Idol Headlines for 7/24/08

Hundreds flock to ‘Idol’ registration in Glendale

Shortly after 6 a.m., paramedics carted a young woman off by stretcher, perhaps a victim of lack of sleep or excitement, as hundreds lined up Wednesday for American Idol tryouts at Arena.

The woman was taken to Banner Estrella Hospital to be evaluated for chest pains, said Danny Valenzuela, a spokesman for the Glendale Fire Department.

Firefighters were on standby at the arena as hundreds of people hoping for their big breaks waited for a registration wristband that would give them the potential to try out before Idol judges Friday.

As registration continues on Thursday, Valenzuela reminded would-be stars to think “heat safety” and drink water.

Meanwhile, radio stations set up tents and mothers, cousins and aunts cheered on auditioners, who randomly broke into song.


‘American Idol’ stars ready for Thursday performance in Detroit

The “American Idol” winner should be a champ for the people, and David Cook is exactly that. The afternoon before his tour’s July 1 opening night in Glendale, Ariz., Cook walked through the media area acknowledging each reporter. Later that evening, fans sitting side-stage got a special treat when Cook stood in the wings watching fellow contestant Brooke White, encouraging ticket holders to cheer her on.

“The goal is just to try to create some energy, ” Cook said in an interview with The Flint Journal before the Arizona show. “I think watching everybody else’s set (in rehearsal), I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me. Everybody’s bringing it. It’s cool. If I can keep up with everybody else, I’ll be just fine.”


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‘American Idol’ hopefuls gearing up

Hector Romero left his apartment in Los Angeles at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday. With a pal at the wheel, they didn’t stop until they arrived at Arena in Glendale at 5:20 a.m. Wednesday.

“I’m 26, ” he said, as he fiddled with a purple American Idol wristband. “I heard about the audition and thought, ‘Well, I don’t have much time.’ So I figured I’d better go for it.”

Registration for the top-rated TV show began Wednesday morning and will continue through Friday. That’s the big day, when people with a purple wristband actually get to sing for producers.

AZ Central

Hoping to be an ‘idol’

Thousands of Hollywood hopefuls are expected at the Arena in Glendale on Friday as “American Idol” holds its first auditions in Arizona. The Fox series, entering its eighth season, has been a vehicle to stardom for such singers as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry and Glendale native Jordin Sparks. It has also generated some of the highest ratings in television history since its debut in 2002. We found a couple of Tucson hopefuls ready to do battle in the Valley of the Sun.


‘Idol’ hopefuls ready for Glendale auditions

This week, recording artist hopefuls will flood Glendale’s Arena to vie for a contestant slot on the 2009 season of American Idol. It’s the first time the show has held auditions in Arizona. Previously, the local Fox affiliate held tryouts.

Not all who come to the tryouts will make it before Idol judges Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. The talent will first perform for a variety of show producers and scouts before a select group is chosen to sing for the famous trio.

Those handpicked contestants will then compete for a coveted golden ticket leading to a second round of auditions, traditionally televised and held in Hollywood.

So, who from the Valley is trying out? Let’s take a look at some of the locals prepping for the auditions.


‘Idol’ star Carly Smithson continues turnaround with tour

At the onset of the seventh season, “American Idol” Carly Smithson emerged as — cue dramatic Ryan Seacrest voice — the most controversial “Idol” contestant ever.

It wasn’t her thick Irish accent or the massive tattoo on her right shoulder that made her the scourge of the “Idol” nation, but rather the revelation — courtesy of a well-circulated 2002 Wall Street Journal article — that Smithson had been to the pop-music dance before.

Other “American Idol” contestants had record deals in place before the smash Fox talent competition came calling — even Kelly Clarkson had worked with professional songwriters before winning the show’s first season — but Smithson, with her major label past and failed debut album, became the poster child for the impurity of “American Idol.”

Detroit News

Singing other people’s songs

There something missing from the star-maker machinery of the hit television show …American Idol, and Brooke White reminded Cincinnati of what it is.

White was among the Top-10 finishers from the recently completed season of the hit TV show. Those 10 singers are now a traveling troupe on the American Idols Live tour, and they came to U.S. Bank Arena on Wednesday night. Like the other nine acts on the bill, topped by first- and second-place finishers David Cook and David Archuleta, White sang other people songs.

Introducing her version of the Coldplay song …Yellow, White said to the crowd, …I really wish I wrote it.

She probably also really wishes she wrote Feist …1234 and the Beatles …Let It Be, the other two-thirds of her 10-minute set.

