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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: The Top 14 contestants (L-R Front Row): Eddie “Neptune” Eskridge, Alexia Meyer, Virgil Gadson, Kate Harpootlian and (L-R Back Row): Hailee Payne, Derek Piquette, Megan “Megz” Alfonso, Gaby Diaz, Edson Juarez, Yorelis Apolinario, Ariana Crowder, Jim Nowakowski, Jessica “JJ” Rabone and Jana “JaJa” Vankova on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE airing Monday, August 3 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. ©2015 FOX Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose

Join me here tonight as we lose FOUR dancers. Chances are, you’ll disagree with at least one elimination, and you’ll be able to sound off in the comments.

Opening Group Dance- 100% Pure Love- Crystal Waters- Choreo by Brian Friedman
Costuming gets huge props here too. It’s a victorian themed dance. It’s so interesting seeing Megz so dolled up. Totally different side of all the female hip hoppers. Good dance. Didn’t unfairly feature one dancer over another.

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Who will be in danger tonight and need your save? Only one save on each Team tonight, and it’s going to be up to us to do the saving. Who got the most votes this week? 53% for Team Street, 47% for Team Stage. Team Street is the more evenly matched team, whereas Team Stage has some obvious dead weight. The judges have no more saves. Paula’s present, and her cleavage is on point tonight. Good for her. Jason’s still trying to make it happen, and Nigel of course.

Jim was injured this week, and couldn’t do the group number, but his injury wasn’t serious enough for him to not dance tonight.

1) Jim and Yorelis- Contemporary by Sonya- Asht by Nebulo
The contestants interview each other. Yorelis would want to be invisible as a super power, Jim would prefer laser vision. SONYA IS BACK BITCHES! YES. WERK. Sonya is gonna pull the fierceness out of Jim. Travis calls Jim the best dancer in the competition. Twitch says this is the “special routine” for Yorelis to show her dance vocabulary on. So much hype. Jim’s lines are perfection. Yorelis doesn’t look like a hip hop dancer at all. Jim’s strength is so evident. They both have some killer technique. Not every dance needs an obvious story, and this is just a great one being told with their bodies. I just saw two strong dancers doing a fierce routine. Loved it. That might have saved Yorelis. Nigel welcomes Sonya back. Nigel says Yorelis hasn’t had the opportunity to shine until now. Nigel says Jim is by far the best technician in years. Paula says they didn’t overpower each other, and complimented each others strengths. Paula says it was effortless for Jim, and Yorelis was a superstar tonight. Jason says a photo of any moment of that performance would have been beautiful. He says Jim is one of his favorites. RESULTS! Jim is in the Top 10! Yorelis is in danger tonight.

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2) Jaja and Edson- Hip Hop by Misha Gabriel-She Came To Give It To You by Usher feat Nicki Minaj
Edson wants to be a flower girl, Jaja believes in aliens, Edson would be a monkey. It’s a dance about runway models. Jaja is worried about not being able to pull sexy off. I feel like Jaja has been in her style a lot. I’m not a fan of Edson’s hip hop here. I think he looks a little like a clown. Jaja’s swag is on point though. I’m worried that the “sexy” isn’t coming through. I also just flat out didn’t like the choreography. It wasn’t very hard, and it didn’t showcase anyone. I don’t think it helped either dancer. Paula thought it looked fun, and says it looked easy but it isn’t. Paula found Edson’s swag (I’m glad someone did). Paula says Jaja works the groove out. Jason called the dance basic, and there were no moments for him. Is Jason becoming the best judge? Nigel agrees with Jason. Nigel says it wasn’t as good as he would have liked it to be. RESULTS! Jaja and Edson are both safe.

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3) Virgil and Hailee- Contemporary by Tyce Diorio- Cellophane by Sia
Dancing together again? Hmmm. Virgil liked Clueless, Hailee has farted on stage. I’m guessing the producers see a bright future for these two to get paired together again so soon. Hailee is a crazy obsessed girlfriend and Virgil can’t escape her. Tyce calls it reckless and destructive. Hailee is perfectly creepy from the first moment. She looks unhinged. This dance definitely works for both of them. Not my favorite dance of the season, but another strong piece for both dancers. It’s about creating this pairing between Virgil and Hailee that fans can get behind. I’ll bet they dance again together before the finale. Jason says it was nice to see a serious side of Virgil. Nigel loved what Tyce gave them, and says he’s known crazy women like that. Nigel gets a Simon dig in there. Nigel says Virgil exposed his lack of technique tonight. Damn. Paula says she thinks Virgil is excelling wonderfully, and Hailee is a bright light. So much praise for Hailee tonight. RESULTS! Both dancers made the top 10.

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4) Alexia and Ariana- Burlesque Jazz by Tracey and Dominic- Circus Fish by Vermillion Lies
Ariana loves bread. Alexia gives a shoutout to Utah. The dancers are sexy fish in this dance. Yeah, cause that will save Ariana from the bottom three. Alexia is stressing about portraying a fish. There’s really some serious music here. I just can’t. She’s freaking out cause she doesn’t know if she can be a fish? WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE? Costumes look odd. What an odd dance. Odd music. Are they trying to send these girls home? I mean, yes, the girls look cute, and are really trying to commit to this… but come on now. What an embarrassment. Don’t invite those choreographers back. Nigel says it missed the mark, not as dark as he would have liked it. Nigel wasn’t knocked out by it. He wasn’t feeling Adriana. He calls her a dead fish. OUCH. Paula wishes they could have balanced campy with sexy. Jason says it was rough for him. He could tell the dancers didn’t like the dance, which made him not like it as well. At some point, it’s got to be on the choreographers. RESULTS: Both Alexia and Ariana are in danger. After that dance, I can’t imagine anyone saving them. They were basically chum fed to sharks.

