Survivor Season 41 – Premiere Recap and Live Blog

The two-hour season premiere of Survivor 41 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

After delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Survivor is back! This season will feature an all-new cast of castaways and a shorter amount of days (26 days instead of the usual 39). Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast the others to claim the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million grand prize in this new era of Survivor? Let’s find out!

The episode begins with Jeff Probst greeting the audience. He says he misses us, and he invites us to play along in a game within the game. The audience will know certain elements of the game before the castaways. He first teases a secret advantage called the Beware Advantage, which will come with risks. Jeff adds that this season will include smaller tribes, no rice, penalties for losing, and everything must be earned. Like past seasons, there will also be game-changing twists that can turn the game upside down.

It’s time to meet the castaways. Evvie is a PhD student excited to play the game. Danny is an ex-NFL player who binge-watched Survivor during quarantine. Tiffany is a teacher who applied multiple times to be on Survivor. JD was born after Survivor first premiered; he’s been a lifelong Survivor fan. Voce is a neurosurgeon who calls Survivor a “complete reset” for him. Shan is a self-proclaimed “mafia pastor.” She won’t let her profession stop her from playing a cutthroat game. Sara is a healthcare consultant and calls 2020 the worst year of her life. Deshawn is a medical student, and he says COVID-19 has made him more excited than ever to play Survivor. Erika is a communications manager, and she claims she will play like an animal let out of its cage. Xander is an app developer, and he says he lives and breathes for Survivor.

Jeff greets all 18 castaways on a barge. Genie is a grocery clerk, and she is excited to make this dream a reality. Abraham says he’s ecstatic to play. Erika was supposed to play last year, so she’s glad to finally have this opportunity. Naseer says he’s the happiest human being on Earth. He says he learned English by watching Survivor. Heather first started watching Survivor since the show started 20 years ago. She started watching the show with her boyfriend who is now her husband. They watch the show with their children now. The tribes are already separated. Luvu is in blue, Ua is in green, and Yase is in yellow.

Luvu – Heather, Erika, Danny, Naseer, Deshawn, and Sydney

Ua – Genie, Ricard, Brad, JD, Shan, and Sara

Yase – Abraham, Xander, Evvie, Tiffany, David, and Liana

Their first challenge as a tribe will be to retrieve six paddles and jump off the barge. They must paddle out on a boat and claim flint. Along with flint, they will have a pot and machete waiting for them back at camp. The challenge begins, and Luvu takes the early lead. However, Ua surpasses them rowing their boat. Yase isn’t even off the barge yet. They can’t find their last paddle. Ua keeps the lead, and they claim the flint first. Ua wins reward! Their supplies will be waiting for them back at camp. The other tribes will have to wait for another opportunity to earn a pot, a flint, and a machete.

The Ua tribe arrives at camp. Sara shares she lost her grandmother due to COVID-19. She feels like she’s on the show for her, and she feels her presence. Brad is a cattle rancher used to working with his hands. He gets started on helping the tribe build shelter. He shares he lost his father to cancer. He wants to get the most out of life, and that includes playing Survivor. JD says he has been preparing for Survivor before the getting on the show. He practiced making fire with a flint, and the practice came in handy. He’s able to make fire for his tribe.

At the Yase tribe, they are embarrassed by their poor performance in the opening challenge. As they land on the beach, they learn they have a challenge to do. They can do Savvy or Sweat. Savvy requires them to count the number of triangles in an image. They only get one guess. Sweat requires two tribe members to gather ocean water in two barrels. It will be several hours of physical effort, and they get four hours to complete the task. If they fail the challenge, then they will get no supplies until after immunity challenge. Yase wants to do the Sweat task, but Voce admits in a confessional that doesn’t want to be separated from the tribe. However, he reluctantly agrees. He and Xander get to work on the Sweat challenge, but Voce is worried that the other tribe members will be making bonds and strategizing while he’s away. Meanwhile, Luvu has the same choice. Deshawn and Danny volunteer for the challenge.

