Song of the Week – Elliott Yamin – Someday

“Someday” – Elliott Yamin
Album – Fight for Love
Label – Hickory Records
Writers – Elliot Yamin, Dave Tozer, Marcus John Bryant, Corey Latif Williams
Length – 5:16

Season – Five
Place – 3rd

I apologize for the tardiness of this week’s column. I have been very sick and behind on work stuff. I want this to be a weekend thing, so I will try and do better!

Okay you guys, after last week I am having a very tough time choosing songs! I had no idea I would get the reaction I did from the Allison song I chose. I hate to be this person, but I’m not someone who really focuses on the lyrical content of a song, so I never really took the song as seriously as others—obviously! I just like to listen to the music and the voice and sometimes find myself not thinking about the lyrics. Gosh, I guess that means I’m not a very deep person? Haha.

Anyway, the lyrics issue isn’t really the reason I’m having a tough time now. It’s more because I loooooved the discussion last weeks created, and I think it’s because Allison is pretty well known and has some superfans big time! So now I face the struggle of doing what the column was initially created for—spotlighting lesser-known songs. How boring if I choose a John Peter Lewis song right? I can’t do non-single songs from bigger idols like Kelly, Carrie, Adam, Daughtry, etc… every week either. That would take away from the intention of the column. So please bear with me as I try and find a happy medium with the selections.

I noticed some of you commenting last week that you would like to have some sort of “suggestion box” in order to give your own input on the song selection. I think this is an EXCELLENT idea and would actually love some help. I have set up the e-mail address Please send me your suggestions if you have something you would love to be featured. Also, you can follow @songoftheweekmj on twitter and send suggestion that way through mentions and direct messages.

Now—time to move on with the actual song of the week!

Today’s selection comes from Elliott Yamin’s second studio release, Fight for Love. The track “Someday” is a touching ballad dedicated to Elliott’s mother, who passed away in March of 2008. I find the song so emotional in the way you can feel his sorrow over the loss of someone so important in his life, yet the music has an uplifting spirit behind the mourning of a lost one. Although his mother is gone, he finds peace in knowing they will one day be reunited.

I’m not about to lie here and say I’m a huge fan of Elliott, because during his run on Idol I absolutely couldn’t stand him. There were those who would comment on his amazing vocal ability and natural soulful style. I never really saw that at the time. He actually just really rubbed me the wrong way, and I never thought he would make it to the top three in a million years! That being said, I do remember his mother being there to support him almost every week. She seemed to really proud of Elliott, and I think he really looked to her for support through his Idol run. I’m happy she was able to see some of his success before her passing.

After his Idol stint, Elliott shocked me even more when his debut single “Wait for You” became a huge hit. This assisted his debut album with its solid sales, eventually earning Gold status. I had to bite my tongue and admit that I was starting to see what his fans were talking about. He is truly a talented vocalist. Something about his natural R&B, adult-contemporary vibe really fits the style of music he’s making. I think it’s pretty rare for someone to leave the huge platform of Idol and actually come out of the gates with a debut album that really represents who they are and the music they want to make. I really respect Elliott for that.

Sadly, after the success of “Wait for You,” Elliott had a string of failed singles, and his second album, which includes the track “Someday,” flopped as well. I don’t really understand why this is, because I found the second album to be even more of a solid effort than his debut. Anyone looking for a great pop singer with a soulful side can look right to Elliott’s music.

No worries for Mr. Yamin though. He seems to have a strong following in Japan, which for some reason I find hilarious. This following is pushing the creation of a third album to be released exclusively in the Japanese market. I’m sure this will eventually find it’s way over here, so be patient Elliott fans!