So You Think You Can Dance – Top 8 – Who Will Be Eliminated?

Really, I think tonight is a no-brainer. Bye-bye Comfort and Mark, barring any shockers, which could possibly be the talented-but-stiff Will going home instead of the cuddly-and-lovable Mark. Or, maybe there’s a coterie of fans out there rooting for the uber-underdog Comfort. In which case, I think my fav girl Courtney, would get the boot. But I don’t think so. There’s going to be a lot of winners in tomorrow’s pool results, I suspect.

By the way, I noticed the Chelsie/Josh Disco video had some problems, so I re-cut it. There were thunder storms all up and down the East coast last night, causing me to scramble for decent video…

A few of my thoughts on last night’s show…

…After the JUMP…

  • I could not take my eyes off of Courtney during her Samba with Will. Like many of you, however, I think Will, for all his fine technique, is lacking in the charisma department. And that solo with the wig? That was just weird. The get-up (James Brown costume and wig) just distracted from the dance. If he can’t evoke JB through his movements, then it’s all rather pointless, isn’t it?
  • What the hell was Toni Basil talking about? Blah blah blah BLAH! She’s a bit of a kook.
  • Bulletin: Comfort hated ballet class. NOT! Seriously, if my girl Courtney is eliminated tonight, rather than Comfort, I’m gonna be pissed. Katee and Chelsie? Not going anywhere.
  • I called Mia Michael’s group dance “pretentious” last week, but I absolutely adored her contemporary “door routine” for Katee and Twitch this week. They danced it fabulously. Hot kiss, baby!
  • Mark and Comfort’s Hip hop routine was pretty awesome. Too bad it wasn’t their second dance, rather than that horribly stilted Foxtrot. Comfort really held Mark back on that one. Nevertheless, no matter how they danced, I don’t think either one of them can beat the competition to advance another week.
  • I generally love Katee’s choreographed dances–her solos–not so much. I remember not being particularly impressed with her audition back in LA.
  • I enjoyed the Chelsie/Josh Argentine Tango. But, I’m not seeing the piles of charisma between the two Mary was gushing about in her critique. I liked Chelsie’s Tango with Mark better. Mary reeally loves Joshua.
  • I dunno, if I hadn’t been told that Courtney was pining for Will–a ghost–I would have had no idea what that “slow” hip/hop routine from Nap/Tab was about. Not a great routine, really. Will thinks it could make So You Think You Can Dance history? I don’t think so. Mary’s fake out went on way too long, considering I could see it coming from about 5 miles away.
  • I thought the Katee/Twitch routine was OK, but like the Nap/Tab slow Hip Hop, the choreography didn’t tell the story. Not one of my fav Tyce DiOrio routines. I have to say, I loved Toni Basil criticizing Katee after Nigel and Mary slobbered all over her.
  • I love Courtney’s fluid, inventive solos. That is all.
  • Comfort called a difficult lift in the Foxtrot routine “sabotage”. She may be on to something, there. I’m glad Toni complimented Mark on his lines and reminded the audience of their awesome Hip Hop routine.
  • I like watching Disco, even though I hated it with a passion back in the day. The Chelsie/Josh routine was loads of fun, and those lifts were AMAZING. Josh really is a MAN. Heh.
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