So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 – Top 8 – Performance

I really, really want Ellenore, Kathryn, Jakob and Russell to advance. Russell is the only dancer I’m fairly certain will sail into the next round–his popularity coupled with the judges pimping assures it. There’s a pretty good chance I’m going to be disappointed in the results this week.

Every routine, except for the crappily choreographed NappyTabs routine, was fabulous tonight–a really entertaining night of dancing.

Recap and Videos after the jump…

8 dancers, 4 couples, one will be eliminated live tomorrow night (Plus Kris Allen performs!)

Tonight, Each of the couples has had one of their tracks re-mixed just for the show.

Cat introduces Ashleigh, who cannot dance because her shoulder popped out tonight. She wants to dance, but the doctors wouldn’t clear her.   So, y’all can vote for her anyway, even though she isn’t dancing… – VIDEO

Kathryn and Ryan – Disco by Doriana Sanchez – “Last Dance (Samantha Ronson remix)” by Donna Summer – The theme is “Last Dance” but it’s really their first dance…a “disco love story” Ohh. Kathryn is having trust issues with Ryan. Ryan is absolutely the star here, although Kathryn is holding her own. Adam says, “That really put a smile on my face. Ryan…real men can where sequins. This style was beautifully suited to your style. Kathryn, you look so gorgeous. Good job.” Mary says, “If the two of you keep dancing like that, it’s not going to be the last dance at all. Kathryn, you are peaking at the right time. Ryan, perfect on-point partner work.” Nigel says, “I don’t agree with my colleagues tonight…Kathryn the style suited you…I’m not sure about (Ryan’s) shirt…Ryan I felt you were a little stiff…a little straight in the back…not enough bounce for me.” Mary argues with Nigel about Ryan’s technique. Well, she should know. – VIDEO

Mollee and Jakob – Viennese Waltz by Jason Gilkison – “Ordinary Day” by Vanessa Carlton – She’s lost her mojo, and he helps her find it. The dance has a modern twist. I am digging this choreo! Waltzes are often really dull, but this has, energy, drama. But like a waltz, it flows beautifully. Adam says, “I could have watched that for two more hours. It all happened for you guys out there. Jacob you are one of the best dancers I’ve ever seen. Mollee you are blooming.” Mary says, “What’s not to like about these two…there’s nothing ordinary about this. Jakob the partnering work was fantastic…Mollee you were priceless tonight…dynamic pairing.” Nigel says, “Beutifully crafted routine…takes my breath away…you had a constant flow of movement that was just beautiful…you were both excellent.” – VIDEO

Ashleigh is back on stage, not dancing her solo – 1-888-836-7601VIDEO

Ellenore and Legacy – Contemporary by Travis Wall – “Machine Gun” by Portishead – The duo play a pair of assassins. WOW. Another smash by Travis Wall, full of tension, passion, with incredible stunts and dance moves. Adam says, “You murdered it!!! It was passionate, it was guys did great.” Mary says, “It was so strong…it was tailor-made for the two of you…Ellenore, you were dynamic…fearless. Legacy, you were amazing…Unbelievable tonight.” Nigel says, “It was so, so dangerous…an emmy nomination…congratulations.” – VIDEO

Jakob – “When You Say My Name” by Mario Spinetti – 1-888-836-7602VIDEO

Ashleigh and Russell – Hip Hop by Shane Sparks – “Too Much Booty (Bobby J. Remix) by Soundmaster and Jah-Rista feat. Korveil – “You can’t be Ashleigh from the suburbs, you gotta rip it, ” says Shane. And, well she sure did! Shane’s assistant dances with Russell. Russell hits it HARD, but is incredibly graceful at the same time. And as Nigel said, he manages to smile… Adam says, “That was Old-school hip hop…you were hitting so hard…you were smokin out there. You had great energy. Congratulations, good job.” Mary says, “Everyone has fallen in love with Russell…you just lay it all on the line…it was so on point…attacking every single second…nobody does it like you.” Nigel says, “It was great…I’m sorry Ashleigh wasn’t doing it…you showed us how to hit hard…you kept up with Shane, plus you gave me a performance…you are excellent…I have a feeling we’re going to see you in the finale, sunshine.” Sunshine? – VIDEO

