner. He says no one would have known Taylor was out of her style. Vanessa says it was hot, and they commanded the stage. The two of them were fire together. She loved it.

3) Lex and Koine- Broadway with Al Blackstone-L-O-V-E
It’s a romantic routine that involves pizza. Lex did a Billy Elliot tour as a kid. Lex is the pizza delivery boy. This is a very cute and entertaining number. For once, the audience seems to be audibly enjoying a Broadway number. Very adorable. I liked it a lot. Standing O from the judges. Nigel says it’s difficult to choreograph a comedic routine, but thought Al did a great job on that routine, and had moments that were laugh out loud moments. Nigel remarks on how Lex has grown performance wise, and tells Koine her technique is fabulous. Vanessa says it was just “excellent excellent excellent”. She thought it was hysterical. Mind blowingly dynamic. Mary says it had everything in it, and they danced it beautifully. She says Koine made it look effortless, and she didn’t see Lex coming, and can’t believe he pulled it off, and he looked amazing doing it. She says it’s one of her favorite routines in the history of the show. (I think that’s the third time she’s said that this season).

4) Kiki and Jenna- The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Kiki didn’t think he was ready for the show at first. That’s why he wasn’t auditioning at first. Kiki says the learning process has been the hardest part for him, having to learn things super fast. Kiki’s favorite dance of the season is Mandy’s contemporary routine. I thought he’d pick a ballroom routine, but he went contemp. I remember this routine, and I thought it was a good routine, but Kiki has definitely had better ones. I know he wants to showcase versatility to get votes. It’s a semi-smart move. At least he didn’t pick a hip hop routine. This one really showcases his strength in the lifts, and his connection with Jenna has only gotten stronger as the season moves on. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started dating. Jenna is crying. She’s so sad because she loves dancing with him. Girl, you got one more week. Vanessa and Mary look teary too. Vanessa thanks Mandy for the routine, and says it’s even better the second time around. She loves that Kiki picked this routine because it’s out of his comfort zone, and thought it showed courage. She says the connection they have is undeniable. Mary says it got her the second time around. Mary thought he surrendered even more. She says the first time he did this was the moment she thought Kiki could make the finale, and here he is. Nigel says he was shocked when Kiki chose this, but then he realized that the connection Kiki and Jenna have is magnetic. Vanessa says “IT’S LOVE!”
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5) Lex-The Melody
Lex’s mom does his intro for him, about how proud she is of him. Some really cool moves there. This one was definitely choreographed, as there weren’t any manic moments of non purposeful movement. He really looked like he knew what his next power move was, or next incredible visual he could show the audience. That might be Lex’s best solo on the show.

6) Koine and Marko- Speaking In Tongues II
These two also have an incredible partnership. She says being America’s favorite dancer is the American Dream. She picked the african jazz routine. I dunno. I would have picked a piece that showcased her partnership and chemistry with Marko more. This one is just a cool piece, that reminds people she’s good outside her style. Cat says it was a triumphant warrior cry. Mary says Koine gets better and better. She loves every second she’s one the floor, and her spirit shines all over the stage. She hopes this one makes the tour. Nigel says it shows the diversity of her talent, and that she commits to everything she does. Vanessa loved that she picked this routine, because it’s one of her favorites. She says Koine is such an amazing performer.
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7) Kiki- He’s A Pirate
Kiki’s parents do his intro. They think he’s amazing, and they’re proud. Again, I’m always impressed by Kiki’s ballroom solos, and how he manages to make them endlessly entertaining.

The All Stars- DNA
A hip hop group routine. I think the opener was more fun. This is servicable though. I just won’t remember this ever happened.

8) Taylor and Koine- Choreo by Mandy Moore- Black and Gold
They get to do some “Mandy Moore Jazz Moves”. This is a fun routine. I think they’re both doing a good job commanding with strength and sensuality. Girl power indeed. Standing O from the judges. Cat says they look like Bond villains. Nigel says Vanessa and Mary are doing this routine on the finale. LOL. He thought it was fantastic. Vanessa says it was the ultimate female empowerment routine. She says it was so sexy and alive. Mary liked the stylization, and says they commanded the stage. So strong and sophistication out the wazoo.

