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A new episode of Survivor 44 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The tribe returns to camp after tribal council. Frannie says tribal council was chaotic. The vote didn’t go the way she planned. She thought Jaime was the target instead of Kane. She’s frustrated that everyone lied to her. Lauren was also excluded from the plan, and she feels like she is on the outs too. Carson, however, said tribal council went exactly how he thought it would. He tries to do damage control with Jaime. He lies and says Kane was telling everyone she had an idol. In reality, Carson was the one telling everyone that Jaime might have an idol. Carson is amused how he can place blame on people that are no longer in the game. Jaime is disappointed Kane was voted out, especially since Kane was in possession of her fake hidden immunity idol on his way out of the game. Jaime still doesn’t know that her idol was fake.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They will be competing for a night at a sanctuary with food and beverages. For this challenge, they must spin in a metal frame before crossing a series of obstacles, collecting balls along the way. Lastly, they will have to toss two balls up on a trough. The first to complete the challenge will win reward. The challenge begins, and everyone starts off very dizzy after spinning in the metal frames. Frannie and Danny take the early lead, but it’s Frannie who tosses her two balls up on the trough first. Frannie wins reward! Frannie is allowed to bring three people with her. Before she picks anyone, Jeff reveals that letters from loved ones are also waiting at the sanctuary. She ultimately chooses Carolyn, Lauren, and Heidi.

Back at camp, Yam Yam is upset that he’s not at the reward. He really wanted a letter from home. While he, Danny, Carson, and Jaime eat rice together, they talk about the upcoming vote. Frannie is now a target since she has won three individual challenges so far. Meanwhile, Frannie, Carolyn, Lauren, and Heidi enjoy their reward. Carolyn is grateful that Frannie chose to bring the moms on the reward. Later, they all cry as they read their letters from home. The talk later turns to strategy, and Carolyn brings up voting out Danny. The other women are on board with it.

Back at camp, Jaime comes clean about finding an idol and giving it to Kane before he was voted out. She doesn’t want to be targeted for possibly having an idol. However, this just makes Danny more suspicious of Jaime. He thinks it’s a fake story to keep the target off her back. Danny and Carson agree on a plan. If Frannie doesn’t win immunity, then they vote her out. But if Frannie wins immunity again, then they vote out Jaime.

Frannie, Carolyn, Lauren, and Heidi return to camp the following morning. As soon as they arrive, Jaime comes clean to them about the idol she handed over to Kane. However, Frannie and Carolyn also believe that Jaime created a fake story. No one believes that Jaime gave an idol to Kane before he was voted out.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. For this challenge, their limbs will be tied together as they slither through the sand while dragging a buoy with their mouth. Once they get to the end of the sand, they will be untied and have to untangle a buoy. Lastly, they must complete a star puzzle. The first one to complete the puzzle will win immunity. The challenge begins, and Danny takes a big early lead. He keeps his lead by the time he starts working on the puzzle. Eventually, Carson and Frannie are the second and third castaways to start working on the puzzle. Danny hasn’t made any progress on the puzzle by the time everyone but Carolyn is working on the puzzle. Carson makes quick progress with the puzzle and eventually completes it. Carson wins immunity.

The castaways return to camp. Frannie notices this is the first time she will be going to tribal council without immunity. She talks to Heidi, Carolyn, and Carson about voting out Jaime or Danny. They are agreeable, and Carson suggests splitting the votes. Meanwhile, Danny talks to Jaime, Yam Yam, and Lauren about voting out Frannie. They agree that Frannie is a challenge threat, but Lauren notices how this is the first time Danny has talked game with her. Yam Yam says in his confessional that he, Carson, and Carolyn will be the ones deciding what happens tonight. Yam Yam and Carson agree to vote out Frannie, but they are afraid this will make Carolyn unhappy. They know Carolyn will not vote for Frannie tonight. Danny talks to Heidi, and he tells her that enough people are voting for Frannie tonight. He says he doesn’t even need Heidi’s vote. Afterwards, Heidi shares this piece of information with Carolyn and Carson. This upsets Carolyn, and she tries to figure out what’s going on. If Danny doesn’t need Heidi’s vote, then who has told Danny they are voting with him? Carolyn, Frannie, Lauren, and Jaime talk about what Heidi said about Danny, and now they wonder if Heidi should be voted out instead. Carolyn tries to gather the numbers for a last minute plan to blindside Heidi. Carson is not on board with this plan, but he realizes he’ll end up betraying someone regardless which way he votes tonight.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff begins the discussion with Frannie’s choice at the reward challenge. Frannie agrees with Jeff that it’s better to be chosen for that reward instead of winning it. Danny counters that it’s better to win as often as possible since it’s players like that who are remembered by fans. Yam Yam says Survivor is a difficult game to play. You want to be seen as great, but you don’t want to become too much of a target. Jaime adds it’s a balancing act to manage your threat level. She also brings up her idol again and how it left the game with Kane. Carolyn adds it’s a stressful game. She doesn’t want to be a threat, but she doesn’t want to be irrelevant either. Jaime says it’s a brand new game every day. Circumstances change, so, in her opinion, the era of alliances is over. Danny adds that he and Lauren have been at odds on a game level, but they get along personally. Frannie says anyone could be working with anyone. Carson says he was still stressed despite having immunity. He says there are so many plans that it’s become pandemonium. Heidi says one person could go home by just making one wrong last comment. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…








Frannie is voted out and the fourth member of the jury.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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