Survivor Season 38 Edge Of Extinction Week 3 Recap and Live Blog

A new episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with Keith arriving at Extinction Island. He greets Reem and apologizes to her. “Don’t be sorry,” Reem tells him. She informs him that it’s rough out in Extinction Island and she hasn’t eaten in days. In a confessional, Reem admits that she was ready to give up and go home. However, she feels like she has to assume the motherly role to make sure Keith will be okay on Extinction Island. The next morning, Reem and Keith get a map in their mail. They wander the island, trek up a mountain, and then find a small container of rice. They’re happy to have some sustenance, but they realize they must climb up that mountain each time in order to get their rice.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They must assemble a wheelbarrow, collect sand bags, disassemble the wheelbarrow to build a sling shot, and then use the sling shot to fire sand bags at targets. The first tribe to knock down all their targets will win reward. They have a choice between comfort items and chickens. The challenge begins, and Manu takes the lead as they assemble their wheelbarrow first. Nonetheless, Kama are right behind them. Both tribes are now untying knots to release their set of sand bags. Kama takes the lead as they collect their sand bags before Manu. Both tribes get to work assembling their slingshot, and Manu takes the lead as they assemble their wheelbarrow first. Both tribes are now firing sand bags. Chris fires the sand bags for Manu as Julia fires the sand bags for Kama. Chris hits all the targets one after another. Manu wins reward! They choose the chickens as their reward.

Wendy suffered an ankle injury during the challenge. She didn’t realize how bad her injury was until she and the rest of her tribe returned to camp. While she’s sitting alone, she’s bothered by hearing her tribe members’ plans for the chickens. She doesn’t want them to kill the chickens. “What did the chickens do?” Wendy says. She asks Rick if he would rat her out if she releases the chickens. He says he wouldn’t do it, but he’s bemused that she is willing to risk her Survivor game to save the chickens’ lives.

The Kama tribe bemoan their loss, but they say the immunity challenge is more important anyway. We hear a confessional from Victoria, and she says Joe, Aubry, and Aurora are on the outs. There is a consensus that the returnees are targets due to already having their chance. Aurora seems attached to them, so she is excluded from a majority group comprised of the other six castaways. While Victoria and Ron talk game, Victoria tells Ron that Joe and Aubry are a pair. Unbeknownst to her, Joe was right behind her when she says this. She manages to play it off without Joe getting suspicious, but Joe later admits to Aubry and Aurora that he’s been getting weird vibes. Aubry and Aurora feel the same. Aubry realizes she’s in a sticky situation, so she goes searching for the hidden immunity idol. In her confessional, Aubry says she wants every Survivor experience and she has yet to find a hidden immunity idol each time she has played the game. We next see Aubry find a wrapped package and she breaks down in tears. Aubry has found a hidden immunity idol!

Back at Manu, Wendy is still against the tribe killing the chickens. She’s getting on her tribe members’ nerves, especially since Wendy isn’t even a vegetarian. Wardog calls Wendy a hypocrite in his confessional, and he, Kelley, and Lauren later vent their frustrations about Wendy to each other. Kelley says in a confessional how Wendy is still a target for her since Wendy wrote down her name last time. “It’s kill or be killed,” Kelley says.

It’s Day 8 and time for the third immunity challenge of the season. Three tribe members will be in a boat as the others will be tethered to the boat and swim out to a platform, pulling the boat. The tribe members in the boat must climb the platform and individually collect keys to unlock a chest with puzzle pieces. They then will have to make their way to another platform, unlock the chest, and then assemble their puzzle. The first tribe to complete their puzzle will win immunity. The challenge begins, and it’s fairly even with both tribes collecting their keys with no issues. However, Manu struggles with the puzzle, allowing Kama to take the lead. Kama finishes their puzzle first. Kama wins immunity!

Manu returns to camp, and Wendy feels like she’s on the chopping block despite doing very well in the challenge. She walks away from camp, and the other tribe members realize the flint is missing. They begin to suspect Wendy took the flint to save the chickens. In a confessional, Wendy gleefully shows the flint in her hand and is happy that they cannot kill the chickens now. David and Rick later ask Wendy about the flint, but she denies taking it. Wendy is the target for the tribe, but David really wants Kelley to be blindsided tonight. He believes he can get Rick, Wendy, and Chris to vote out Kelley. David discusses this plan with Chris, but Chris doesn’t want to burn his bridge with Wardog. Chris later brings up Kelley’s name to Wardog, but Wardog now doesn’t trust Chris for considering Kelley’s name. Wardog now wants Chris gone. Wardog rats out Chris to the rest of the tribe, including Kelley. Now Chris is their target, and this news gets back to Rick and David. Rick and David are flabbergasted that Wendy isn’t even on the chopping block anymore. They realize they are the swing votes that will decide who gets voted out between Chris and Kelley.

It’s time for tribal council. The first topic of discussion is the lost flint and Wendy’s resistance to kill or eat a chicken. Wendy asserts it wasn’t an argument and she said she was just stepping aside from their decision to eat a chicken. Jeff later asks them about losing challenges and how it affects the vote. David says that tonight’s vote isn’t about who is a challenge liability, but he wants to eliminate the biggest social threat. Kelley is taken aback by David’s comment and doesn’t know what to say. Jeff asks if Wendy feels better about her chances in the game now, and she says she’s just taking in all the information. Rick says even though they’ve lost challenges, they’re getting more experience with Survivor strategy than the Kama tribe is. Chris says that these are all good Survivor players and real conversations have taken place this afternoon. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…







Chris is the third person voted out of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Chris walks down the path and comes across the signpost informing him of his decision. He can either go home or go on a boat for a chance to reenter the game. He grabs the torch and gets on the boat to Extinction Island.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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