“Idol” singers win by losing themselves in the music

Attending Tuesday’s presentation of “American Idols Live” at Conseco Fieldhouse proved more rewarding than viewing the entire seventh season of the Fox network talent search.

The TV show emphasizes competition, corporate sponsors, celebrity mentors, dysfunctional panelists and restrictive theme nights. This year’s concert tour gives 10 singers the chance to perform self-contained mini-concerts across a 3-hour show.

David Cook Reveals Tour Fantasy

ST. LOUIS, MO. — American Idol David Cook talked to FOX 4 about his fantasy while on tour. It’s not as sexy as it sounds. He says he’s really dreaming of a day off to rest and relax. We asked him what his dream day off would be like in Kansas City. He sounds like a guy who likes to have fun and stay busy. He said he plans to play tour guide for the rest of the Idols when the tour rolls into Kansas City August 29 & 30.


American Idol: Finalists dish about the tour

The American Idol 2008 tour will be making its next stop today, July 23, at Cincinnati’s US Bank Arena. All 10 finalists are performing some of their most popular songs from this season’s show. as well as some new material. Before their July 20th show in Columbus, Idol runner-up David Archuleta, as well as finalists Michael Johns, Kristy Lee Cook, and Chikezie talked about the tour and what’s in their future.

What can your fans expect from this year’s concert?

Mail Fraud Alert

FOX and the producers of “American Idol” have received information about a new mail fraud scam using sweepstakes award letters printed on what appears to be “American Idol” letterhead. The letter is sent to the attention of the “American Idol Sweepstakes Winner” and notifies recipients that they have been selected as a winner in the “‹American Idol Online Sweepstakes.” The letter contains fraudulent checks, a phone number to call, and instructions on how to claim the fake “prize” checks, all of which lead to losses for the recipient.

FOX, the producers of “American Idol, ” and their subsidiary companies, do not sponsor or support any lottery, sweepstakes or prize contest that resembles the letter referred to above. The producers of “American Idol” are investigating this mail fraud in conjunction with local and national law enforcement agencies. If you receive a letter like this, please report it to the United States Postal Inspection Service at:


Break the Silence

Once told he looked like a “pen salesman” by “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell, season three’s Jon Peter Lewis had a certain offbeat charm that won over many of the show’s fans. Several years later, JPL’s personality remains just as endearing, though musically, he’s grown more comfortable in his skin. Compared with 2006’s uneven “Stories From Hollywood, ” second full-length “Break the Silence” is a more solid effort, with guitar-fueled pop/rock (the title track, “Now That I’m Kneeling”) juxtaposed against heartfelt acoustic numbers (piano ballad “No Fire, ” a cover of Garth Brooks’ “To Make You Feel My Love”) and blues rock (“Bridges”). A few songs serve as little more than filler (“Everybody Falls, ” “Came Here For”), but on the whole “Silence” is likely to make one-time fans take note once again. ‘ Jill Menze


Music releases: What’s new in record racks

“Ace Young” (One and a half stars)

Ace Young (Pazzo Music) You might recall Young as a finalist on Season Five of “American Idol, ” won by dark horse Taylor Hicks in what may have been the show’s best year talent-wise. Then again, you might not remember him at all.

Waiting two years to put out your debut album is not exactly striking while the iron is hot. After listening to this overheated, derivative collection, it’s hard to figure out what took so long.

The CD is full of Michael Jackson-influenced jams like “Addicted, ” “The Letter, ” and “Where Will You Go” that shoot for funky but end up clunky. Apparently Young’s ambition is to be the next JC Chasez.

The scattered ballads, like “You Redeem Me” and “The Girl That Got Away, ” are better-written, but they don’t do much for Young’s voice, which is sweet but bland and resorts too much to a thin falsetto.

The collection has the scorched feel of a soap-opera actor trying to launch a singing career. Maybe that’s fitting.

Hicks’ Tics Alive and Well

I haven’t seen Taylor Hicks in some time, aside from his omnipresent NYC “Grease” ads but, with this week’s Sandy/Danny shuffle, some shots of the salt & pepper wonder have gyrated their way across my desk.

It’s nice to see that even though he’s playing a role, Taylor isn’t 86-ing his trademark tics for the sake of authenticity. And apparently the singer’s spasms are drawing in the crowds – or more specifically Hick’s Chicks, the women who vaulted him into “Idol’s” winner circle.

According to reports Taylor’s presence alone accounts for an extra $150, 000 in tickets sales per week. News that’s certainly worth going into convulsions over!