Genie talks about her wife with her tribe members. She comes from a traditional family, but her mother was very supportive. Ricard is also married, and he has a daughter with his husband. He wants to win the money to help support his family. Back at the Luvu tribe, Danny and Deshawn make an alliance and decide to look for a hidden immunity idol. Unbeknownst to them, Naseer spots them. He goes back to camp and reports to his tribe members that Deshawn and Danny are searching for hidden immunity idols. Erika says this raises red flags. Naseer proposes to vote them out out of the tribe first.

While Voce and Xander are still working on the Sweat task, Evvie proposes an alliance with Liana. She agrees, saying she believes she can trust Evvie. While Evvie and Abraham are working on the shelter, Abraham complains about Tiffany’s poor performance in the challenge. This gets back to Tiffany, and she’s bothered that Abraham is throwing her name under the bus. Tiffany shares in  a confessional that she is a previvor. Breast cancer runs in her family history, but she has been able to overcome it. Tiffany is determined to have the title of Survivor now.

Back at Ua, JD and Sara bond being the youngest people on the tribe. JD shares in a confessional that he doesn’t want to talk strategy all the time. Instead, he wants to have individual conversations with everyone. In his confessional, Ricard says JD is very obvious about his intentions. Later, Ricard, Shan, and Sara talk about JD. They say he is rubbing them the wrong way, and they agree he could be an option for the first person voted out of their tribe.

Both pairs at Luvu and Yase complete the Sweat task. When they return to camp, Sydney shares with Deshawn that Naseer ratted them out about searching for hidden immunity idols. Deshawn says Naseer has a lot of nerve to want to vote out the two people who just won the tribe flint and a machete. He wants Naseer to be the first person voted out of their tribe.

It’s Day 2, and Levu spend time hunting crabs on a beach. We hear from Sydney. She’s adventurous and has been to 49 countries. She says playing Survivor makes sense for her life. While on the beach, a boat lands on shore. One person must get on board and go into the unknown. There is much hesitation, but Danny eventually agrees to board the boat. There is hesitation at the Yase tribe too, and Xander agrees to board the boat. Ua draw rocks, and JD is randomly chosen to board the boat. All three boats land at the same island. Danny, Xander, and JD introduce themselves to each other. They must go up a trek and get to know each other. They reach the top of the mountain, and they must decide to agree to take the advantage or decline it. They walk back down the mountain, and they separate. They each must individually choose to protect their vote or to risk their vote. If all three players choose to protect their vote, then nothing happens. If all three players choose to risk their vote, then they will lose their votes. If it’s a split decision, then the players who risk their votes will win an extra vote. They deliberate alone. Danny chooses to protect his vote. The show cuts to commercial before we see what Xander and JD decide.

Danny returns to camp, and he tells them everything. He’s honest about the decision presented to him, and he admits he protected his vote. At the Yase tribe, he’s upfront about what happened at the island too. Xander chose to risk his vote, and he admits this to his tribe members. He says they could use this extra vote to help them out down the line if they swap or merge. At the Ua tribe, JD tells a very long story about what happened. He tells his tribe members he protected his vote. In his confessional, Ricard says he doesn’t believe a word JD said.

It’s time for the first immunity challenge. Before the challenge begins, Jeff introduces a new twist. They can roll a die to win safety. If they choose to roll the die, then they lose the power to vote for the night. This die will give them a less than 17% to win safety. This decision will be in private before the vote. Jeff then explains the rules for the challenge. Tribe members must go over and under a series of obstacles. They must place puzzle pieces on a sled and transfer them to a crate. Then they must take the pieces to the top of a tower to solve it. The first tribe to finish will win immunity. The two losing tribes will go to tribal council. The two losing tribes will also have to forfeit their flint. The challenge begins, and all teams put in a lot of physical effort going through the obstacles and moving the sled with puzzle pieces. Ua is the first tribe to reach the top of the tower with the puzzle pieces, but Luvu is not too far behind. Yase is struggling reaching the top of the tower, but they finally get there. All three tribes are working on the puzzle at the same time. Shan and Sara are working on the puzzle for Ua. Evvie and Liana are working on the puzzle for Yase. Deshawn and Erika are working on the puzzle for Luvu. Luvu eventually takes the lead away from Ua as Yase is far behind. Luvu solves the puzzle first. Luvu wins immunity!

