So You Think You Can Dance – Season 5 – Top 20 Revealed

The Top 32 dancers find out, tonight if they made the Top 20.   The Vegas judges panel: Lil’ C, Mia Michaels, Mary Murphy, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen and Nigel Lythgoe

So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 Top 20! – VIDEO

The contestants are waiting in a room way   stage. They’ll be called, one by one, to take a maze-like walk to center stage where they will learn their fate from the judges.

Video and Live blog after the JUMP…

  • Janette Manrara – Salsa Dancer – TOP 20 – Right before Vegas, she was in a car accident, and broke up with her boyfriend. She’s been needing good news, and she gets it.   She auditioned in Miami.   – VIDEO
  • Diana Varden – CUT   – She has her lucky monkey with her, but it doesn’t do much good. She’s cut. Debbie Allen breaks the news to her. The judges see a lot of potential, but don’t think she’s ready yet. – VIDEO
  • Vitolio Jeune –   TOP 20 – Miami dancer, Vitolio is having a diarrhea moment!   He’s from Haiti, his mom died when he was three, then he ended up in an orphanage and has been on his own since 15.   Lil C he didn’t come to life until he could choreograph his own routine. Vitolio, sobs as he leaves the stage with good news. – VIDEO
  • Henry (and a few others) – CUT – It’s cut city for the next half hour.
  • Kayla Radomski – TOP 20 – She came to the Denver audition with her grandparents. Mia says it’s rare for her to connect to female dancers, but she’s one of those few that has completely moved her. – “I cannot wait for you to tear up this season, ” says Mia, delivering good news. – VIDEO
  • Pono Aweau – TOP 20 – Seattle dancer Pono, was impressive, but controversial.   They didn’t like his hair, or his somewhat feminine dancing. But, by the end of Vegas, Adam thought Pono was one of the strongest male dancers there   Pono loves lists–he got to check off “make top 20”.   His Hawaiian name, difficult to pronounce, is shortened to “Pono” –   VIDEO
  • Paris Torres, Jeanine Mason, Ade Obayomi, Karla Garcia, Jonathan Platero – TOP 20 – It’s the parade of the cannon fodder! – VIDEO
  • Brandon   Bryant – TOP 20 – Brandon had Mary in tears when he auditioned in Denver.   But Mia Michaels and Lil’ C were unimpressed with his Vegas performances. “I can’t take you, ” says Mia, “I can’t take what you bring to the floor as an artist…it annoys the sh*t out of me…you just rubbed me the wrong way…you aren’t what you’re cracked up to me.”   Debbie Allen has a “real difference of opinion” After Lil’ C tells Brandon he’s unimpressive, Mary Murphy interrupts, “I don’t want to listen to any of this crap.” Hm. This bit feels a little set up. My money is on Mia gradually warming up to him.   Nigel agrees with Mary, Debbie and Adam, so that means Brandon is through to the next round. And he’s ready to take on the haterz! – VIDEO
  • Tony Belissimo – TOP 20 – Tony is so nervous, his entire body is shaking. He says all he can think about is his brother, who’s in Afghanastan. He’s his hero and biggest supportor.   Nigel tells Tony his dance technique isn’t as strong as it could be.   But his charasmatic personality gives him the edge, and he makes it thourgh. “Now you’ve really got to bring it, ” says Nigel. It’ll be interesting to see how far his charm will take him in the competition. – VIDEO
  • Maksim Kapitanniko, Caitlin Kinney, Melissa Sandvig,   Jason Glover – TOP 20 – It’s another parade of yeses. Caitlin is as weepy as ever when she hears the news. Melissa twirls in her tutu when she hears the news. Adam’s Vegas prediction for Jason comes true. And, Hello Maksim! Heh. –   VIDEO
  • Ashley Valero -TOP 20 – It’s Ashley’s 4th time auditioning for the show. Mary says “We definitely see a fighter…you have emerged, we see a lot of improvement…and I think this is going to be the final stop.” She’s in the Top 20. – VIDEO
  • Randi Evans -TOP 20 – Denver auditioner, Randi has been training since she was 3. Mary calls her tigress, but says she hasn’t stepped into her glory yet.   Then she mocks her unitards. “We love you, and we think America is going to love you, ” says Mia as she invites her into the Top 20 – VIDEO
  • Alex Wong – CUT because he’s still under contract to the Miami Ballet – Only 3 spots remain, and Alex wants one of them.   Unfortunately, the ballet company he’s under contract with, the Miami City Ballet, won’t release him. Alex is devastated.   He didn’t check with his bosses first? He was looking forward to stretching out into different styles of dance. The judges tell him to be proud of the work he’s doing now, and come back when he’s able. –   VIDEO
  • Four more dancers are cut, including Asuka’s partner Ricky. She has yet to learn her fate.
  • Phillip Chbeeb – TOP 20 – Phillip, the popper, still can’t believe he’s in the competition. Vegas was one of the most stressful weeks in his life, but he enjoyed every minute. Adam says he saw–more than in most b-boys and trickers–an overall sense of loving dance. “You’re in the Top 20, buddy, ” says Adam. “This is silly, I’m in the Top 20!” says Phillip – VIDEO

There’s one spot left for the guys, and one for the girls. Oh look, the last spot is between brothers Evan and Ryan Kasprzak. I didn’t see that coming! *eyesroll*

  • Asuka Kondoh – TOP 20
  • Deana – CUT   – It’s down to contemporary dancer Deana, who auditioned in Miami, and Ballroom dancer, Asuka, who auditioned in Los Angeles with her partner Ricky, who’s already been cut. Debbie tells Deana that she didn’t take risks and didn’t go the distance they wanted to see. She’s cut, Akuka moves on.   – VIDEO
  • Evan Kasprzak –   TOP 20
  • Ryan Kasprzak – CUT – (They were the last two) – The old-school broadway dancers, the Kasprzak brothers are last. Ryan pledges that “I am with him, every step that he dances, ” if his brother Evan makes it through. They’re both crying. Evan says it would be amazing if Ryan got through, “God knows your due for some good news.” Evan says the pinnacle has been sharing the Vegas experience with “My best friend.”   Ryan says he let the negative voices in his head keep him on the couch for 4 years. “What I realized this week, ” says Ryan, “Is that my own fear was standing in the way of my dreams.” Nigel tells Ryan, “Be very proud, because it was probably your choreography that’s got your brother through to the Top 20…Evan congratulations.”   Nigel says, “You don’t always have to wear a hat…you really don’t.”   I dunno, Evan’s youth and better looks probably gave him the edge over Ryan, who I thought was the better dancer. – VIDEO (longer vid)
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