Survivor 33 Millennials vs Gen X Week 7 Recap and Live Blog

A new episode of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with Takali returning to camp after tribal council. Figgy was just voted out, and Taylor is upset. Adam asks to talk to Taylor alone so he can explain himself. Adam says it was a lose-lose situation regardless, but he picked the lesser of the two. In his confessional, Adam says he feels he put himself in a position to move forward with the Gen X-ers and Figgy was just a sacrificial lamb to make that happen. In Taylor’s confessional, he is still disappointed and says, “I will destroy you.”

The next day at Vanua, David believes Michelle will be the next person voted out if they were to lose the next immunity. However, he is concerned about Chris turning on him and voting him out instead. In order to build a closer bond with Zeke, David shows him his hidden immunity idol. He tells Zeke he’s the only other person who knows he has the idol. Zeke is very appreciative that David told him this.

It’s time for the reward challenge. The tribes see that Figgy was voted out. Hannah looks surprised, but Michaela seems pleased. Jeff asks her thoughts. He reminds her that she said the three millennials should figure it out, but she admits she didn’t really mean that. She said it was about time Figgy left. “Bye, Felicia,” Michaela snarks. Afterwards the challenge begins. They must collect a net of balls from a frame and then shoot the balls through a hoop. Other tribe members must then maneuver the ball through a net tied to the hoop and then place it in another basket. Lastly they must toss all the balls on top of a narrow perch. The reward for today is food. Ikabula is in the lead with Vanua in last, but Vanua  catches up. Chris manages to get all the balls onto the perch. Vanua wins reward! Ken is trying to land all the balls onto the perch for Takali as Ikabula is struggling with maneuvering the balls through the net. However, Ikabula catches up and Michaela manages to get all the balls onto the perch before Ken gets the third ball on the perch. Ikabula wins reward!

A chef has come to the Vanua camp to cook the tribe some food. The guys have overdone it due to eating too fast. This annoys Michelle since she’s hearing all their bodily functions right as they sit right by her. Meanwhile on the Takali tribe, there is talk of politics. However, this doesn’t interest Taylor. He says he doesn’t care who wins the election, and he says this is due to being a Millennial. Taylor’s talk with Ken and Jessica go from politics to strategy, and Taylor promises them he won’t be writing their names if they were to lose. Jessica says in her confessional that she and Ken will have to make a decision if they do go to tribal council.

Over at Ikabula, Michaela boasts about being strong and capable of helping her team win challenges. Meanwhile, as the tribe is getting to know each other, Hannah becomes suspicious of Bret. She wants the Millennials to stick together, and she wants to cast doubt about Bret. She believes Bret is lying about his job. Bret says he is a funeral director, but he is a police sergeant. Hannah is convinced he’s lying and is certain that he is a cop. Jay agrees with her, but he tells her to just wait and let him tell the truth instead of trying to force it out of him.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The tribes must shoot coconuts into a net until there’s enough weight to raise a flag. They then must use the numbers on the flag to figure out the right code to unlock a chest. From the chest, they will find a key they’ll need to use to unlock a slingshot. Afterwards, they must try to hit down targets with bags of sang. The first two tribes to knock down all the targets win immunity. The challenge begins, and Takali takes a lead. Michelle struggles figuring out the code to unlock the chest, but Michaela is unable to land a target. Jay asks her if she wants him to take over, but she refuses. After more unsuccessful attempts, Michaela finally allows Jay to take over as Michelle finally unlocks the chest. All tribes are shooting sand bags, but Takali knocks down all their targets first. Takali wins immunity! It is now down to Ikabula and Vanua. Chris is shooting for Vanua and Michaela takes over shooting again. Finally Chris hits all t he targets. Vanua wins immunity! Ikabula will go to tribal council for the first time this season. As the tribes go back to camp, we hear a confessional from Jay: He says Bret will be voted out due to lying to all of them all the time.

Ikabula returns to camp, and everyone is sitting next to each other in silence. Sunday says in her confessional that they all sat there for about a half an hour. She also knows it will either be her or Bret leaving tonight. Eventually Sunday and Bret talk strategy, and they realize they have to write each other’s names down and that their fate is in the hands of others. Meanwhile, Michaela uses rocks and shells to show Hannah, Jay, and Will that it doesn’t really matter who gets voted out tonight. They want Bret gone, but agree to split the vote. However, Jay wants Michaela gone. He sees her as a big threat strategically and a big threat in challenges too. Jay and Will talk privately as they both are on the same page about Michaela. They are seriously considering voting her out, but Jay is still torn. He says Michaela never lied to him, so he’s scared that it might be too early to turn on Michalea.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff asks them about Takali voting out a Millennial, and they agree it was surprising. Jeff asks Michaela her thoughts, and she says it’s sad they have to vote out one of their own. Sunday and Bret are candid as they admit they are on the outs. They’re sure it’s going to be one of them gone tonight. Jeff asks Will his thoughts, and he says trust is what is the most important. Jay adds that they have to go with their gut when it comes to decide who to vote out. Will says he believes there will be five trustworthy people together after tribal council. Michaela believes that the tribe will be stronger, but she hopes neither Bret nor Sunday will feel like they are on the bottom after the vote. Jeff remarks that tonight will either be a straightforward vote or a blindside.

It’s time for the vote. We see Hannah vote for Bret, but what have Jay and Will decided?

Jeff reads the vote. The first vote is for…







Michaela is the seventh person voted out of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X.

Michaela leaves with a big reaction. Before Jeff read the last vote, she asks Jay if he did this. He looks her in the eye and admits that he did. Michaela tells Jay that he messed up something good and her frustration is clear as she leaves in anger.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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