SYTYCD 11- Auditions #3- Live Blog and Recap

Join me tonight. Dance. Auditions.

LA Auditions, Part DEUX!

Christina Applegate is here with Mary and Nigel.

Serge Onik and Anna Kerchega- Ballroom
Serge auditioned last year and was cut in the Green Mile episode. He will probably go all the way this year. Anna’s cute, but for me, not aggressive enough as a ballroom dancer. Jenna would be an example of what I mean by aggressive. Mary thought they were terrific and compliments Anna’s legs. They’re both through.

Timothy Joseph- Flipper/Breakdancer
This kid flips like in the top 1% of all dancers who flip. He’s a pretty good breaker. I don’t think he can do choreo, and I think they know that. He gets put through to choreo, but he’s injured. Will he do choreo?

Casey Askew- Contemporary
I don’t know what this song is, but I love it. This kid is a contender, his dancing is legit. Mary doesn’t seem happy. He’s doing everything. Nigel stops the music, no feedback, immediate ticket to the next round.

Montage of dancers going through.

J-4- Hip Hop
A nine year old auditions, knowing he can’t go through. Fik-Shun and Cyrus join him on stage for a hip hop trio. J4 is going to be incredible when he gets older. For nine years old, he’s already better than some dancers we’ve seen audition who are of age. He seems wise beyond his years too, not like a little kid. J4 is excited to meet Twitch.

Jourdan Estefan- Contemporary/Ballet
Her brother was a drug addict. He’s OK now. She dances to express her emotions. She’s got a lot of strength in her movement. She could be interesting if put through to the top 20. I wonder if she can do ballroom. Christina thought her technique showed through. Mary screams and says she was waiting for someone like her. She’s straight through.

Johnny Gibson- Waacking
He’s auditioned before. The judges keep making fun of the name “waacking”. Christina is having difficulty keeping a straight face. He’s wearing a skirt thing, which for me conflicts with his masculine upper half. I get people who try to be androgynous, but when you keep your shirt open, you’re not androgynous. We can see you’re a man. He’s a crazy unique dancer. Nigel embraces his uniqueness. Christina suggests choreo, and he’s through to choreo.

Malene Astergaard and Armin Way- Ballroom
Armin dropped his partner last year, and didn’t make the Top 20. Armin is great in his style. Malene is a bit more of the aggressive sexy that I think ballroom girls need to stand out. She looks older than she is though. Nigel tells Armin he’s a very lucky man. Mary calls them a dynamic couple, and compliments Armin on his masculinity. They’re both through.

A montage of more dancers going through. All ballroom.

Katherine and Robert lead the choreo round. Timothy Joseph bows out with his injury. Johnny survives choreo and gets a ticket.


Joining Nigel and Mary is Misty Copeland, one of the most recognized african-american ballet dancers.

Bridget Whitman- Contemporary
When she was 12, her dad was killed in a car accident. So, the producers choose to play sections of Say Something. The last thing she did with her dad was watch So You Think You Can Dance. Mary is already crying. She’s dancing beautifully to a beautiful song. There’s something missing though… I don’t know if she’ll continue to stand out in Hollywood. I think she’s missing a star quality. She gets a ticket.

Montage of boys going through.

Mia Sanders- Ballet
She wants to be like Misty. She’s a funky ballet dancer (with a nose ring). Nigel loves her personality. She incorporates other styles into her ballet. That’s what makes it funky. Misty loves her lines, and that she mixed it with her funk. Mia gives her a few notes technically on her feet in ballet style. Mary loved her dancing. Nigel says yes to choreo.

Amir Sanders – Audition – SYTYCD Season 11 by IdolxMuzic

Montage of dancers who made it through. A girl brings a band in with her.

Landon Anderson- Ballroom
Jenna’s audition partner from last year wasn’t old enough to advance last year, so she’s reauditioning with him this year. He’s great, but Jenna is just impossible to not watch. This dance goes on forever. Mary screams. Mary says Jenna was one of her favorite dancers of all time. Mary compliments Landon across the board. Nigel compliments him for not being overpowered by Jenna. Nigel invites Jenna to be an All-Star.

Two pointless dance crews. The Wanted A-Sheiks fuse Bollywood with Hollywood. Next is Mixd elements. They have krump bboy and poppin. They’re more of a standard crew. I’d pick them.

Shafeek Westbrook- Hip Hop
He auditioned in season 9, got put straight through, and lost his crap in Vegas. He was cut in Jazz and told he had a bad attitude. He realizes he was unprofessional. As a hip hop/breaker, He’s great. I think the show needs someone like him every season. Is he the one they need? Mary liked some of his moves and wanted more wow moments. Misty loved his strength and control. Nigel suggests choreo.

Mia and Shafeek do choreo with Robert and Melanie. Mia and Shafeek both go through. As do a bunch of others.

Day Two! Tony Winner Billy Porter from Kinky boots join Nigel and Mary on the panel.

Stanley Glover- Animalistic Contemporary
His mom died next to him when he was four years old. He was raised by his moms friend. No one is there to support him today. He calls his dancing creature-like. This is a memorable solo. If he was dancing for his life. he would get saved. Today, I’m sure he’ll get a ticket. He’s incredible. I want to see more. Nigel says his technique is fantastic and he was riveted the whole time. Billy says the potential is extraordinary. He gets a ticket. ETA: The song played during Stanley’s backstory is “Open Your Eyes” by American Idol season 9 winner, Lee DeWyze.

Montage of dancers who don’t interview well, but dance well. They all go through.

James Banks Davis- Hip Hop
He was dancing for some girls, and one of their boyfriends shot him in the leg. Twice. He almost had his leg amputated. He goes to church now and focuses on his dance. I would definitely call this lyrical hop hop. It’s almost contemporary. He tells a story through his dance. I love him. He’s a star. Definitely Top 20 material. Mary says it was a slow krump. Mary thinks he needs more. He’s through to choreo.

James now does Choreo. Him and his partner get cut. I don’t understand this show sometimes. I think he had a star quality, and was way more interesting than Justin Bieber.

The Wanted beat Mixd.

Next week is Atlanta Auditions. Final auditions.

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Billy Porter was underused tonight. Hopefully they invite him back later.

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