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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: TOP 7 TO 6: L-R: Top 7 contestants Kiki Nyemchek, Taylor Sieve, Koine Iwasaki and Mark Villaver perform a mini-group dance routine to “Still I Rise (Maya Angelou)” choreographed by Sean Cheesman on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE airing Monday, September 4 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. ©2017 FOX Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose

It’s Labor Day, and you know what that means…
It’s time to DANCE! Join me here tonight for some people who think they can dance. Don’t forget to comment. I love seeing my little comment army each week. I always try to read it all, but it’s hard to keep up during the show.

Our votes tonight determine who moves onto the finale (which is two weeks away).

1) Top 7 and All-Stars- Overture
A snazzy Broadway ish routine where they all get to do a bit of their own styles. Everyone looks great, even if this number is just a little meh for me. I did like the inclusion of tap in the middle though. That was cool. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

Lex, Koine, Logan, Taylor, Kiki, Kaylee, and Mark have made it this far. But who won’t make it out of tonight? Last week was incredibly strong and even. It’s so tight. I’m not really sure there’s a clear frontrunner. Most of the remaining dancers have been in the bottom at some point, with a few who haven’t. But will they tonight?

They dance 3 times tonight. Once with their All-Star, one solo, and and one of two mini group routines. Next week is a double elimination. Top 6 to Top 4. It was insinuated that the judges can’t save anyone next week. The bottom two are just straight up eliminated.

1) Lex and Gaby- Hip Hop with Luther Brown-Humble
Gaby asks Lex about how his family has been, and he hopes he can make his mom proud. Luther says this is gonna be non stop. Luther says Lex is dope. They got their swag jackets on. It’s not really hard hip hop, but it’s fun, and Lex looks great doing it. He understands the basics of hip hop, and hits really hard. His tricks are great too. He looks like a natural in the style, even if he can be outdanced by a more experienced hip hopper. Lex really does have some great tricks up his sleeve though. I bet he’s great at parkour. Mary says Luther took it to another level, and tells Gaby she’s on fire. “Lex Nation” destroyed every second of it, and kept it at a peak level. His isolations were off the chart. She calls him the “Iron Man” of the competition. Nigel says he made his mom proud, and made him proud. He says Lex proves it’s possible for dancers to be capable in every style of dance. Vanessa says Lex has the ability to do different styles. He killed it. It was fire. It was hot. – Click to Watch Solo and Performance VIDEO
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2) Taylor- Open Hands
We get to see a bit of Taylor in her first performance. She was 4, doing a rubber duckie dance. I really liked this solo. I thought she had some really beautiful lines, and a great flow to her movement. It didn’t feel generic to me.

3) Logan and Allison- African Jazz with The Cheeseman- Kabila
DAnce wasn’t Logan’s first love. He used to play baseball,and finally tried dance and loved it. Logan says he knows nothing about African Jazz. First off, props to the lighting department for giving this an atmospheric touch. They have these little wheelie cart things that allow them to do some cool moves in the first part. Then it starts to speed up and get a bit crazier. I gotta say that I noticed Logan had some trouble on the lifts. Both times he went to put Allison down, it seemed to be a bit of a struggle. That being said, I did enjoy the piece. It’s not my my favorite. Nigel says it was one of the most difficult yet impressive pieces of choreography he’s seen from the Cheeseman. Nigel saw Zulu troops of dancers when he did SYTYCD South Africa. Nigel says he hit the ball out of the park every single week. Vanessa says WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. She calls Logan a superhuman, and says he can do anything, and it’s mind blowing. Mary says it felt like a crazy rollercoaster ride. She never knew what was coming next, but it was always spectacular. She puts them on the hot tamale train. – Click to Watch Solo and Performance VIDEO
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3) Mark- Funky town
We see young Mark in Hawaii. He says he was a troublemaker. He started dancing at four, and he used to dance like Michael Jackson. His first performance was in 6th grade. This solo is definitely more B-Boy than anything else. Showing off his strengths. I like it.

