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A new episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

Escameca returns to camp after Tribal Council. Tyler was blindsided (as well as Rodney) by Joaquin getting voted off, and he feels like he’s on the bottom of the tribe. Mike knows Rodney is angry, and he works on damage control. However, Rodney feels like he got played and his former blue collar tribemates disrespected him. At Nagarote, they get tree mail and believe they are about to merge. They want to take out all the former blue collar tribe and ask Kelly if she’s okay with that. She lies and says she is, but she has plans to reunite with her former tribe.

Next, we see the two tribes learning they are now merged. They get a feast and can all move to the Escameca camp afterwards. While eating, the former Nagarote tribe learns about what happened to Joaquin. They reveal the bromance between him and Rodney led to him getting voted off. In a confessional, Carolyn admits she and Tyler are very close and she wants that to remain a secret so they won’t be targeted for being a pair.

They return to camp and see that the shelter is gone. They have to restart and build a new shelter. While working on the new shelter, Mike and Kelly reconnect. Mike believes that all the former blue collar tribe are five strong and they just need to pull in two more. Meanwhile, Jenn and Hali talk and they know Kelly will flip back to the blue collars. Now they want to pull in while collars to take out the blue collars. In addition, Rodney talks to Will to bring him in against the blue collar workers who betrayed him. He talks to Carolyn. Rodney wants him, Kelly, Will, and Carolyn to be the final four. Afterwards, Carolyn and Tyler realize they are the swing votes and will decide the outcome of the vote.

The next day, Dan got stung by a jellyfish. While he’s pouring water on his foot, the rest of the tribe comes up with a new tribe name. Mike comes up with Merica and it’s deemed the official merged tribe name. Shirin admits in a confessional that Merica is the worst tribe name in the history of Survivor, especially since it’s not even America since they dropped the first ‘A.’ Later, Mike approaches Rodney about taking Joe out. Rodney acts like he agrees with him, but he’s still bitter about Mike and his former tribemates voting out Joaquin.

It’s now time for the immunity challenge. It’s an endurance competition; the last person hanging on his or her pole will win immunity. Jeff reveals that this challenge is a Survivor classic and has been won by a man three times and by a woman three times. Usually this challenge is won by lighter people since it’s more difficult for heavier people. Minutes into the challenge, Dan and Will are the first two to drop. Tyler falls afterwards. Sierra falls next, and she’s followed by Shirin and Kelly. Half of the castaways have already fallen. After more than twenty minutes have passed, Mike falls and he’s followed by Rodney. Jenn gets stung by a bee while she’s still competing along with Joe, Hali, and Carolyn. Hali falls next, leaving only three people left in the challenge as it starts to pour down rain. After 55 minutes, Carolyn begins to struggle, but it’s Jenn who falls next. Carolyn and Joe are the last two left in the challenge. Joe begins to struggle and Carolyn readjusts her placing on the poll. Carolyn falls, and Joe wins immunity.

The scrambling before Tribal Council begins. Mike wanted to target Joe, so now he needs to come up with a new plan. He decides to try to split up Jenn and Hali. Mike tells Will to vote out Hali, but wants everyone else from his former tribe to vote out Jenn. This way he’ll know if he can trust Will if Hali’s name comes up tonight. Meanwhile, Kelly approaches Carolyn since she feels like they bonded while they were on the new Nagarote tribe. In addition, Shirin talks to Jenn and Hali about targeting the blue collars. Shirin wants to go with the no collars. Mike approaches Tyler next, but Tyler doesn’t feel like Mike is giving him enough information. Hali approaches Tyler next and tell him that they’ll be voting out Kelly. Tyler and Carolyn are the swing votes. They can either swing with the no collars and vote out Kelly or go with the blue collars and vote out Jenn. While this is all going on, Jenn reveals to Hali that she has a hidden immunity idol. She doesn’t want to play her idol, but she will if she feels like she needs to.

It’s time for Tribal Council. They all reveal that it’s exciting that anything can happen tonight. Jeff asks Mike if it’s correct to assume that the former white collars are the swing votes. Mike says that’s right, and Jeff talks to Tyler next. Tyler says he has been approached by both camps and Carolyn adds that the line will be drawn tonight. Shirin, however, doesn’t consider herself a swing vote. Jeff then brings up the hidden immunity idol. Rodney says he hasn’t heard anything about a hidden immunity idol and they’ll just have to wait to see what happens.

It’s time for the vote. Jenn decides to play her idol. And it was the right decision since she received seven votes. Hali received one vote, and the last three votes Jeff reads are for Kelly. Kelly is voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart. 

And that wraps up another episode. Thanks for reading and come back next week for another live recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart.

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