So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 – Top 16 Performance – VIDEO

There were a slew of new choreographers this week.   My favorite was Sean Cheesman who created a strong routine for Noell and Russell.   Speaking of Russell, he was my favorite dancer tonight, and I was happy to see him finally get some props.

Laying a big fat giant egg tonight were those naifs, Mollee and Nathan.   Talented? Yes.   But also immature and inexperienced, as their lame salsa revealed all of their weaknesses.   Nathan’s less than humble reaction to Nigel’s critiques may come back to bite them.

And watching Ryan and Ellenore struggle through a Lil C hip hop routine made me sad.   Ellenore, in particular, hasn’t had the opportunity to shine like she did in Vegas.   I hope she doesn’t get eliminated before she has the opportunity.

Tomorrow night, the results, after America’s vote.

Re-cap and videos after the JUMP…

It’s the Top 16, and finally, AMERICA gets to vote! Tomorrow night, after the nationwide vote, a boy and a girl will be sent home.

The Season 5 dancers are in the house! They only have 9 more performances on their nationwide tour. Nigel mentions the Dizzyfeet foundation benefit on November 29th. Mary and Dmitry are going to be doing the Samba! Dominic is in the house. More info from

What should America know about you? Is the question posed in the pre-performance package…

Karen and Kevin – Hustle by Maria Torres – “Come to Me” by France Joli – OMG Karen split with her husband, her audition partner in Boston, right after Las Vegas. In this routine, the girl asks the boy to dance. Can the hustle be elegant? This is–both elegant AND sexy. Karen and Kevin are Top 10 for sure. Adam says, “You made it work for you…that was amazing. Kevin I think I just saw you for the first time in this competition…incredible partnership developing…fantastic.” Mary says, “Karen…you are like a hustle queen out on the floor…despite a few foot problems, Kevin is still on the train…Karen is first class.” Nigel says, “Kevin…where is all this coming from? I am absolutely delighted with what you’re doing…Karen you manage to add to whatever choreography you are given.” – 1-888-836-7601VIDEO

Ashleigh and Jacob – Jazz by Mandy Moore – “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Jeanine Mason and Jakob have been BFFs since they were kids. The routine is a jazz duet, with a 3rd element–a cane. Mandy has outdone herself with some f**cking fierce choreography here. Ashleigh bugged so much during the auditions and Las Vegas, but I have to set that aside–she’s fabulous here. And what can I say about Jakob? Strong, flexible, INCREDIBLE. Adam says, “Ashleigh, man do you belong on this show…you’re actually starting to breath together…Jacob it’s fun to see new ways the choreographers get you to jump…you have an enormous flexibility strength and control.” Mary says, “Perfect partnership…Ashleigh you have been stepping up to the plate every single week…you just keep getting better and better. Jacob…strong, passionate…you’re brilliant..I love you two.” Nigel says, “Mandy Moore…this routine comes up to that standard [table routine]. Jakob you remind me of Joel Gray…absolutely stunning dancer…you [both] changed to suit the characters…that’s what this show is all about.” 1-888-836-7602VIDEO

Pauline and Peter – Quickstep by JT and Tomas – “Hey Baby! (shake those hula hips)” by Big Kahuna & the Copa Cat Pack – The story involves a navy guy who becomes entranced with a hula girl – That routine was full of personality–so much fun–but the dancing was labored. I think they’re going to get slammed. First, Adam thanks the new choreographers for a great routine. After, hse says “You may have blown past some of the technical misteps…Pauline you were appropriately adorable, Peter you were on fire.” Mary says, “I will say that you pulled it off tonight…it wasn’t great…but the performance was amazing…some of the leg action and foot work was clunky…Pauline…you fared a little better, but your closed hold was far off.” Nigel says, “Was it technically perfect? Absolutely not. Did I care? Absolutely not. Fabulous performance…America votes for performance. You aren’t going anywhere.” Wow, the judges cut them a break! They may be sticking around another week – 1-888-836-7603VIDEO