Mollee – “Heartburn” by Alicia Keys – 1-888-836-7603VIDEO

Kathryn and Ryan – Cha cha by Jason Gilkison – “Put Your Hands On Me” by Joss Stone – Kathryn is sensational…every single step is right on. She might be the most underrated dancer in this bunch. Ryan’s in his element here–loving his strenghth. Another great routine from Jason. Adam Says, “Jason this is a huge night for you…that was so hot…you two were very connected…Kathryn you are surging…this is huge for you…you are hitting your stride…Ryan you were so hot in there…you were there completely for each other.” Mary says, “That was just on fire…from beginning to end. The chemistry…the power…effortless…totally sexy, totally smoldering…Ryan…unbelievable you are a star tonight.” Mary puts them both on the Hot Tamale Train. First Class. Nigel pimps Jason’s show “Burn the floor.” Nigel says, “Kathryn, you looked like you were a Latin ballroom dancer…Ryan…was absolutely perfect in this routine…connections were perfect…magical.” – VIDEO

Legacy – “Fancy Footwork” by Chromeo – 1-888-836-7604VIDEO

Ellenore – “I Got the Feelin'” by James Brown – 1-888-836-7605VIDEO

Russell – “Holiday Buckness” by the J-Squad – Lol at Russell in the Santa suit! And the Teddy bear! – 1-888-836-7606VIDEO

Mollee and Jakob – Broadway by Joey Dowling – “Easy Street (Samantha Ronson Remix)” from Annie (original TV Soundtrack) – Jakob is incredible, as always. Mollee does well, but then, all that work dancing movies like “High School Musical” is basic training for this style. Two con-artists who scheme to get rich quick. Adam says, “So strong! She really showed you off. Great acting performances. Mollee, you got Jakob who brought you way up. My eye was on Mollee through the whole thing…great job.” Mary says, “You fell right into that style…you made it look easy…an amazing evening.” Nigel says, “This is a routine that has just taken you into the realms of a real professional dancer. Jakob, you remind me of Joel Grey. Outstanding again tonight.” – VIDEO

Kathryn – “Shadowfeet” by Brooke Frasier – 1-888-836-7607VIDEO

Ellenore and Legacy – Tabitha and Napoleon – “People Are Strange (District 78 Remix)” by the Doors – The aliens are coming. – Lots of strong choreography tonight…and this was weak by comparison, to say the least. Nappytabs tried to create a quirky routine–probably with Ellleanor in mind–and it fell flat. Adam says, “It wasn’t my favorite routine of the night…it didn’t push them. The dancing was good…not great.” Mary says, “The beginning…I just loved it…then I was slightly disappointed afterward.” Nigel says, “When the concept overrides your dancing we have to talk about it…we didn’t really get that much dancing for you…and the dancing we got wasn’t really together.” – VIDEO

Ryan – “Din Da Da” by Kevin Aviance – 1-888-836-7608 – Ryan takes the opportunity to cry and beg for votes for his wife Ashleigh. Standing O from the audience. – VIDEO

Ashleigh and Russell – Bollywood by Nakul Dev Mahajan – “Spirit of Rangeela” Rangeela (original soundtrack) – No story–just pure Bollywood here. Nakul’s assistant steps in for Ashleigh here, and it’s obvious next to her, that Russell isn’t getting the moves perfectly (well enough not to cause an international incident!), but, like the judges said, he’s dancing with pure, infectious abandon. Adam says, “Russell, you blew pure joy out of every pore…that smile of yours…energy, fantastic.” Mary says, “I’m going to have to give you props…you have really elevated yourself…what a way to end the night tonight…you just blew it away.” Nigel says, “My eyes went to you…you have a magnetic quality…it’s totally the opposite to what you do. Congratulations.” – VIDEO

Adam says, “Each and everyone of you have grown tremendously.” Then he tells America, they have to vote. Mary says, “For all of you have been watching and not voting…it would be a great time to pick up that phone.” Nigel says, “It isn’t a time that you assume your favorite is going to win. It’s time to vote for the person who entertains you.” Hm, I wonder if the voting totals have been low this season?

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