4) Kaylee and Cyrus- Contemporary with Tyce Diorio- DKLA
Cyrus asks Kaylee about being in the bottom three, and she says it just pushes her harder. Tyce says it’s about a couple who had everything, and now have nothing. Wow. Just wow. I couldn’t type while that was happening. It just kept getting better and better. Kaylee was so invested. Cyrus was invested. I loved it. i felt something. Vanessa says thanks to Tyce, because the routine was gorgeous. Vanessa says she loved this routine because it showcased her “strongness” and ferocity. She says she needs to be really proud of herself. Mary says it was fierce and full of power. She could feel the pain, and she became quite and actress in this piece. Nigel says Tyce was clever with the routine, and this was the best routine they’ve done together, and it was meaningful to those who have lost everything in Houston.
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5) Koine- I Fall Apart
Koine says she was silly when she was little. Her mom put her in something because she was active. She struggled originally because she didn’t speak English, but eventually caught up. A cool dance, and Koine looked great, but honestly my least favorite solo so far tonight. It was a bit manic at times. She didn’t pay as much attention to the song she chose.

6) Kiki and Jenna- Broadway with Warren- Dancin Fool
Kiki was talked into auditioning. He originally was just a partner. He’s glad he did though. They have a cane as a prop this week. I wish Jenna wasn’t in hee’s, it’s limiting her movement sometimes. There was one time where Kiki’s spread on a jump was much greater than hers, and it looked odd. They made the canes happen. Kiki looks great in this style. I thought it was good. Standing O from the judges. A fun routine, for sure. Mary says Warren gave her high anxiety tonight. Mary says they took her out of her comfort zone. She loved the dancing too. Nigel loved the track. Nigel says Mary screamed in his air every time a cane was thrown. He asks Kiki if he’s glad he auditioned. Kiki says yes. Nigel says he’s a brilliant all around dancer, and his improvement has been the most this season. Vanessa says it takes serious hand eye coordination. He’s come so far and grown so much. – Click to Watch Solo and Performance VIDEO
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7) Logan- Intro
Logan as a kid. He was a momma’s boy. He was funny and charming. His first dance was at 7. He was in a leopard costume. Logan does some B Boy stuff here, with an incredible head spin. Then he breaks into more contemporary stuff. Showing his versatility. I like it.

8) Koine and Marko- Jive with Dmitry Chaplin- Rock Around The Clock
Koine says she’s living her parents dream. Koine is the beauty, Marko is the geek. I loved the over the back, through the legs. Very cool. I know Jive has been the kiss of death, but this is one of my more favorite Jives on the show. Even Koine flipped Marko! I mean what’s not to love? This was a lot of fun, and Marko was killing his character. These two really are a great pair together. Nigel apologizes for not knowing how to say her name. Nigel says that was incredible choreography by Dmitry. Once they started dancing they couldn’t dance. He says Marko is a great partner. Vanessa says Koine is another dancer who is so capable at doing every single style. She killed it. Vanessa says she’s on her hot tamale train. Mary says it was amazing. The first lift was so slick and well done. Her favorite part was when they were side by side just kickin it. She loved it. Koine cries a bit. She never wants it to end. I think she’s afraid she’s going home. If she is, she went out on a bang. – Click to Watch Solo and Performance VIDEO

9) Kaylee- Bad Blood
Kaylee ran a lot. Kaylee was little and thought she could fly. She started dancing when she was 8. She definitely choreographed to the groove of her song. I loved it. There were some really cool movements there.

All Stars- Derniere Danse- By Brian Freedman
A black and white dance. Very French. When the guys come in, we get a burst of Red. Stylistically, I love the look of this dance. This is better than the opener, for me. Lots of really cool movements, and even some pole dancing thrown in. Comfort just slays everything doesn’t she? I remember not being a huge fan when she was competing, but she’s just such a beast now. Like an unstoppable force. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

We get our requisite Tour reminder.

10) Taylor and Robert- Contemporary with Mandy Moore- To Make You Feel My Love

Well, someone’s gonna make the finale. Her dad face times with her. She says she’s feeling more confident. Mandy wants more vulnerability this week. This is the kind of routine that really works in the later weeks because Robert and Taylor have such a partnership and connection. You really feel it. Some truly beautiful moments, and these two are just connected the whole time. Taylor just made the finale with this, that’s for sure. Vanessa says Contemporary is her favorite style for Taylor, and thanks Mandy for the routine. She says it’s never frigid, and it was so graceful, and she looked like a butterfly. Mary says luck had nothing to do with it. Mary is a bit tearful, so it’s hard for her to speak. All her choices have led her to now. Astounding, ethereal, beautiful technique, and she reached inside her soul. Nigel says that’s the beauty of dance, to touch someone with movement. Nigel says it was a beautiful routine that didn’t stop in it’s movement. Nigel says Robert is brilliant. Taylor says that Robert has changed her, not just as a dancer, but as a person, and calls him a friend and a mentor. – Click to Watch Solo and Performance VIDEO
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11) Lex-Sleep Talk
Lex was really energetic as a kid. He started dancing because of You Got Served. He started in hip hop and tap. Lex does his thing. Non conformist choreography and movement. His track is very non conformist too, so it works. I liked it, but I think because he improv so much, the other dancers had these big impressive power moves, and Lex didn’t quite have that.