New York Post

New Jennifer Hudson Promo Posters

Check out these two new publicity photos for Jennifer Hudson self-titled debut album, in stores and online September 30th. The album features the single …Spotlight and collaborations with Timbaland, Robin Thicke, The Underdogs, Diane Warren, and Christopher …Tricky Stewart.

Trenyce joining Ruben, Frenchie in …Aint Misbehavinƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ 

Trenyce is the third …Idol finalist to join the national tour of …Aint Misbehavin which comes to Fox Theatre this November.

She joins Ruben Studdard and Frenchie Davis on the show.

…When I heard Ruben was a part of it, I was excited because it has been such a while since we really got a chance to hang out, she told …When I got the role and he called me and it took us a while to get off the phone because we were catching up on each others lives. He is like my brother. I love him so much. And then Frenchie, I hadnt really seen her since I went to see ‹Rent a few years ago. It will be nice to see her again as well. I love the fact that we were all from the same season and now we are all reuniting on stage again, but in another capacity.

Debra Byrd, the vocal coach for …Idol, is helping out with the show as well.

Access Atlanta

A birthday performance by Blake Lewis

Blake Lewis, 2007’s “American Idol” runner-up, has performed for millions, but on Friday, he plans to play for just a few hundred at an intimate show in Mill Creek, celebrating his 27th birthday.

Q: You’ve said you were pleased with your debut album, “Audio Day Dream, ” but were you stung when your label let your contract lapse?

A: Oh no, not at all. I was wanting and waiting for it. ¦ They didn’t release my record in Europe, but my record is very synth pop, rooted in the ’80s. That’s a problem. They just didn’t promote it. I could go on for days. Pretty much it’s a good thing.

“Broadway in Bryant Park” Reschedules Hairspray, Vanities, Godspell Performances

The scheduled July 24 performance of “Broadway in Bryant Park” will now hit the midtown greenery’s stage Aug. 15.

According to an annoncement: “Broadway in Bryant Park [July 24] has been postponed due to the pending inclement weather. We are rescheduling tomorrow’s performance for the rain date of August 15th.”

Hairspray’s Ashley Parker Angel, Vanities’ Lauren Kennedy, Godspell’s Gavin Creel and Diana DeGarmo and more were scheduled to perform.

Bo Bice’s fans dish about their devotion to him

No one, thought Cat Ortiz-White, could ever share sacred heartthrob space with David Cassidy.

Never, figured “American Idol” watcher Jeannine Botting, would she be one of those frenzied viewers who vote, repeatedly, for hours at a time (and enlist family members to do the same), to boost a favored singer’s tally.

And Sarah Edwards, a licensed clinical social worker, said she is “so not a groupie type, ” and never has been, even when she was a teenager,

Until Bo.

They’ve been bowled over by Bo Bice.

Ventura County Star

Politically Indirect

More dish from the Much Love charity event at the Playboy Mansion Im sure you might be interested in:

The last …celeb to walk up to the mansion’ or in her case drift’ was Paula Abdul. The ultimate Valley gal showed up, like, totally out of it’ her voice very monotone in an overly relaxed kinda way. Indeed, when we were chatting like BFF Cathys, she felt so comfortable to even pick up her ringing cell phone to talk with someone from Extra. P.A. chatted with him for a while, swaying back and forth a little bit with each word, each emphasis, she delivered. It was like watching a teetering kewpie doll that was stashed with too many pharmaceuticals. But that just an analogy, not an observation, you snitty E! legal department, so relax.

E Online

“Idol” Simon Cowell voted best reality TV villain

Simon Cowell’s sharp tongue with “American Idol” contestants made him the best reality TV villain in America but Paula Abdul was declared the worst reality TV judge in a poll released on Thursday.

Ratings juggernaut “American Idol” swept the competition by winning best reality show (33 percent) and best reality TV villain (39 percent) in the AOL survey that drew more than 1.3 million votes.

The singing talent show also took top place for the “hottest hook-up.” Some 44 percent of voters chose 2008 “Idol” winner David Cook’s brief date with former Idol contestant Kimberly Caldwell for the title.

Abdul, known for her emotional outbursts and as the kindest person on the “Idol” panel, was chosen worst reality judge by 42 percent of voters.

Ventriloquist Terry Fator got a whole world in his hands

Ventriloquist, impressionist, comedian and country singer Terry Fator has played his share of deserted venues.

