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The morning after tribal council, Rodney brings up the idea of getting Mike out to Will, Tyler and Carolyn, and Mike overhears it. He knows he’s being targeted.

It’s time for the Survivor auction. They each have $500 and can bid in $20 increments. The auction will also end without warning. The first item is uncovered and it is sold to Will. He wins a sealed note. He reads it and he learns he just bought himself out of the auction. He has to leave and go back to camp. Next item is fried chicken. Shirin wins it for $300. Shirin wants no advantage and admits to only wanting to buy food. Dan, Carolyn, and Mike admit to just wanting to bid on an advantage. Jenn buys a drink, and Sierra and Rodney win steaks. Next item is love from home: hand-written letters. Sierra wins it for $20. Everyone is able to buy their own letters for $20, but Mike did not buy his letter. Carolyn gives her letter back right afterwards, but Mike then gets up, changes his mind, and buys his letter too. So everyone has a letter. The next item is an advantage for the game and Carolyn, Dan, and Mike each bid on it for $480. They draw rocks to determine who gets the advantage, and it goes to Dan. That was the last item, and they all can return to camp now.

Back at camp, Will finds a clue for him. He bought himself out of the auction, but he still received something. He digs out a chest and won a personal stash of rations for himself. He decides to share it with the tribe when they return. While Will is showing the tribe the rations, Mike reveals to Sierra that Rodney flipped. Mike then outs Rodney, Tyler, Carolyn, and Will in front of the entire tribe. Rodney gets heated and repeatedly tells Mike to relax. Mike tells them not to get angry because they got busted, but Carolyn says no one got busted. Right afterwards, they read their letters from home and Mike is feeling guilty about outing people then and there since he ruined the moment of everyone reading their letters from home. Dan then finds out what his advantage he won was: an extra vote. He is allowed to vote twice at an upcoming tribal council.

Later on, Mike is suspicious of what Will won. He thinks there’s more to what Will shared with the tribe. Jenn and Shirin are suspicious too and wants to find the chest the rations came from. Will finds out from Tyler that people think he has hidden more food from the tribe, and now he’s mad that people are questioning him. He starts screaming at Shirin (Mike and Jenn are not present during this). He personally attacks Shirin, and Shirin is shaken up about it and breaks down in tears while talking about the incident to Jenn and Mike.

Immunity challenge time. Before the challenge starts, Will asks Jeff if he can sit out of the challenge to get his letter from home. Jeff says only if everyone agrees. He asks everyone to raise his or her hand if anyone objects to Will’s request. Shirin is the only person to raise her hand, so no letter for Will. They get started on the challenge. They must walk across teeter-totters while carrying balls with tongs and then balance all the balls on a stand.  A lot of people struggle with the challenge as balls are repeatedly dropped, but the winner of the immunity challenge is Mike. 

The tribe returns to camp. Mike was the target, so now they have to decide on another person to vote out. Rodney brings out the idea to vote out Shirin, but Will thinks Jenn is the bigger threat. Mike asks Shirin if she would rather see Tyler or Carolyn to go. She says she wants Carolyn gone. Mike is willing to make a move against them, but is unsure if Dan is still with him. Mike approaches Dan and is adamant that he has been with Dan and Sierra 100%. He still wants to go to the final three with them. Carolyn is worried about Mike swaying Dan back to him, so she says she will use her hidden immunity idol if she feels like she needs to. Dan is the swing vote and he knows it. What will he decide to do?

It’s time for tribal council. Will says this will be an entertaining tribal council, and he calls Shirin out for doubting him about sharing his food. Shirin then breaks down in tears revealing everything Will said about her earlier. Jeff talks to Dan next, and he reveals it’s hard to separate emotional feelings from the strategic aspect of it. Next Mike outs Rodney, Carolyn, Tyler, and Will on their alliance. He also says they will be the final four and Sierra and Dan will be out in fifth and sixth place. Rodney gets angry with him again and calls out Mike for his sketchy ways. Carolyn then says they should just stay six strong and vote out the people outside the alliance.

It’s time to vote. Jenn recieves five votes, Shirin receives three, and Carolyn receives one vote.  Jenn is voted out and the third member of the jury. 

And that wraps up another episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart. Thanks for reading and come back next week for another live recap.

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