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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Lex Ishimoto is America’s favorite dancer on the Season Finale of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE airing Monday, September 25 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. ©2017 FOX Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose This image is embargoed until Monday, September 25, 10:00PM PT / 1:00AM ET

It’s our finale! Who will win? Sound off in the comments!

Tonight we celebrate the whole season, and hopefully this isn’t the end of Dance. I think a show that’s been running 14 seasons deserves a proper send off, like Idol got. Come on FOX. Pick this show up for one more go around.

1) Top 10 and All Stars- Dancing On The Ceiling- Choreo by Mandy Moore
This Macy’s inspired dance (apparently) is like a giant party. A fun number. High energy way to start the show. I liked it.

The whole top 10 is here. Robert, Sydney, Dassy, Mark, Logan, Kaylee, and the top four, Kiki, Koine, Lex, and Taylor. Which one of the four is about to win it all? Which All-Star led their dancer to victory?

Our judges panel is still Nigel, Mary, and Vanessa. Cat says over 152 million votes were cast this season. Vanessa is performing later tonight.

They replay the opening to the academy, where all the dancers who had made the academy had to learn a piece. Ahh the good old days when everyone was still around, and their futures were so bright. I see a lot of familiar faces of dancers I thought would make it further than they did. Hopefully, there’s a next season for them to come back.

What would it mean to win it all? The top 4 give the answers you’d expect.

Kiki: “Everything.”
Koine: “I’ve watched the show since I was two.”
Lex: “I’ve sacrificed a lot. My family has sacrificed a lot.”
Taylor: “It was definitely an awesome experience.”

Each judge picked two duets. Wow.

2) Mary’s 1st Pick- Kiki and Koine- Salsa- Danca Molengo
This number was full of authentic rhythm, and a huge celebration of dance. The one where there was a flower cart on stage… if that helps. Of course, Kiki kills it. He kills everything in ballroom. But it’s Koine who impresses here, and even more so the second time around. Her technique is even better, if that’s even possible. Koine is such a sleeper. Other seasons, she would have won. This season is just so damn close.

3) Vanessa’s 1st Pick-Top 10 and ALl-Stars -Disco- Choreo by Val and Mandy- You Should Be Dancing
This has to be pretaped. No way did Kiki and Koine change that quickly. This is a fun disco routine. Plus, it gives some of the lower place finishers another routine on the stage, cause I doubt a duet from Robert or Sydney is going to be chosen tonight.

4) Nigel’s 1st Pick- Lex and Taylor- Broadway by Spencer Liff – An American In Paris
This was before we all knew Taylor and Lex were dating, and since we just had a Kiki/Koine routine, this seemed like an obvious choice. I honestly wasn’t even that crazy about this routine. I mean, it’s good, but there were so many other routines that deserved an encore tonight. They’re playing up that romance. THe kiss between Lex and Taylor lasts a bit longer this time. Standing O from the judges.

5) Mary’s 2nd Pick- Top 9 and All-Stars- African/Hip Hop by Luther-Ya Ya
Mary says this was Luther’s first group routine on the show. Poor Robert just sitting backstage by himself. LOL. This was a pretty dope routine though. They’re really trying to give everyone chances to dance tonight. I’d be surprised if these were ACTUALLY the judges favorite dances. I think this is all strategy right now.

Oh goodie. A long promo for Star. Bathroom break! Just kidding.

Don’t forget. There’s a tour.

6) Vanessa’s 2nd Pick- Dassy and Fik-Shun- Shake Your Pants
Gotta get Fik-Shun up there. I’m somewhat surprised he’s not dancing with Kida. Part of me expected them to bring him back for something. This is an OK number. I wouldn’t have picked it, but it’s fun. I’m not mad. At least we got to see Dassy again. Girl moved here just for this show. That’s dedication.

7) Nigel’s 2nd Pick- Call Me Mother
Nigel picked the opener that Mark Kanemura choreographed. Apparently it’s a huge hit online. Again, I’m assuming pre-taped. This time, I’m positive, because the screams jolted in a very weird way when the number began. I do love this number. WERK. I feel like RuPaul should have joined the judges panel just for this number.

The top 10 and the All-Stars are going to be doing a brand new Mia Michaels group number tonight. Get ready! MY BODY ISN’T READY YET!

Montage of “our favorite moments of the season”. It starts with our favorite auditions. Then we see some great Academy moments too. Then the Top 10 all the way down to the top four. A celebration of awesomeness.

8) Mary’s 3rd Pick- Lex and Koine- The Pizza Delivery Boy Dance (aka L.O.V.E.)
I thought they only got two each. Is Lex even allowed to be this adorable with any other girl right now? It’s bad enough that his shippers have to share him with Taylor and Gaby, but Koine also? Lex is just such a heartbreaker. ;) Of course this routine is still cute. It was cute last week. It’s still cute.

They punked Koine in rehearsals, and instead of Lex, it was some other dude holding the pizza. I think it would have been funny if it was Taylor and she was angry at Koine. #missedopportunity.

