Some Final 2 Fun

It’s the start of the weekend, let’s have some fun.   Reader Kirsten asks the question:

Is it too early to start talking about what Blake and Jordin should sing next week?

I say, it surely is not!   Let the speculation begin….   You can read Kirsten’s take on what the Final 2 should sing after the jump.

What do YOU think?   Post your thoughts in the comments section.

From Kirsten in the  daily comments section:  

Last year, they had Taylor and Kat re-do two songs and then sing their coronation song. From Nigel’s comments, it sounds like that was what they were told to do, but perhaps they only chose to re-do two songs. Who knows what the rules will be this year since rules seems to be a little different. And who knows what the deal with the coronation songs will be. From the fact it was a voting contest, one would think that there would be only one coronation song, but the contest seemed to have fizzled (even amongst us hardcore AI fans, few admitted to having had listened to the song choices)

Repeating song choices is tough. You will always be compared to your original. It’s hard to recapture the moment of surprise and delight again. And, if you do it too close to the original, it cheapens both performances because it seems to practiced. I think that Diana made a mistake re-doing a song that she had done in the Final 3. It was a memorable performance, but people had just spent 2 hours the previous week voting for that performance. The voters have already paid their dues. And Fantasia had overdone “Summertime” by the end of the season. We’d heard it too many times (at least 3). (BTW, these are just examples to illustrate some of my reasoning for picking songs. Let’s not re-hash previous seasons.).

So, what two songs do you think that they should reprise next week?

For me, Blake’s three best performances are: Somewhere Only We Know (24), Time of the Season (11), You Give Love a Bad Name (6). I think that Blake has to avoid beat-boxing all of his songs because that will annoy some people. One song must be sung through. I also think he needs an up-tempo number because the coronation song is likely to be dull. “You Give Love A Bad Name” is probably his “moment” in the competition, but is it too recent? I think “Time of the Season” was his best, but if he twins it with “Somewhere Only we Know” it will be 3 slow songs. So, I’m stuck.

Okay, I say, start of the show with “You Give Love a Bad Name”, sing “Time of the Season” 2nd and end with the dire coronation song with no beat boxing.

Jordin’s three best songs are “I (Who Have Nothing)” (11), “A Broken Wing” (7), and “To Love Somebody” (4). I think that “A Broken Wing” is a no-brainer. She’s been singing that one for years and it’s a home run. “I (Who Have Nothing)” should not be sung three times. “To Love Somebody” is too recent.

So, I say, start with the dire coronation song (get rid of that thing off the bat). Then, reach back for that long-forgotten Final 24 performance of “Give Me One Reason” (show you too can update an arrangement) and then bring it home with “A Broken Wing”.

What say you?

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