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Last week Bayon lost their first immunity challenge. Spencer and Wiglesworth were on the outs, but Kimmi, Jeremy, and Stephen decided to blindside Monica and get rid of her instead. How will this decision affect the game going forward, especially with another tribe swap looming? Let’s find out.

On Night 13, we see Jeff arrive at the Ta Keo camp. He approaches Terry and pulls him aside. He tells him his son is in the hospital. Terry’s wife and the doctor think it would be best if Terry returns home to be with his son since he is in very serious condition. Terry agrees without question and says goodbye to his tribe members before leaving with Jeff on a boat. The other tribe members are crestfallen, and Kass says Terry leaving like that is worse than being medically evacuated.

The next day, the three tribes greet Jeff. They see Monica has been voted out, but the big reaction is from learning that Terry has been pulled from the game due to a family emergency. All the parents react strongly. Savage, Wiglesworth, and Ciera all admit that even though they love the game, they would return home without any hesitation if they knew their child was in trouble. Jeff then asks how the tribe dynamics are. Everyone admits they are all getting along before Jeff informs them it’s time for another tribe swap. There will be no more Angkor and we return to two tribes.

TA KEO – Abi, Ciera, Kass, Savage, Spencer, Wiglesworth, and Woo

BAYON –  Jeremy, Joe, Keith, Kimmi, Stephen, Tasha, and Wentworth

It’s time for a reward challenge. One person from each tribe will go down a slip and slide and then throw a ring onto a wooden post. The first tribe to get three points wins a picnic that will be delivered to camp.

Round 1: Jeremy vs Savage. They both get their rings on the post, but Jeremy gets his ring on the post less than half a second before Savage. Bayon wins the point.

Round 2: Stephen vs Kass. Stephen struggles with tossing the ring. “Stop flipping it!” Jeremy shouts from the sidelines. Kass gets the ring on her post and scores a point for Ta Keo. Stephen apologizes to the tribe, but Jeremy tells him he needs to have confidence in himself.

Round 3: Kimmi vs Abi. Kimmi gets her ring on the post, but it falls off. Abi was already walking away believing she lost, but her tribe members shout at her to go back. Abi tosses the ring and scores a point for Ta Keo.

Round 4: Joe vs Woo. Both of them get to their rings quickly, but Woo misses the post and Joe lands his ring on the post. Joe wins a point for Bayon.

Final Round: Wentworth vs Wiglesworth. Wentworth tosses first, but the ring bounces off the post. Wiglesworth tosses her ring and lands it on the post. Ta Keo wins reward!

At Ta Keo, they all enjoy their reward. Hoever, Spencer is worried about Kass. They feuded in Cagayan, but he plans to be as civil to her as he is to everyone else on the tribe. Savage feels like he’s in a good spot with Abi and Woo from Angkor and Kass and Ciera from the original Bayon. He wants to get rid of Spencer, and tells this to Kass after the picnic. She is on board, especially since she doesn’t want to have to play with Spencer after their history in Cagayan. Savage comes up with a plan to blindside Spencer by telling him that Ciera is the target. Ciera admits in her confessional that she is not on board with this plan since it’s her name being used as a pretend target. She says Woo is not original Bayon, and is wondering why his name isn’t being thrown out as the pretend target instead.

Over at Bayon, Stephen learns Joe is not 100% tight with original Bayon anymore after he suggests targeting Kimmi instead of Wentworth. Stephen now wants Joe gone. He tells Jeremy this, but Jeremy says in his confessional that he wants to keep Joe around as a shield. Jeremy doesn’t want to be the obvious physical threat of the tribe. Stephen breaks down in tears in his confessional about not wanting to screw up his second chance. He thinks if the opportunity to make a big move comes up, then they have to take it. He regretted not taking out the perceived golden boy J.T. in Tocantins (who won the season), and he doesn’t want to make that same mistake.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. It’s a food eating challenge, which includes tarantulas, water beetles, pig’s snout, pig’s brain, and deep fried frog. The first three match-ups will be two pairs facing off before they have to compete individually.

Round 1: Spencer and Woo vs Kimmi and Tasha. Spencer and Woo finish eating the tarantulas first. Ta Keo wins a point.

Round 2: Jeremy and Keith vs Savage and Ciera. Jeremy and Keith finish eating the giant water beetles first. Bayon wins the point.

Round 3: Stephen and Wentworth vs Kass and Abi. Stephen and Wentworth finish eating the pig’s snout first. Bayon wins the point.

Round 4: Joe vs Wiglesworth. Wiglesworth finishes eating the deep fried frog first. Ta Keo wins the point.

Round 5: Woo vs Kimmi. Kimmi doesn’t even try to eat the pig’s brain and gives the win to Woo. Ta Keo wins the point.

Round 6: Ciera vs Wentworth. Wentworth finishes eating the scorpion first. Bayon wins the point.

Final Round: Kass vs Tasha. Tasha eats the balut first. Bayon wins immunity!

After the immunity challenge, everyone on Ta Keo is apparently on board with voting out Spencer. Spencer doesn’t know the plan. Instead, he’s being told by Savage that Ciera is the target. Meanwhile, Ciera tells Kass and Abi that she is uneasy about her name being thrown around instead of Woo. Ciera wants Woo gone before Spencer. Kass didn’t want to play with Spencer, but she pulls him aside. She tells him Savage is targeting him and that they should take out Woo instead. Spencer is surprised since he felt like Savage was someone he could trust and wanted to work with. Now there are two plans floating around. Savage, Wiglesworth, and Woo believe that Spencer is leaving tonight, but Abi, Ciera, and Spencer believe Woo is leaving tonight. Kass is the swing vote and will determine who leaves between Spencer and Woo.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff talks to the tribe about how they’re trying to improve their game from the first time they played. Savage says that he’s working on his social skills and Woo says he is working on being more cutthroat. Kass discusses her relationships with everyone on the tribe before saying she doesn’t know if Chaos Kass will be making an appearance tonight. Ciera discusses the tribe dynamics too, and points out that Savage and Woo could be very close now. Jeff asks Savage if hearing his name in any sort of way worries him. He says no since he’s confident about what’s happening tonight. Ciera says someone’s plan is not going to work tonight, and Spencer agrees. He notes that everyone could go into tribal council confident, but no one ever knows the real plan until after the votes are read.

It’s time for the vote. We see Savage vote for Spencer and Spencer vote for Woo. But who will be voted out tonight?

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…








Woo is the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance. “Blindside,” Woo mutters as he gets his torch snuffed. Savage and Wiglesworth are also surprised by the vote. Spencer thanks Abi, Ciera, and Kass for keeping him. Before he sends Ta Keo back to camp, Jeff tells them all that in order to succeed, they must learn to adapt. In addition, we see an update about Terry’s son. He needed a heart transplant, but he’s fortunately doing well today.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor: Second Chance. Thanks for reading! Feel free to post your thoughts on the episode in the comments section below, and come back next week for another live recap!

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