Kathryn and Legacy – Broadway by Andy Blankenbuehler – “I Wanna Be Like You” by Swingin’ Fireballs – This week’s routine has fast choreography. Another fun routine, full of personality and charm, but the judges feel Kathryn missed the mark. Adam says, “Kathryn, I wasn’t sure what your character was, I needed more of a maneater…but the dancing was adorable…Legacy, this is another huge step in your growth, dude…good for you buddy.” Mary says, “It was just missing a little bit of chemistry…Kathryn, you just got lost a little…Legacy keeps growing…it’s going to take you into the Top 10.” Nigel says, “Kathryn I was a little disappointed with you this week…it felt a little childish…you should have been a vixen…Legacy, you could have been a Guys and Dolls dancer…you are an inspiration for your choreographers.” – 1-888-836-7604VIDEO

Channing and Victor – Contemporary by Stacey Tookey – “Be Be Your Love” (Live at KCRW) by Rachel Yamagata – The routine is about a “toxic relationship”. And it looks like Stacey is slipping into the Emo role vacated by Mia Michaels. It feels like we’ve been there and done that with this routine, but they dance it beautifully. Adam says, “This new partnership is going to reinvigorate you back into the competition…Channing you are adapting really well…it was danced beautifully.” Mary says, “I think this is a great new partnership too…I thought you guys did a tremendous job…Channing I think you’re a beautiful strong woman…Victor, you were in your element.” Nigel says, “Two contemporary dancers…you had to be good…was I emotionally carried away…no…technically…yes…I think you were given a difficult job by Stacey…If you pull a wrong one next week…you are both going to be out of your element.” Nigel was not impressed. – 1-888-836-7605VIDEO

Ryan and Ellenore – Hip Hop by Lil C – “Lost Boyz Anthem” by J-Squad – Timing, Swagger and Synergy are the elements in this routine, says, Lil C. They’re both totally out of their element, they aren’t hitting it–the moves aren’t synchronized. Adam babbles about how nice they are, and then says, “Ryan, you are the most transformed dancer of the night…you didn’t dance great, but it was good…a huge step.” Mary says, “I have to agree…it wasn’t great but it was good…it got a little sluggish in the middle…Ryan you were respectable, Ellenore…just good…you gotta step up to the plate.” Nigel says, “That really was not good at all tonight…the style didn’t suit either of you…I don’t think either of your personalities suit this style…the style was just not there…in any way shape or form tonight…I hope you don’t suffer for that.” – 1-888-836-7606VIDEO

Mollee and Nathan – Salsa by Gustavo Vargas – “Quimbara” by Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco – Mollee swears she won’t dance like a 10 year old. Eep. This isn’t very good. The lifts, the footwork, the moves. Can you say AWKWARD? Adam says, “Get ready to boo me…we adore you guys…that number exposed all of your weaknesses.” Why is Adam apologizing? It sucked. Mary says, “Was it sexified? It was french fried…it wasn’t your best moment…Nathan you didn’t look suave…Mollee you looked uncomfortable in those heels.” Nigel says, “It’s a sobering night for many of the dancers tonight…from the moment that you stepped off on the wrong feet, it didn’t go right…your chemistry was missing…this is a learning experience.” Nathan says he didn’t feel uncomfortable, he felt HOT. Wrong answer, Nathan. – 1-888-836-7607VIDEO

Noell and Russell – Afro Jazz by Sean Cheesman – “Frog Dance” by Mickey Hart and Planet Drum – OK. I like this new choreographer. This is sensational. And I think Russell is UNDERRATED. Adam says, “It had an enormous amount of joy, character and story…you were totally committed to the characters. I had a fantastic time watching it.” Mary says, “That was crazy good. Noell, you were right in there…just fierce…I felt the whole feel from up here…” Mary puts Russell on the hot tamale train. Nice to see Russell get his props. “Nigel says, “I’m hoping Sean comes back…I loved it. Russell I think you are a star of this season…you’ve got these fantastic lines…Noell I’m so happy you scraped by last week, you did a really good job.” – 1-888-836-7608VIDEO

Nigel thinks Ryan and Ellenore are in trouble. Mary and Adam think Mollee and Nathan are in trouble. That’ll put a fire under the fans. Well done, judges.

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