9) Top 10 and All-Stars- Mia’s Routine- Hyper Ballad
Mia mentored the dancers also. So she sits down with Kiki, Taylor, Koine, and Lex. She gives them some pointers. I feel like she gave them some really good advice about self-worth and artistry, at least from the little blurbs we saw. She should replace Vanessa on the panel next season. The opening with everyone in chairs was really cool. Really intense. It’s like controlled chaos at times, but it feels so incredibly electric. It feels like a powder keg waiting to go off. Really cool dance. Standing O from the judges.

Vanessa still has a routine coming up, and Travis Wall is also dancing a routine… AFTER THE BREAK.

10) Vanessa’s 3rd Pick- Jasmine and Robert- Choreo by Chris Scott- Perm
WOW. They actually picked Robert’s routine? I’m amazed. Shocked. I just assumed we wouldn’t have time for this. Maybe Sydney has a shot after all. I’m gonna be pissed if Kaylee and Logan don’t get a picked duet, but Dassy and Robert did. It’s a fun routine though. Robert got sent home because his next performance wasn’t as strong as this one.

11) Travis and Lex
Nigel introduces Travis’s group Shaping Sound. Lex is Travis’s demon in this dance. This is really a pretty cool dance. It’s nice to see Travis dancing, and not just choreographing. I’m glad I got to see that, even if it was another pimp spot for Lex (who probably will win).

12) Marko and Koine- The Closet Routine- You’re The Last Thing On My Mind
Marko picked the Closet Routine as his pick. I’m convinced that Marko and Koine need to be a couple. This dance just highlights everything that works about them as a duo. It’s beautiful, emotional, and they’re so connected. This is actually one of my favorite routines of the season, and I’m glad this routine was reprised. Another Standing O, Koine just hugs Marko. Marko and Koine are crying. Very emotional.

It’s a montage of people butchering the pronunciation of Koine’s name. Koine is laughing hysterically after the montage. I’m glad she had fun with that.

13) Gaby and Lex- Hip Hop by Luther- Humble
Gaby’s pick… uhhh… really? I wouldn’t have picked this. I mean, they’re doing a good job. They’re bringing swag. It’s just that Gaby and Lex had better dances. I had honestly forgotten this dance existed. Weird sound glitch cut. Was that pretaped? Edited? What was that?

Cat’s promising some results after the next break. Get ready.

14) Jenna and Kiki- Cha Cha- There’s Nothing Holding Me Back
Jenna’s favorite was a cha cha. Smart girl. It’s still a slick routine, and Kiki in his style… again… unbeatable. If he never had to dance another style, he probably would have won.

15) Robert and Taylor- Contemp by Mandy Moore- To Make You Feel My Love
Robert’s pick is To Make You Feel My Love. Of course it is. This was another one of my favorites from the season. Glad to see it reprised. I bet Robert is really a great mentor. Both of his dancers in the past two seasons seemed like long shots at first, and made the finale. Maybe if there’s a season 15, he won’t have such a hard time finding people for his team. Pick Robert. He clearly knows what it takes. Another standing ovation.

Cat’s got a results card in her hand. The top 4 come out. Someone’s about to be in 4th place.
Taylor, Koine, Kiki, and Lex are on stage now.

Nigel looks intense right now.

In 4th place… Kiki. Kiki is eliminated. We now get our Kiki montage about how awesome he was on the show. Kiki says he did his best to work as hard as he could, and he’s happy with the results.

16) Reminding Me- Shawn Hook feat. Vanessa Hudgens
Who? I looked him up. He’s a Canadian artist, and this song peaked at 30 on the Canadian Hot 100. I think they would have been better served having Vanessa do a High School Musical routine or something. This is just… really stretching.

17) Nigel’s 3rd Pick- Kiki, Taylor, Koine and Mark- Still I Rise
Nigel says dance has the ability to educate. He picked the Maya Angelou routine. Diversity makes us stronger. I guess… Mark got a featured routine at least here. It’s a shame that we’re not going to have time for Kaylee or Logan, but we had time for Robert, and a routine that was literally performed last week. This routine, is still great though. It was great the first time, and with everything happening with the Trump/NFL debacle and Puerto Rico’s devastation, this feels like a no brainer. Of course, standing ovation from the judges.

More results! The top 3 come back out. Koine, Lex, and Taylor.

In 3rd Place… Taylor. Taylor is eliminated. Koine is still in it! Wow! We get a montage of Taylor’s experience on the show.

Is Lex still a shoo in, or did Koine achieve maximum dark horse potential?


The WINNER of SEASON 14 IS……………..LEX!
Koine comes in 2nd place!

Lex says it was an honor to be on the stage. He thanks Gaby. Gaby is now a winner, and has coached a winner. She’s going to be a force to reckon with in Season 15… if there is one. Cat says “we’ll see you next summer!” Hopefully she knows something we don’t.

It’s been a blast blogging with you guys all summer long. I don’t think you’ll see me again until January, when I’ll be *probably* live blogging the Golden Globes. In the meantime, if you’re missing my sense of humor, you can always head over to my website ( where I do my thing and review movies. Yeah, I’m a movie critic. My degree is in film.

Thanks for the ride guys!

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