So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 – Salt Lake City Auditions – VIDEO

The final audition episode, from Salt Lake City, UT, aired tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. None of the dancers featured tonight really grabbed me, except Hayley Cloud a strong and amazing dancer, who managed to recover fully from a recent herniated disc injury.

The rest? Meh. Mia Michaels is the guest choreographer.

Tomorrow, the Vegas rounds begin and will continue through next week.

Salt Lake City highlights (and Video)

Hayley Cloud – 19 0 Springfield MO – She’s an incredibly strong dancer, but her stocky build isn’t very “So You Think You Can Dance”. I’d love to see her advance, but I don’t think she will. Haley did make it straight to Vegas. That’s a good thing. – VIDEO

A quick glimpse at a couple of girls who advance to Vegas – Megan Kinney -19 – Annapolis MD (She auditioned Season 5 and is the sister of S5 Top 20 contestant Caitlin Kinney) and Genise Ruidiaz – 20 – Las Vegas, NV – VIDEO

Ariana Rowley – 21 – Salt Lake City, UT – Burlesque shows in Utah? Who knew? Ariana is a local burlesque performer who confuses stripping with dancing.   But I’m sure she did auditioned, knowing she’d get Tee Vee time.   Ariana performs the old fashioned tease rather than modern stripping, making it suitable for television.   Nigel is of course, mesmerized, Mary and Mia not so much. Mia says yes to choreography, just for the schadenfreude.   Needless to say, Ariana does not make it to Vegas. – VIDEO

Iveta Lukosiute – 29 – Woodside, NY – An immigrant from Lithuania, this ballroom dancer’s lovely and elegant dance moves had Mary nearly turning on the waterworks. Iveta was sent straight to Vegas. – VIDEO

Ashleigh & Ryan Di Lello – 26 & 28 – Orem, UT – A pair of married ballroom dancers, the judges love Ryan, but find Ashleigh fake, and lacking in the ability to connect to her partner. After choreography, the judges advance them both to Vegas, no doubt to play them off each other for awesome Tee Vee drama. – VIDEO

Leigh Asay – 20 – South Springville, UT and Josh Murillo – 22 – Orem, UT – These ballroom dancers are fine–until Leigh loses a toenail, which she doesn’t notice until she’s finished her routine. Then, it’s grossness, blood everywhere, and the judges freaking out. Leigh begins to feel pain when the medic tapes up her toe. Maybe the judges feel sorry for her, but they send her straight to Vegas. Josh goes to choreography, but is not advanced. – VIDEO

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