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Expect to hear lots of Bon Jovi at ‘Idols Live’

Remember when Jordin, Blake and Sanjaya were household names?

Can it really be only three months since Jordin Sparks was crowned the sixth season winner of “American Idol”?

Well, the “Idol” machine kicks back in high gear tonight with the first of two “Pop-Tarts Presents American Idols Live 2007” shows at Continental Arena, and it’s as good a time as any to catch up with this year’s tour.

Remember them?

Quick quiz:


Idol Show Enjoyable But Short On Sparks

…At 17, the beaming Sparks is a perfect representative of “American Idol” – and the huge audience it draws: largely young and wholesome (though the not-quite-full arena also saw quite a number of enthusiastic parents and grandparents who’d been part of the weekly audience of 30 million plus)…

Record Number Sing for Shot at ‘American Idol’

The moment of truth has arrived for more than 20, 000 people who registered to try out for “American Idol.” ……..

MyFox Philly

Their ‘Idol’ moment Tens of thousands come to Philadelphia for a 30-second shot at ‘American Idol’ fame

…The turnout, 17, 000 registrants by 9 a.m., was, according to Fox publicists, the largest ever for an “Idol” audition. Staff and visitors credited the high volume to the city’s central location, along with the fact that Philly was last on the roster for tryouts this season.

“No hairspray – it’s considered a weapon!” a Wachovia Center staff member, megaphone in hand, said as the hopefuls shuffled towards their mecca: indoors. The distinct scent of Eau de Port-A-Johns wafted in and out of the center’s lots with the rising late-morning temperatures.

“No cans, no bottles, no food!” he added, inciting piles of leavings for later clean-up crews…

Press of Atlantic City

Crowd Flocks To Philadelphia ‘Idol’ Auditions

…Other wannabes were more fortunate. A female trio from West Philadelphia, emulating the 1940s group the Andrews Sisters, were given approval, when they sang “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, ” the upbeat diddy that entertained U.S. troops during World War II.
Andrienne Bishop, 28, Amanda Hecht, 27 and Rachel Sutliff, 26, said they arrived at 5 a.m. on Saturday to register for American Idol. Yesterday, they hit the line at 3:30 a.m. but were not seen by producers until 2:30 p.m.
“They didn’t give us very much critiquing, ” Hecht said.
“They just said, ‘you guys are going through.'”
Bishop said the three learned the Andrews Sisters song years ago, but only needed a few hours of practice to tweak their image.
“My best advice is to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest, ” Bishop said….

The Bulletin

‘Idol’ aspirations A horde of hopefuls turn out for the Philly tryouts

…Take Jason Cotter, who “tried out in Miami and it didn’t work out, ” he told me. “But Jordin Sparks [last season’s winner] didn’t make it at her first audition, either.”

And Jason’s had some other, special encouragement. “I bought him a plane ticket to Philly, to try again, ” said his tall and handsome older brother Jared, who got into the top 24 last season and now hosts a show on the Fuse music channel.

Yeah, Jared is a major believer in ” ‘American Idol’ power.”…

No shortage of ‘Idol’ hopefuls
Philadelphia auditions for reality TV show draw thousands of aspiring performers

…The stop in Philadelphia, which also attracted Season 4 finalist Constantine Maroulis and a crew from “The Tonight Show, ” was the last round of initial auditions this summer. TV audiences won’t get to see what happened until the seventh season premieres in January.

Popular audition songs this year included tunes by “Idol” alums Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry and Clarkson, in addition to Rihanna and Alicia Keys. But Lynn, one of the judges in the initial round, said contestants would be wise to choose songs “that are going to show their voices off.”

“You stand in line for five hours to change your life forever, ” said “Idol” alum Caldwell, who said she slept on the street for three days before her first (and only) try at auditioning. Both she and host Ryan Seacrest, who was stationed inside the Wachovia Center, said contestants need to be themselves, because most gimmicks will only take them so far in the competition.

Seacrest also said contestants who fall victim to Cowell’s notoriously tart tongue should fight back if they believe the judge is wrong — but only if they have the singing talent to back themselves up.

“Argue with him, ” Seacrest said…

Delaware Online

Kimberly Caldwell – A Strong and Independent Woman

Perhaps it is her calming presence, the sincerity of her lyrics, or her amiable character, but nothing can deny the likable personality of Kimberly Caldwell. As her career continues to blossom, Kimberly has not lost sight of life most precious gifts. Known as the American Idol alum, reality TV host, and actress/model, I discovered Kimberly as a caring daughter, beloved friend, and philanthropist. Whether working on her upcoming album, interviewing celebrities, acting, singing, or even just relaxing, Kimberly always seems to outshine others. This is not done intentionally, but Kimberly just has that presence: Her true talent cannot be hidden.

