Survivor Season 38 Edge Of Extinction Week 2 Recap and Live Blog

A new episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with Reem alone on Extinction Island. She reads a note telling her that if she wants to go home, then she can raise a white flag. She notices that there is no timeline on the note, so she doesn’t know how long she will have to stay on Extinction Island before she gets the chance to return to the game. She’s in tears as she feels stranded. She doesn’t want to disappoint her family either.

Back at the Manu camp, Wendy feels like she’s on the chopping block. She tells the others that Kelley is the ringleader and she should be the next one to go. In her confessional, Wendy says that Kelley has had two chances to win Survivor already, so she shouldn’t be trying to ruin people’s first chance with her third chance. Meanwhile, Wardog says they all need to keep tabs on Wendy so she doesn’t find a hidden immunity idol. Kelley suggests that the tribe should go find the immunity idol together as a group to make sure Wendy doesn’t get it.

At the Kama camp, Ron suggests the tribe should choreograph a tribe dance at the next immunity challenge. In her confessional, Aurora says morale is up and she’s amused by the dancing. Aubry, however, says in her confessional that she doesn’t care for the kumbaya nature. She asks Victoria and Julia what they think about the returning players, and she shares in her confessional that she’s frustrated that they aren’t forthcoming in their answers. She’s certain that the newbies will target Joe and herself. Later on, Victoria, Julia, and Ron discuss the returning vets. They notice that Aubry has been very pushy and putting the newbies on the spot when asking about the returning players. Victoria says in her confessional that Aubry is doing a good job trying to pull people to her side, but she admits that Aubry might need to go if they were to lose the immunity challenge.

While Kelley and Lauren are searching for the hidden immunity idol back at the Manu camp, David and Rick speculate that Kelley might already have the idol herself. Wendy once against pleads her case to David and Rick, and she tells them that she’ll be loyal to them. They tell her that her pleas are not falling on deaf ears. In his confessional, David admits he’s open to the idea of voting out Kelley if given the chance. However, he is worried about other people finding out. Nonetheless, David feels like he can trust Rick and Wendy. In Rick’s confessional, he says he is on board to work with David in the game too.

Back at the Kama camp, Eric and Gavin go searching for the hidden immunity idol. Julie, Julia, and Victoria notice the men wander off looking for the idol, and Julie says they should be searching for idols too. The idol hunt continues on the Manu tribe as well. We hear a confessional from Lauren, and she says she is inspired by her two favorite players Parvati Shallow and Kelley Wentworth. Afterwards, Lauren finds the hidden immunity idol. She doesn’t tell anyone and plans to keep it a secret.

It’s Day 6 and time for the second immunity challenge. Both tribes will swim to a cage, untie a heavy snake, and then bring it back to the beach. Inside the snake are six numbered discs that will be used to unlock a chest with rings inside it. The first tribe to land all their rings on the targets will win immunity. Along with immunity, the winning tribe will also receive a fishing kit. The challenge begins, and Kama takes the lead as Keith struggles swimming in the water. Kama’s lead continues as they work together getting their snake out of the cage. All the Kama tribe members carry the snake over their shoulders and walk back to shore as Manu is still trying to get their snake out of the cage. Eventually, both tribes are back on the beach with their snakes and trying to unlock their combination lock. Both tribes get all their rings, and they begin tossing them at oars each with a letter that spells the word “immunity.” It’s eventually a tie as both tribes each land one ring. Eric and Joe alternate tossing rings for Kama as Chris tosses rings for Manu. Keith switches out with Chris, but he ends up putting Mana behind as he struggles landing a target. Chris switches back in, and he lands more targets for Manu. However, he’s unable to catch up with Eric and Joe. Eric lands the last ring for Kama. Kama wins immunity!

The Manu tribe returns to camp. Keith admits the challenge was a disaster and he’s disappointed in his performance. He realizes he could be on the chopping block tonight instead of Wendy. His fears are correct as Wardog is leading the charge against Keith. He calls him a liability. Kelley, however, is unhappy about this change in plans. She knows Wendy is targeting her, so she’s mad that Wendy might not be the target anymore. Wardog is adamant that Keith needs to be voted out tonight, and David fears that they might not be able to vote out Kelley tonight since Wardog was a number he was hoping for. However, Chris doesn’t want to vote out Keith tonight. Keith has promised Chris loyalty to the very end, so Chris wants Keith to stay. Chris suggests voting out Kelley to Rick, and he says that’s a possibility. Later, Rick goes to David and tells them that Chris wants to vote out Kelley tonight. David is excited that the Kelley blindside could still happen after all. Rick then shares the news with Keith, and Keith says that he’s on board with voting out Kelley. However, the plan might not come to fruition after Chris talks to Wardog. Chris wants Kelley out, but Wardog says that they need to keep Kelley as a shield for themselves. The vote is still up in the air, and Kelley is aware of the shift in energy. She admits that if she were in these newbies’ shoes, then she would see why they would want to vote her out. Although she trusts Lauren, she doesn’t trust anybody else. She would be angry if her tribe members kept Keith and voted her out.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff asks Wendy if she’s concerned she might get votes again tonight. She admits that she is worried since the first vote establishes where they all are in the game, and she feels like on the outs after receiving votes in the previous tribal council. Kelley shares the same sentiment since her name was written down last time too. Rick points out that Reem voted for her, but Kelley’s aware she’s still a target. Kelley says the benefits of keeping her in the game are that she’s a shield and good at challenges. Jeff asks Keith his thoughts since his challenge performance was weak, and he says that loyalty is an important factor too. Jeff asks Chris his thoughts, and Chris says that they have to have a good balance of keeping the tribe strong and keeping people they can trust. Jeff asks if this vote will be a blindside, and David is certain it will be a blindside tonight. Keith agrees it will be a blindside. Wardog says that every move they make should be rational a decision. He says tonight’s vote won’t be a blindside just for the sake of having a blindside. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…







Keith is the second person voted out of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

“Dang it!” Keith repeats to himself as he walks away from tribal council. He comes across the sign post telling him he can either go home or go to Extinction Island. He is shocked at the decision he has to make, and the episode ends with him struggling on which choice to make.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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