Yase returns to camp. Liana and Tiffany want to vote out Abraham, but they are concerned whether or not other people will be on board. Meanwhile, Abraham tells Xander and Voce to vote out Tiffany tonight. Abraham says the tribe will be stronger without Tiffany. Voce says having strength will be an asset, so he wants to keep Abraham. However, Evvie wants to convince her tribe members to take out Abraham and save Tiffany. Tiffany has faith her tribe members will have her back tonight, but she’s still worried since her name in on the chopping block. Tiffany goes searching for a hidden immunity idol, but she cannot find it.

At the Ua tribe, Sara laments blowing a huge lead. She regrets volunteering to do the puzzle. She is worried she’s going to be voted out tonight. However, Ricard wants to vote out JD tonight. He’s unsure if he can get the votes against JD. Ricard talks to Genie, and she says she would be on board with voting out JD. Ricard talks to Sara and Shan about voting our JD tonight. Brad joins their conversation, and he candidly says that he doesn’t want to vote out JD tonight and he would rather vote out Shan or Sara. Sara is bothered that Brad said this in front of her face. She’s contemplating using the die advantage tonight. Brad tells JD that Ricard and Sara are throwing his name under the bus. Shan is worried how the vote will play out at tribal council tonight.

Yase goes to tribal council first. Jeff asks about the vibe around camp. Tiffany believes they are a cohesive tribe that exist in harmony. They all love and accept each other. Jeff asks the criteria for the vote. Abraham says strength is a determining factor. He says it will help them move forward in the game. Tiffany says Abraham talks in circles. She says he never says a single thing unless it’s important. Jeff asks Evvie her thoughts, and she agrees that challenge strength is important. Jeff asks about their thoughts on the die advantage. Voce says the idea is scary, and Liana adds that it can cause chaos and stir up the game. Jeff asks how the tribe will change after the vote. Xander wants to prove that they are a strong tribe. Evvie adds that they will leave this tribal council more cohesive than when they entered. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote. We don’t see who they voted for, but Xander claims his extra vote advantage. It can be used until there are six people in the game. He chooses not to use the extra vote advantage tonight.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…






Abraham is the first person voted out of Survivor 41. Abraham is blindsided, but he calls them a great group of people and wishes everyone the best of luck.

It’s time for Ua’s tribal council. He asks Shan’s thoughts on the group. She said she feels camaraderie and they were in a good head space after the first challenge. Ricard says everyone is chill and gets along well. Brad says they would trade their machete and pot if they could all stay together. JD talks about his time at the summit, and he reiterates that he chose to protect his vote. Sara adds that they still have to be skeptical since none of them joined JD at the summit. Jeff asks about the challenge, and Sara owns up to the mistake of not spotting a puzzle piece. Jeff asks about the criteria of tonight’s vote. While JD is talking about weighing the pros and cons, Ricard, Sara, and Shan start whispering about the vote. JD admits he’s concerned plans could be changing. Sara says she knows she’s on the chopping block, and JD asks if this is going to be a live tribal council. While they discuss the vote, Ricard gets up and whispers in JD’s ear to vote for Brad tonight. JD gets up and whispers to Shan that getting rid of Brad tonight is a terrible idea. While more whispering is going on, Genie and Brad sit down and question what is going on. JD asks Shan if she would rather lose Brad or Sara tonight. JD tells Jeff that whatever happens tonight, he believes people were feeding him lies earlier today. They all have their dice ready for the vote tonight, and JD jokes that tonight will be like a Saturday night in Las Vegas. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote. When JD gets to the voting booth, he claims his extra vote advantage. He lied to the other tribe members about protecting his vote.

Jeff reads the vote. The first vote is for…






Sara is the second person voted out of Survivor 41.

And that wraps up tonight’s two-hour premiere of Survivor 41. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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