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5) Megz and Derek- Hip Hop with Dave Scott- Worth It by Fifth Harmony
Megz has 10 tattoos. Derek has a crush on Zac Efron. Megz is in her style again. Megz used to play the trumpet back in the day. Dave wants Derek to get funky. Travis tells Derek to go hard or go home. Dave needs Megz to feel the sexy. Hey! Fifth Harmony! SYNERGY! No Derek. No. Again, Disappointed by a dancer attempting hip hop. It’s not hard at all. He looks like Michael J Fox trying to get his hip hop on. These two also have no chemistry. Megz is handling her own swag pretty well, but she’s had better dances this season. I’m disappointed a bit by her, but not a dangerous amount. Paula appreciates the effort, and says this wasn’t her favorite routine. She says this wasn’t Derek’s comfort zone, and it felt awkward. Paula references the fact that it’s a saxophone in the song, but Megz is holding a trumpet. That’s not Megz’s fault. Jason says Derek wasn’t even in the ball park. Nigel didn’t think this routine helped Derek. Nigel loves Megz’s journey. RESULTS! Derek is already in the bottom, Megz is in the Top 10!

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6) Gaby and Neptune- Contemporary with Stacey Tookey- Take My Hand Precious Lord
Neptune likes Ninjas and vowels. Gaby likes Scooby Doo. This piece is about humanity. Travis says this should make the audience weep. Stacey says she’s impressed with Neptune. Great song choice for this piece. What Neptune lacks in technique, he makes up in sheer masculine stage presence. We lack that sometimes from our contemporary dancers. He reminds me of when Twitch did Dreaming With A Broken Heart way back when. Sometimes, you just need a man in the dance. Fantastic work from both Gaby and Neptune. Total commitment. Standing O from the judges. Jason stays standing for his critique and says it was unreal. He says they lived the story on stage. Nigel says Gaby shines every week. Nigel says Gaby is his favorite Team Stage dancer. Neptune says he’s been through these struggles before. Paula wishes the world could see them as she sees them. RESULTS! Neptune is in danger. Gaby is Top 10. That finishes our Bottom Three for team street. That means JJ is safe! Wow. Also, there’s only one remaining Team Stage dancer left… Kate… and with Gaby being safe, that would mean Kate is in danger.

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Well, Team Street is just rough. I was sure Yorelis would be saved, but now I feel like Neptune has to get the save.

7) Kate and JJ- Jazz with Brian Friedman- A Different Beat by Little Mix
Kate wouldn’t marry Jason Derulo. JJ would go to Spain. JJ doesn’t know what a pinup girl is. Brian says Kate was rough. I thought it was a fun, fluff piece. We’ve had worse dances tonight. Nigel said the dance was designed to bring out their personalities, and I agree. Nigel says it really brought out Kate’s personality this week. Paula says there’s more of a “wink and a smile” needed. Jason agrees, and says it felt adolescent. “Pretty good performance”. Like I said, a fluff piece. As previously noted, Kate is in danger, JJ is in the Top 10.

Click to Watch Kate and JJ Jazz Routine – VIDEO

Based on that, I don’t think that saved Kate. Honestly, I don’t know who will get saved on Team Stage. But Save Neptune. Definitely. If I could put Yorelis on Team Stage and send her through, I would.

WOW. Travis voted. He voted to save Neptune and Alexia. Showed up in my feed. Yes, his verified account. Nigel also voted for Neptune and Alexia.

Team Stage Routine- Choreo by Sonya Tayeh- Lift Me
Jim couldn’t do the routine, so Robert is dancing. I had forgotten how tremendous Robert is. Just… incredible. When these kids have to dance next to all stars, they’re gonna start showing their weakness. Robert stole the whole dance. Standing O from the judges. So glad to have Sonya back.

Click to Watch Sonya Tayeh Team Stage Routine – VIDEO

Team Street Routine- Choreo by Pharside and Phoenix
They’re side show freaks this week. Sonya’s dance was fierce, but I think the costumers made this one unforgettable. Jaja as the bearded lady… the heavy metal track in the background… Neptune as the strong man. This is like American Horror Story meets So You Think You Can Dance. Twisted. Not your average hip hop routine. I wish more of the other dances this week had this level of punch in them. Poor Yorelis. Both her and Neptune deserve to stay.

Click to Watch Pharside & Phoenix Team Street Routine – VIDEO

TEAM STAGE: Jim, Edson, Hailee, Gaby
TEAM STREET: Jaja, Virgil, Megz, JJ

TEAM STAGE: Derek (automatically in danger for not dancing last week), Alexia, Kate
TEAM STREET: Yorelis, Ariana, Neptune

SAVED BY AMERICA: Derek and Neptune
ELIMINATED: Alexia, Kate, Yorelis, and Ariana

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Wow. We saved Derek, huh? Two weeks running. Sent home four girls. That sucks. That’s it for this week. Did you think the right dancer was saved? Sound off down below. Join me next week as the Top 10 dance, and join me on Thursday for my power rankings.

I say we all pledge right now to stop saving Derek. Do we need a public service announcement?

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