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Tonight is the season premiere of Survivor: Worlds Apart. Read a live recap of the episode here.

The 30th season of Survivor premieres tonight with the premise of pitting castaways against each other by their job titles. They will be divided as white collar, blue collar, and no collar workers. The idea is that white collar workers make the rules, blue collar workers follow or enforce the rules, and no collar workers break the rules. It’s an intriguing concept, and Jeff Probst has said multiple times in interviews that this is one of Survivor‘s best seasons yet. Hopefully that sentiment is true and this really will be another fantastic season. So without further ado, onto the premiere episode!

Survivor 30 White vs Blue vs No Collar Cast Announced

The episode begins with the eighteen castaways making their way to meet the other tribes on motor vehicles. They’re already divided into their respective tribes, with Jeff’s voiceover explaining how they have been separated as white collar, blue collar, and no collar workers. We hear from various castaways’ confessionals, and they all boast about how their life experiences will help them win the game.

The eighteen castaways meet Jeff, and he welcomes them. He then tells them they have been separated by “profession and approach to life.” All the castaways embrace the role they have been given and agree with the tribe they have been placed on. Rodney (from the blue collar tribe) slightly disses the white collar tribe by saying they’re too lazy to do what blue collar workers do. Carolyn from the white collar tribe disagrees and says white collar workers work just as hard as the blue collar workers.

Jeff tells the tribes they must elect one person to represent their tribe. White collar tribe chooses Joaquin, blue collar chooses Dan, and no collar chooses Will. Now each of these three will need to pick another person. Joaquin picks So after she volunteers, Dan chooses Mike (he volunteered too), and Will chose Jenn. The two people chosen from each tribe will have to make a decision together for their tribe. Jeff then hands them all a map and they can make their way to their camps. The tribes are also told their names. White collar is Masaya, blue collar is Escameca, and no collar is Nagarote.

At the Nagarote camp, Nina reveals to her tribemates that she is deaf, but she can hear with her cochlear implants. Will and Jenn make the decision for the tribe. They can either get a big bag of beans for the tribe or get a smaller bag that comes with a hidden immunity idol clue. They choose the big bag of beans.

At the Escameca tribe, Dan and Mike make the same decision as Will and Jenn. However, Sierra doesn’t believe Dan and Mike made the selfless choice and thinks the bag would’ve been bigger if they chose to be honest.

At the Masaya tribe, they all introduce themselves before Joaquin and So make the decision. They seriously consider choosing the dishonest choice. So wanted to be honest, but Joaquin has no interest in being honest. Therefore, they choose to take the immunity idol clue and the smaller bag of rice. So is nervous and feels she made a deal with the devil in agreeing with Joaquin and already aligning with him right away. They make their way back to the camp and make up a terrible and obvious lie that they were given three choices: honest, neutral, and deceive. They say they went with neutral, but no one believes them, especially Max and Shirin. Speaking of Shirin, she quickly forms an alliance with Carolyn and Max.

Back at Escameca, the tribe is busy building their shelter. Rodney and Lindsey bond about them both having tattoos, and Rodney tells her about his sister’s death. Rodney admits in a confessional that he was already planning on using this story to get girls on his side to work with him. Meanwhile, Mike eats a scorpion, but gets ill and repeatedly vomits.

Over at the Nagarote tribe, Jenn and Vince form a bond together. Vince feels they share a kindred spirit and wants to go to the end with her. He’s coming on strong, but Jenn agrees to align with him. As well, Vince takes the leadership role of building the shelter. Joe was willing to let him take the lead, but Joe couldn’t take it anymore and speaks up about how the shelter should be built. Joe has experience building and constructing things and realizes Vince’s way of building the shelter would’ve been more work than necessary. Vince is irked that Joe disagreed with his way of building the shelter, and he doesn’t believe Joe is living up to the way the tribe is supposed to be.