…Fairs would stick me on a little stage in the back of fair and have me do three shows in the hottest part of the afternoon. I had heatstroke a couple of times, almost passed out, he told the Argus Leader earlier this year. And he might not have made it to the Free Stage at the 2007 Central States Fair on Aug. 23, (where more people watched the racing pigs during the week) had his family not convinced him to keep his chin up.

In May 2007, hed looked down from the stage and was crushed to see just one child clapping in a venue that could seat 1, 000.

Secrets from the So You Think You Can Dance finale

If you ever thought So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy should put her footwork where there mouth is, your wish is about to be granted.

The TV Fanatic has learned that the show is planning a huge number for its two-part finale airing Aug. 6 and 7. And Mary may be taking to the stage to appear in it.

…I am working on something that is a secret for the finale, which will probably be the biggest surprise in ten years, she told me at luncheon for the release of Core Rhythms exercise DVD at Dance Times Square Latin and Ballroom studio in New York City. …And it is something that involves me.

OK Magazine

‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Getting more and more ‘four’ real

Nigel Lythgoe couldn’t stop talking about how great tonight’s episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” was, and it was, but with each show lately it becomes clearer and clearer who the front-runners of the show are, and those who can’t keep up simply fall away.

Far and away the best couple of the night was Katee Shean and Twitch Boss, two dancers who have always been a boon to their partners, whomever they might be. Both have versatility, energy and personality, and it just so happens that the two of them were friends prior to the show, which made their partnership seem almost a little unfair. Add Mia Michaels to the mix and it’s barely a competition. Their first dance, a contemporary number by the divine M.M., started with a bang, literally, as Katee kicked down a door and portrayed an angry, insane girlfriend. Katee really is a hell of a performer as well as a dancer and the number, with its explosiveness and humor and clever use of the doorway, was eminently re-watchable.

LA Times

Destination ‘So You Think You Can Dance’: The show behind the show

…This is the sad part, sighs stage manager Debbie Williams before Monday …So You Think You Can Dance taping begins. Then, she lists all of the dancers, one by one, and asks the audience to hold up signs if they have them. When she calls out …Comfort, nobody moves.

Most of the dancers have at least a sign or two. Will Wingfield, wonderboy, is particularly well-represented. And as always, Mark Kanemura family came prepared. …Theyre very artistic, those Hawaiians, remarks Debbie. …Very colorful signs.

There is about one man per row, and the rest of the seats are packed with very, very giddy girls. …Dance titan Nigel Lythgoe takes advantage of the situation, kissing the hands of various swooning teens as he mounts his throne. …We actually have more brunettes tonight, announces Debbie, as she surveys the room. …It usually all blondes.

LA Times

The Future Looks Bright for Ex-Nashville Star Ashlee Hewitt

Although the competition on Nashville Star is now down to the best of the best, this week’s elimination was somewhat of a surprise, as soft-singer Ashlee Hewitt was handed her walking papers. Despite being a front-runner to many fans, including the judges, and is now on the outside looking in at the show, the Cheryl Crow-like country teen has a bright future ahead of her. Even Billy Ray Cyrus and his manager think so, as Ashlee reveals.

The morning following her departure from the competition, we caught up with the now ex-Nashville Star to get her take on what went wrong, how she handled her time on the show, and what she has planned for the future.

Ashlee Hewitt talks about her ‘Nashville Star’ experience

“I didn’t know if I was staying or going, but I prepared myself for anything to happen because you just never know. Unfortunately [Monday] night was my last night, ” Hewitt told Reality TV World during a Tuesday conference call.

“But I felt really confident with my performance and I’m really glad that I got to perform my original [song] on national television. I feel really blessed that I got that opportunity.”

Reality World

Idol announces musical guests

Canadian Idol announced another exciting line-up of musical guests this summer. Simple Plan, Bryan Adams, Tom Jones and Gavin Rossdale will all be hitting the stage to perform and mentor the competitors. This is just the first of many guest announcements to come with more being revealed on Idol as the weeks progress.

Canadian Idol: Speaking with Katherine St-Laurent

If nothing else, Katherine St-Laurent is one of the most grateful people you will ever meet.

Whenever a compliment was sent her way during our interview, she made sure to say thank you ‘ many, many times.

St-Laurent said she was a bit sad ‘ and surprised ‘ after her elimination on Tuesday night episode of Canadian Idol. And just what did Sebastian say to her as the credits rolled?

…He just said congratulations for making it this far and [was] very supportive, she said.

The 17-year-old was also quick to point out that while she was surprised to be sent home, eliminations are the norm on Idol.

National Post

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