Sue’s Nassau Colisseum Idols’ Tour Recap

Nassau Colisseum Review – 8/24/07

I am not a writer nor do I pretend to be ¦  So why am I writing?  Well, Ive enjoyed the various accounts Ive read about the American idol tour so much, I feel it wouldnt be fair if I didnt at least try and share my experience.

Ive watched American Idol for 5 seasons (missed season #1) and have really enjoyed the show.  It hard to say what my favorite season has been ¦ personal highlights include ¦ Kim Locke New York State of Mind, Fantasia Summertime, Constantine Bohemian Rhapsody, Elliott If I Can Dream ¦ and many more ¦

One of my greatest pleasures in conjunction with American Idol is coffee klatch-ing about the show the morning after, at work ¦ each friend and colleague passionately sharing reviews of their least and most favorite performers and performances ¦  For me, that recap is almost as good as the show ¦

I did attend the Idol tour show in season 4.  That year none of my friends or colleagues would go with me ¦ so I went to the show by myself ¦ along with 14, 000 screaming pre-teens and their parents. Honestly, I was very disappointed in the tour show that season and vowed I would never return ¦.

But something this year made me change my mind ¦ not sure exactly what it was ¦ the reviews said not to miss it, that it was better than prior years, even people that didnt think they would like it said it was pretty good. Also,  I really wanted to see Chris Rich in performance ¦ he was my favorite this year ¦ and I wanted to see how he did in an arena setting – especially since the Internet videos Id seen from people whod been to the show really captured his progress ¦ from very nervous – to very empowered ¦.

So, I went to the show last night with a friend from work ‘ one of my coffee klatch buddies, who, like I, was totally excited to attend ¦

The following are my impressions.

Chris Sligh ‘ I thought he had a good voice on the show but I couldnt get past his sarcasm.  My friend and I both thought he sounded very very good.  Not a great performer, but he has a really first-rate voice.

Gina ‘ I never really warmed to Gina on the show.  In concert, I appreciated her performance skill and voice.

Haley ‘ Haley actually turned me off on the show ‘ I felt like she was too surface, too pagent-y ¦ and sorry to say, but nothing I saw last night convinced me otherwise.

Sanjaya ‘ I actually liked Sanjaya this season.  He has an optimism and good nature that seeps through him; it was evident on the show and for me, also came through in his live performances ¦ not one of the best voices, but I really enjoyed him nonetheless.

Phil ‘ Like others, I didnt appreciate Phil this season until deep into the competition.  I really loved his country night and Bon Jovi performances. In live performance, Phil had it all.  Of all the performers, I would say he impressed my friend and I the most.  What a voice, what a talent, totally at ease and oozing with appeal.

Chris Rich ‘ Ah Chris.  I loved Chris this season, not because I thought he had the best voice, but because very often I felt like his performances …took me in ‘ that I was actually in …his space sharing the experience with him.  On many occasions, I could feel his sense of satisfaction at …nailing a piece.  I was totally taken by him. I really enjoyed his performances last night ¦ and felt that his voice was stronger and more confident than on the show.

Lakisha ‘ There no denying that Lakisha has an amazing voice, but somehow, for me, that all it is.  The only time on the show I …felt her was on Bon Jovi night ¦ Last night, again, I appreciated her voice but that special something was not there for me.

Melinda ‘ Melinda has a great, great voice and is a sophisticated and consummate singer.  She sings with perfect flair and phrasing.  I loved her on tv and at the live show.

Blake ‘ I guess Im one of the few that generally did not like Blake on the show ¦.  In contrast to the warm feeling Chris performances gave me, Blake mostly left me cold.  He seemed somehow aloof, did not share his performance experience with me ¦ and certainly did not appear to be having any fun.  I also frequently found his singing to sound out of tune.  Having said that, I also acknowledge that his “You Give Love a Bad Name” and “When I Get You Alone, ” in particular, were amazing performances, totally amazing ‘ like I need to rewind that and watch it a couple of times.  Last night I thought he did very well. Again, not my favorite, but I definitely appreciate his talent.

Jordin ‘ I was charmed and impressed by Jordin from her very first “Give Me One Reason to Stay Here” performance.  What a voice, what a voice I thought. Honestly, as the season progressed, I didnt love some of her song selections ¦ I thought they were far too …old for her to be singing at her age. However, whatever she sang (Bon Jovi night aside) I thought she sang with great skill.  Last night I kept turning to my friend saying, …Wow, what a voice ‘ Jordin voice and skill as a singer are really, really exceptional.

In general, I would say that the format of this year show was much much better than season 4.  I actually enjoyed the show and would consider attending another idol concert.  My advice: If youre thinking of going and can still get tickets ‘ GO. You wont be disappointed.

Well, that not the end of my tale ¦. I somehow convinced my friend to wait after the show to try to meet the idols.  We got to the area where the buses were supposed to come out at about 10:00 p.m. ¦ and waited for over an hour until Phil, Sanjaya, Chris Rich, Melinda, Jordin and finally Blake came up to
sign autographs and meet their adoring fans ¦.

Personally, I find autograph signing somewhat dumb ¦ I just wanted pictures, which I did get, but they are laughable, mostly with heads cut off and weird camera angles, but I am thrilled to have them nonetheless.

My friend was a really trouper and lots of fun to be with ¦ we finally left the area at 11:45 ¦ having shared a great experience together.

I never was a groupie when I was young; never read Tiger Beat or put teen idol posters on my wall.  But for whatever reason, here at 46 years old, I feel like Ive recaptured a piece of myself ¦  As embarrassed as I am, Ive chosen to …let fandom reign, embrace my enthusiasm for the show and let my inner …nerd enjoy the experience.

My one regret last night was at meeting Chris ¦.  We were tired, having worked earlier in the day, seen the show, waited for the idols to show up, then for Chris to slowly make his way down the line of fans towards us ¦. When I was finally face to face with Chris, instead of telling him how much I enjoyed his performances, or the show, or that I wished him well ¦.all I could say was …Ive got to get a picture with you  God bless the young and obviously tired young man for having more grace than me!!  He smiled and let my friend take our picture – which is from a weird camera angle and has my head cut off ¦.

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