Although fame in the entertainment business is rare and challenging, Kimberly has embraced her popularity with an open heart, mind, and spirit. What you will find in her is truly organic.

Wanting to know more about her career, future ventures, and thoughts on Idol, I decided to give Kimberly a call. With that, Lifted Magazine is honored to present Kimberly Caldwell……….

Lifted Magazine

Idol in `old school à  groove with hits, Vandross covers

Ruben Studdard’s return to performing in metro Birmingham Saturday night can be described best in the title of a song he performed at Alabama Adventure amusement park: “So Amazing.”

The slimmer, more huggable Velvet Teddy Bear was in his best groove 45 minutes into his set performing a three-song medley of Luther Vandross songs, that ballad, his Grammy-nominated version of “Superstar” (off his 2003 debut album, “Soulful”) and the danceable “Never Too Much.”

The weight loss definitely improved his performance. He performed for 80 minutes without a break, pausing only to interact with the audience between songs or to allow his backup singers and musicians to show off their talents………

Spurned ‘Idol’ singers decry ‘bogus’ audition

“I thought it was bogus, ” said Crystal Connolly, 20, of Easton. “I really thought I was going to get through.”

Connolly — who sang “Turtle Blues” by Janis Joplin on Monday for the “American Idol” auditions in Philadelphia — said most of the people she saw getting to the next round were not serious contenders and were wearing costumes….

Long day for many ‹Idol wannabes

…As cameras rolled, sections of contestants, filling the stands, chanted things like “Welcome to Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love.”

One blonde, not shy about being on camera, held aloft a gigantic headshot of herself, looking “very busty, ” according to one auditioner reached by cellphone.

“There are no losers on American Idol, ” said producer Patrick Lynn, giving the rules. “They’re non-winners.”

Even host Ryan Seacrest showed up…

Fox Reveals American Band Camp

Meet the Simon, Randy, Paula and Ryan of The Next Great American Band.

Goo Goo Dolls frontman John Rzeznik, percussionist Sheila E. and Australian TV personality Ian “Dicko” Dickson (yes, really) make up the judge’s panel for the new reality venture, while New Zealand Idol host Dominic Bowden serves as the host, Fox announced Monday……


Studdard has vision for 205 Club
Wants to feature national, local artists

….Studdard said his 205 Club will feature a mix of rhythm and blues, jazz and gospel music that influenced him as an artist. Though he plans to bring in nationally known acts regularly, Studdard said he also wants his club to feature local talent and serve as a training ground for young Birmingham-area singers and groups.

“This is like a dream come true, ” Studdard said. “I’ve always wanted to operate my own club and thank God for this opportunity.”

Studdard, who is working on his fourth album, didn’t say how often he will perform or visit his club, adding it will be dictated by his tour schedule.

John Elkington of Performa Entertainment Real Estate, the Memphis developer building the $50 million district, said his firm is close to ironing out a contract with 2006 Birmingham “Idol” winner, Taylor Hicks.

“Our goal is to make the project reflect the music and culture of the region, ” said Elkington, whose company is known for the Beale Street development in Memphis. “That is why we wanted to have clubs by tenants such as Ruben, Taylor and Ona Watson, who we are close to signing as well.” ….

Al com

Daughtry To Play Sydney + Melbourne Shows With Small Mercies

Daughtry – the biggest rock band in the US right now – have confirmed that they will be bringing their critically acclaimed live show to Australia to play two shows in Melbourne Monday 24th September and Sydney Tuesday 25th September. Grab your tickets on sale NOW and stay tuned for our comp coming next week where you can win double passes to the shows!…….


Seacrest signed up for UK network

American Idol presenter Ryan Seacrest has been signed up to host a new celebrity show on Capital Radio and GCap Media’s One Network.
His new two-hour show, The Entertainment Edge, will premiere on London station Capital 95.8 at 11am on September 15….

Media Guardian

Wrong Turn 2 – DVD

…The opening scene of Wrong Turn 2 features sort-of-famous …American Idol lady Kimberly Caldwell cutely playing herself. She is on her way to compete in this …Survivor knockoff show that has a post-apocalypse theme. She talks to her agent, as though she has one, and as they talk, she takes a wrong turn. She accidentally hits a pedestrian, and as she checks on him, the trap is sprung. She dies pretty good, and the stage is set for what to come…

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