Survivor Season 36 Ghost Island Week 10 Recap and Live Blog

A new episode of Survivor: Ghost Island airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with the tribe returning to camp after tribal council. Domenick says it was a challenge to figure out who was lying and who was telling the truth. He’s thankful for Laurel for telling him about Desiree’s plan, and he expresses his gratitude to her. Laurel feels like she locked in protection from Kellyn, Domenick, and Wendell. She feels good about her position in the game. However, Kellyn says in a confessional that she’s unsure if she even wants to work with Laurel until the end, but she’s just glad her Naviti alliance has the majority. Meanwhile, Domenick and Wendell acknowledge they are a tight duo and everyone knows about it. However, Wendell feels like their alliance with Donathan and Laurel is a secret, which he sees as an advantage. But in his confessional, Domenick admits he would vote out Wendell if it meant him winning the million dollars. We next see Domenick go searching for a hidden immunity idol. He stumbles onto a coconut and finds the fake idol David created back from Millennials vs. Gen X. However, it has not matured into a hidden immunity idol yet. He can instead use it to fool someone into thinking it is an idol.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. It’s an endurance challenge that requires the castaways to hold onto a handle for the longest amount of time. If they lose their grip, a ball will fall from above them. The last two people standing will win immunity. Jeff also reveals a twist: there will be two tribal councils tonight. They will be divided into two new temporary tribes:

Orange tribe – Michael, Laurel, Domenick, Wendell, and Kellyn.

Purple tribe – Chelsea, Sebastian, Angela, Jenna, and Donathan.

The tribe to have its members last the longest in the challenge will get to go to tribal council second. The challenge begins. Kellyn is the first one out. Michael is next, and he is followed by Donathan. Laurel is the next one eliminated. Later on, Sebastian and Jenna are the next ones out. Two people from each temporary tribe remain. Angela is the next one out, meaning Chelsea wins immunity! It’s down between Wendell and Domenick for the second immunity necklace. After some banter between Domenick and Wendell, Wendell is the last one eliminated. Domenick wins immunity.

The castaways return to camp, and Domenick says it should be easy to vote out Michael. Meanwhile, Michael asks Donathan his thoughts and he is hoping Donathan will give him the hidden immunity idol. Michael asks if he can “borrow” Donathan’s idol, but Donathan shuts him down. He makes it clear he won’t be giving it to Michael. Michael comes up with another plan, which is to make Kellyn believe he has a hidden immunity idol. Kellyn is worried, and she shares this information with Domenick. However, Domenick is confident Michael does not have a hidden immunity idol and he tells Kellyn she shouldn’t have to worry. Kellyn then goes talk to Chelsea and Wendell next, and Kellyn is considering voting out Laurel instead since she’s afraid Michael does have an idol. Wendell is very close to Laurel, so he goes talk to Laurel about what he’s heard. Laurel is hoping that Kellyn would be the target if Michael does have a hidden immunity idol. In his confessional, Wendell admits he’d rather vote out Kellyn instead of Laurel if Michael cannot be voted out tonight. Before tribal council, Kellyn says she plans to use her secret advantage to put two votes on Laurel tonight.

Meanwhile, for the purple tribe, the consensus is to vote out Jenna tonight. They plan to tell Jenna that the plan is to vote out Donathan. We see Sebastian and Chelsea lie right to Jenna’s face and say they plan to vote out Donathan tonight. Afterwards, Jenna tells Donathan that she was told to vote for Donathan tonight. Donathan wonders if he should use his idol to save Jenna, but he has second thoughts after talking to Laurel. He’s worried Laurel might need the idol instead. However, we see Donathan and Jenna talking on the hammock before leaving for tribal council. Donathan says he wants Sebastian out, and he says he’ll use his idol on Jenna. Jenna is grateful, but she reveals in a confessional that she still plans to vote for Donathan tonight.

It’s time for the first tribal council of the evening. The jury of Chris, Libby, and Desiree is surprised to see only Angela, Donathan, Chelsea, Sebastian, and Laurel there. Jeff starts the discussion about the twist, and then he asks about any cracks in the Naviti alliance. Jenna says no, and she’s certain she’ll be voted out tonight. She’s already ready to vote. Jeff is taken aback that Jenna isn’t fighting harder to survive, and he asks the others their thoughts on her remarks. Donathan says she could have a surprise up her sleeve and it could be him going home tonight. Donathan says the Naviti alliance is unwilling to break apart, so it’s either going to be him or Jenna going home tonight. He and Jenna are very blunt, and Jeff says this may have been the fewest questions he has asked before a vote. Afterwards, it’s time to vote.

Jeff asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol. Donathan plays his hidden immunity idol for himself.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…






Jenna is voted out and the fourth member of the jury.

It’s time for the second tribal council. Jenna is already sitting with the jury members as Michael, Domenick, Wendell, Laurel, and Kellyn walk in. Jeff asks them their thoughts on seeing Laurel, and Laurel says it’s disappointing since it’s still Naviti strong. Domenick is thrilled that Naviti continues to have the numbers, even with a twist like this. Jeff asks if it’s an easy vote tonight, and Kellyn is unsure. Domenick says that he’s confident that Michael does not have an idol, and he’s not believing anything until he sees it. Jeff says all eyes are focused on Michael, but what about Laurel since it’s either him or her going home tonight. Wendell say they have to be right and not wrong. As Jeff asks Kellyn another question, Domenick and Wendell start whispering into each other’s ears. Laurel guesses they are probably torn whether or not they should take the shot at Michael, and she now thinks it could be her going home. Kellyn is equally worried since Wendell and Domenick didn’t whisper into her ear. Afterwards, it’s time to vote.

Before Jeff reads the vote, we see Kellyn play her advantage.

Before Jeff reads the votes, there is stunned reactions from Kellyn and Wendell when Michael does not play an idol.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for..







It’s a tie. Two votes Laurel and two votes Michael. There is a revote, but Michael and Laurel cannot vote. Wendell, Domenick, and Kellyn can only vote for Michael or Laurel.

Jeff reads the votes again. The first vote is for..



Michael is voted out and the fifth member of the jury.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor: Ghost Island. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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