9) Kiki and Lex- Choreo by Luther- The Rain
Kiki says Lex is his little brother now. I mean, Kiki has come a long way in this style, but he still looks out of his style. Lex looks like this is his style. He’s got swag. But this is still way better than I thought Kiki would be. He must have worked his ass off, because it was just shy of greatness. Vanessa says give it up to Luther. She says it was so good, and they crushed it as if it was their thing. She says it was the ultimate bromance routine. Mary says she loved how they were in it and directed each others moves. She thinks there could be some cash coming to one of them very soon. Nigel says Lex is good at everything he’s asked to do. Nigel says people don’t realize how humble Lex is, and he says that’s a fantastic part of his character. He plays footage of Kiki’s first hip hop in the academy, and says Kiki has sprouted wings, and is a different dancer then when he started. Kiki jumps in wishing a Happy Birthday to Luther.

10) Taylor and Robert- Change Is Everything
Taylor says she auditioned because she watched the show as a kid and always wanted to be on it. She’s picked Travis’s routine from the first week. This was the routine that put Taylor on the map, so it’s smart that she chose this to remind everyone why she’s in the finale, and went from being cannon fodder to a legit contender for the title. She’s an even better actress now, and more connected to the piece. I liked it even more the second time around. Mary is happy Taylor picked it, because she was going to pick it. She says it changed everything for her, because Taylor changed the game. She says it got her again. Nigel agrees it was better this time. Nigel compares her to Syd Charise. The best he’s seen them both dance. Vanessa says a women’s intuition knows best because Taylor was meant to be here.
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11) Koine- The Truth
Koine’s parents give her intro. They’re so proud. It was OK. Not my favorite Koine solo. The music didn’t do much to help her.

12) Lex and Gaby- More
Gaby asks Lex what it was like to have four people want him in the Academy. He says he picked Gaby because of her positive energy. Lex’s favorite dance was his tap routine. I had a feeling he would choose the tap routine. I still think it’s risky, because it’s Gaby’s style, and not his. He’s had a while to perfect this routine, and I think it’s showing. He seems a lot more on her level, and the stress of the routine is gone. He’s having a lot more fun this time around, and isn’t so stiff or caught in his head. It feels the way it should have felt the first time around. Standing O from the judges. Nigel says it’s incredible that Lex remembered everything. He says not even Fred Astaire could do that. Vanessa says its magical, and says Lex floats across the stage, and gravity does not defy him. Mary says Lex came in with a secret weapon, his tap. She loved every second, and she’s glad he picked it.
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13) Taylor- Water Me
Taylor’s intro is from her parents. They say it’s been a lifelong dream of hers to be on the show. That felt really short. Anyone else? Was that full length? I felt like she barely danced. I couldn’t even formulate a thought on it. I’d love to time that routine against the others. I guarantee it’s not the same length.

14) Kiki and Koine- Choreo by Travis Wall- Both Sides Now
They have to connect emotionally here. Yo that chair spin was dope. Kiki is a really strong partner. Surprisingly, these two are really invested and connected. A beautiful piece. I loved it. Might be my favorite new piece of the night. They killed it. Vanessa gives it up to Travis for being one of the bravest choreographers of our generation, and says that broke her heart. Vanessa thought it was very impactful. She thought it was beautiful. Mary says they poured all of their passion out of their hearts and onto hers, and they’re peaking in the competition. Nigel says a lot of people can associate with the routine, and Travis was clever with the costuming. He gives props to the costume team for the whole night. Nigel says great dancers need to be great actresses, and Koine encompasses everything. Kiki says contemporary is more authentic than ballroom, and it will help him. Nigel says he’s helped this show and he’s been brilliant tonight.

15) Lex and Taylor- Choreo by Mia Michaels- You Matter To Me
Wow, the chosen two got Mia Michaels in her grand return, and the final piece of the show. Lex says it’s an honor to work with Mia. Lex and Taylor are apparently dating currently. Wow. Lex says he’s in love with Taylor. We’re about to have a Hunger Games finale. Maybe they’ll win together. LOL. Wow. Just beautiful. Stunning. I miss Mia’s choreography SO MUCH. Standing O from the judges. It looked like Nigel might have cried. Mary says she’s feeling all kinds of strange emotions, and says it’s so awesome to have Mia back. She says she feels like a weird proud parent. Mary says its a beautiful thing. Nigel says Mary always creates something, but the dive kiss… it was so beautiful. He says people will be touched by the routine and how they performed it. Vanessa says it is so special when art reflects personal life. She says her and her boyfriend have a lot of kissing moves to work on.

So that’s it. It’s up to our voting now. Last weeks votes and this weeks votes will be combined.

Who will win? I’m thinking Lex has this in the bag, with Taylor in second, Kiki in third, and Koine in fourth. Will I be right? What are your predictions? Sound off in the comments below.

This is a really SOLID Top 4. One of the best Top 4’s in the shows history. Everyone deserves to be there. Yes, even Kiki.

Join me next week for the FINALE!

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