At the Escameca tribe, the castaways get heated when building the shelter. Dan speaks to the tribe in a very condescending way and the tribe does not like it. Dan then feels like he’s getting ganged up on and the tribe gives him grief whether he speaks up or not when trying to figure out an effective way to build the shelter. Dan is frustrated, and the younger tribemates laugh at him and call him Dumbledore as he walks away. However, Dan has a friend and ally in Mike and the two confirm their alliance on the beach away from everyone else.

Back at Nagarote, Jenn takes a liking to Joe, and he is the one to create fire for the tribe. Vince (who had already made an alliance with Jenn) gets jealous. Vince confronts Jenn about this and asks her if she is attracted to Joe. Jenn denies it and tells Vince she still wants it to be the two of them working together. In her confessional, it’s clear that Jenn is annoyed by Vince, but it’s better to have allies than enemies.

At Masaya, the shelter is not great and they still haven’t made fire. They admit their white collar status is to blame for them not being used to getting their hands dirty like blue collar workers. As well, Joaquin and So go look for the idol, but Carolyn follows them without them noticing. Carolyn then goes searching for the idol too, and she finds it! Carolyn found the hidden immunity idol.

Immunity challenge time! “Come on in, guys!” Jeff says as he greets the three tribes. They must race through an obstacle course. They will reach a point where they can either untie knots or unlock locks to retrieve a ladder and then race through the rest of the obstacle to build a puzzle. They also have a choice of which puzzle to complete. One is harder, but has ten pieces. The other is more straightforward but has fifty pieces. However, both puzzles on average take about the same amount of time to complete. The two tribes to finish first will win immunity, but the first place tribe will also win a large fire-making kit with the second place tribe winning flint. The losing tribe will join Jeff at Tribal Council and someone will be voted off.

The challenge starts and it’s pretty even. The tribes all go to working on the locks first, but they switch to the knots after realizing it’s easier to get ahead. Escameca falls behind as Masaya takes the lead and get their ladder. Nagarote get their ladder too before Escameca has gotten their ladder. Mike finally unties all the knots, but Escameca is way behind the other two tribes. Nagarote begins their puzzle, and they choose the difficult ten-piece puzzle. Joe works on the puzzle and completes it. Nagarote wins immunity!

Shirin takes the lead on the more straightforward puzzle, but it has fifty pieces. She panics and swaps out and lets Max take over. Escameca catches up, but Sierra struggles with the ten-piece puzzle, but switches out and lets Mike take over. Mike completes the puzzle and Escameca wins immunity too! Masaya loses and will be going to Tribal Council.

At the Masaya tribe, Carolyn notes in her confessional how they were in the lead, but it went downhill after Sherin blew the puzzle-making portion of the challenge. Max talks to So about whom to vote out. Max mentions Shirin, but So wants Carolyn to go home. So then talks to Joaquin about voting out Carolyn. Later, she talks to Tyler about voting out Carolyn too. Carolyn gets nervous and she asks Joaquin what he’s thinking. Joaquin lies and says he hasn’t considered voting her out. Carolyn knows she’s on the chopping block, and Tyler reveals to her that her name has been brought up several times. Carolyn then tells Tyler she has the hidden immunity idol and will use it if she needs to. Carolyn wants So gone. Max notes how there’s an alliance between him, Shirin, and Carolyn, So and Joaquin are a pair, and Tyler is sitting in the middle. It looks like it will be either Carolyn or So leaving tonight.

It’s time for Tribal Council. Joaquin talks about the honest, neutral, and deceive boxes. However, Shirin and Max shoot that down and know they are lying. So then says that there are four strong tribe members, which causes a reaction that causes So to admit that there are two weak team members: Shirin and Carolyn. Carolyn and So get in a big argument after So admits she is planning to vote out Carolyn. Carolyn is very heated and says So has been a liar since the first day.

After everyone votes, Carolyn has decided not to play her hidden immunity idol. Jeff read the votes. By a vote of two to four, So is the first person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart

And that concludes this episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart. Thanks for reading and come back next week for another live recap!

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