12) Mark and Comfort- Hip Hop by Misha Gabriel-
Cat makes a “Comfort Zone” joke. Mark is happy that he’s in his style. They’re going to be ninjas this week. Some cool shadow work here. A much harder hip hop routine than earlier. Lots more tricks because Mark has a bunch of tricks up his sleeve. In my opinion, this just killed Lex’s hip hop from earlier. Two dancers in their style. Killed it. Mary says he never stops. Great concept by Misha. Very clean, very synchronized. Nigel says Comfort is vicious, and Mark always brings so much personality. He thinks Mark did a good job. Vanessa says she loves ninjas. She gives props to Comfort, and says she has so much love for her, and Mark kept up. Really dynamic.
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13) Kiki- Land Of 1000 Dances
Kiki used to be chubby. He started dancing when he was four. I think Kiki needs to be a pro on Dancing With The Stars. He’d do well there. I actually like his ballroom solos, which are normally really hard to do well. He manages to make them look really fun.

14) Logan, Kaylee, and Lex- Contemporary by Dwight and Desmond Strange
They’re doing a group number, all in their style. Each of these dancers has been called unique. Can they come together? There are 3 stools on stage for this. Kaylee stood out for me, mainly because she’s wearing blue, and the boys are in almost nude colors, and she’s the only girl. Not that Logan and Lex didn’t each have a moment, but my eyes were always drawn to Kaylee. A very cool routine. I thought they all danced it well. Nigel says Kaylee is unique, and she equaled Lex and Logan. He says Logan has incredible lines and great strength. He says he had never seen a triple tour from Lex, and he did it again in this dance, and ended in an arabesque. He wants to see this on tour. Vanessa says the three of them together makes her heart explode. Mary says it was out of this world. She says Kaylee showed who she was tonight. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

15) Kiki, Taylor, Koine, and Mark- By The Cheesman- Still I Rise
This is about standing against hate. Bold choice to do this to spoken word instead of music. It just made it that much more powerful. This is Sean Cheesman’s best routine ever. Honestly. I wish he could do this every week. There are so many cool moves and images here. Standing O from the judges. I can’t believe that’s the last thing we see before someone goes home. Vanessa thanks Sean for the routine, and says it was beautiful to watch and says it was so impactful. She says it was stupendous, and compliments Taylor, and the boys. Mary thanks Sean for bringing to life the most powerful words she’s ever heard, and they did it justice. Nigel says the choreographers have to be as diverse as the dancers, and congratulates Sean and the dancers. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

Time for RESULTS. Oh lord. No one deserves to go home. They were all great last week, and this week. This is brutal.

BOTTOM THREE: Kaylee, Mark, and Kiki. Kiki finally hits the bottom. I think a girl died in the audience. There was a very loud scream when his name was called. She might be dead. I don’t know.

You’ve got Kaylee, in the bottom twice in a row. Mark, who hit the bottom for the second time. And then Kiki. I think it’s between Mark and Kaylee.

If I was judging based on feedback tonight, Mark’s feedback wasn’t nearly the praise that Kaylee was getting. I think they might actually send Mark home.

Nigel says it’s really important that people vote, because the top 4 vote getters get in the finale. Nigel says they’re going with America’s vote from last week. So the lowest vote getter will go hom. Kiki is safe. It’s between Kaylee and Mark. Nigel says Kaylee was magnificent tonight. Mark is going home tonight, based on America’s vote. That same girl screamed again. She’s alive. That’s good.

Mark is eliminated

Kaylee survives one more week. I knew it. Mark is going home. I don’t think Kaylee can make the top 4. Two weeks in the bottom? Not a good sign. – Click to Watch Elimination VIDEO

I’m predicting our top 4 is Lex, Logan, Kiki, and Taylor. If Koine or Kaylee are going to steal a spot, it’s Logan’s spot, I think that’s the weakest.

Join me again next week when the Top 6 become the Top 4. Who was your favorite tonight? Are you sad to see Mark go? Sound off in the comments!

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