Syesha Mercado Wails as Florida CPS Takes Newborn Infant Away (Video)

Syesha Mercado CPS
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Syesha Mercado is now fighting Florida CPS on two fronts. In March authorities took custody of her son AmenRa after taking him to the emergency room. But as she fought for the return of her child, Syesha and her husband Tyron Deener were also expecting another baby.

As you might imagine, after the American Idol season 7 alum gave birth to a daughter recently, Florida CPS took her away as well. 

The singer posted a dramatic Instagram video on Wednesday (August 11) captioned “THEY TOOK ARE BABY AGAIN” The clip, shot with a smartphone, documents authorities taking the couple’s baby away after their car is pulled over.

Syesha sobs as authorities take her infant away

The nearly 1 hour and 10 minute video shows Syesha and her husband sitting in a car, after police pull them over. They argue with authorities before they take her crying infant away. The authorities insist that they intervened after the family wouldn’t allow CPS to do a check in. Syesha says she was willing to allow CPS in her home, but they had to work through her lawyer.

Syesha breastfeeds the baby before authorities take her away, along with extra milk and baby belongings. Syesha tries to hold it together, but eventually she begins howling and crying. It’s gut-wrenching. The husband tells the assembled authorities that what they are doing is morally and ethically wrong. Syesha says, “You guys have created so much trauma.”

UPDATE: Syesha’s newborn daughter was 10 days old when the authorities took her, reports the Herald-Tribune. The authorities took custody of the infant to bring her to the hospital.  Syesha and her husband told the authorities the baby had been seen by doctors the day before.

After a court hearing Thursday morning, the baby was still in protective custody, according to Donisha Prendergast, a founder of the organization We Have the Right to be Right, which works to support a variety of social justice issues.

“I have the key to this city and Sarasota!”

And then Syesha shouts, “You know how much I’ve done for this county? I have the key to this city and Sarasota. I’ve done nothing but help this county…” Indeed, Syesha’s American Idol hometown visit, shot after she made he Top 3, took place in Manatee county. Watch her receive the key to the city HERE.

She begs authorities to allow her to ride with her baby, and they say no. “I’m not a danger!” Syesha cries. “It’s so wrong, it’s so wrong,” she wails. 

Fellow singing show alums lend their support

Syesha’s fellow season 7 alum, Brooke White, a mem of two herself commented, “NO. Outraged and devastated and beyond sorry that you are enduring this. It’s not right.”

And The Voice season 3 winner Cassadee Pope writes, “I’m so sorry @syesha. The lack of empathy and grace is incredibly disturbing. We’re all here to support you. We will do our part in bringing you justice. You should’ve never had to go through this once, let alone TWICE.”



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It all started on March 11

Syesha wrote on Instagram that explaining how it all started “March 11th we were forcefully removed from our SUNshine and banned from the hospital Permanently by CPI Officer Danielle McCoy of Manatee County along with other armed police officers.

“We were forced to leave our baby behind with strangers at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. Manatee County Sheriff’s department claimed, on Fox 13 News Amen’Ra was first placed in a Medical Foster home, however he NEVER was. He was placed in a regular foster. We have PROOF where he went when he was discharged, which by the way they didn’t even notify us when he was discharged.”

Syesha also claims that CPS bypassed a qualified relative placement “ripping our sun of his culture and the stable and loving environment and world he knew and loved.”

Syesha goes on to say that “CPI Officer Danielle McCoy told us the reason for the removal was because we refused a B12 shot, which we didn’t. A false petition and medical report by MD Sally Smith has torn our family apart and created unnecessary trauma.”

However,investigators said doctors called CPS due to concerns over Amen’Ra’s failing health. “Our investigators learned through medical professionals that this child was malnourished, underweight, very unhealthy, and we were also told by these medical professionals that unless he got the treatment that he needed, ongoing, consistent treatment, that he would die,” Randy Warren, the public information officer with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office told FOX network’s Tampa Bay affiliate.

Controversial John Hopkins child abuse pediatrician 

Syesha also advises folks to “look up Sally Smith, MD and Danielle McCoy CPI Officer of Manatee County, two key entities responsible in this corruption and traumatizing separation.” Dr. Smith, a powerful child abuse pediatrician, has a reputation of taking babies away from their mothers’ under suspicious pretext.

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